Wraps text so that each line has a specified maximum number of characters.

Note: The wrap function does not insert line breaks by placing the <br> tag in HTML text. Instead, it wraps the text in the display without adding the <br> tag.


String containing the wrapped text.


String functions

Function syntax

Wrap(string, limit[, strip])

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ColdFusion MX 6.1: Added this function.





String or variable that contains one. The text to wrap.


Positive integer maximum number of characters to allow on a line.


Boolean value specifying whether to remove all existing newline and carriage return characters in the input string with spaces before wrapping the text. The default value is False.


Inserts line break at the location of the first white space character (such as a space, tab, or new line) before the specified limit on a line. If a line has no whitespace characters before the limit, inserts a line break at the limit. Uses the operating-system specific line break: newline for UNIX, carriage return and newline on Windows.If you specify the strip parameter, all existing line breaks are removed, so any paragraph formatting is lost.Use this function to limit the length of text lines, such as text to be included in a mail message. The cfmail and cfmailpart tag wraptext attributes use this function


   inputText="This is an example of a text message that we want to wrap. It is rather long and needs to be broken into shorter lines." 
   writeOutput(Wrap(inputText, 5,0))


This is an examp le of a text mess age that we want to wrap . It is rath er long and need s to be brok en into shor ter line s.

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