CreateObject: CORBA object


As of ColdFusion (2021 release), CORBA has been removed. You can no longer use CORBA-related features, functions, and tags.


The CreateObject function can call a method on a CORBA object. The object must be defined and registered for use.


A handle to a CORBA interface.

Function syntax

CreateObject(type, context, class, locale)

See also

Integrating COM and CORBA Objects in CFML Applications in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


See the History section of the main CreateObject function page.





Type of object to create.

  • com
  • corba
  • java
  • component
  • webservice
    The default value of type is component.


  • IOR: ColdFusion uses IOR to access CORBA server
  • NameService: ColdFusion uses naming service to access server. Valid only with the InitialContext of a VisiBroker ORB.


  • If context = "ior": absolute path of file that contains string version of the Interoperable Object Reference (IOR). ColdFusion must be able to read file; it must be local to ColdFusion server or accessible on network
  • If context = "nameservice": forward slash-delimited naming context for naming service. For example: Allaire//Doc/empobject.


The name of the Java config that holds the properties file. For more information, see Configuring and Administering ColdFusion.


In the class parameter, if "context=NameService", use a dot separator for the first part of the string. Use either of the following formats:

  • "/Eng/CF"
  • ".current/Eng.current/CF"
    ColdFusion supports CORBA through the Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII). To use this function with CORBA objects, provide the name of the file that contains a string version of the IOR, or the object's naming context in the naming service. Provide the object's attributes, method names, and method signatures.This function supports user-defined types (structures, arrays, and sequences).


myobj = CreateObject("corba", "d:\temp\tester.ior", "ior", 
"visibroker") // uses IOR 

myobj = CreateObject("corba", "/Eng/CF", "nameservice", 
"visibroker") // uses nameservice 

myobj = CreateObject("corba", "d:\temp\tester.ior", "nameservice") 
// uses nameservice and default configuration
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