Accessing the functions


In ColdFusion (2018 release), script functions implemented as CFCs are deprecated in ColdFusion.

Script functions are available in the following location: cf_root\CustomTags\com\adobe\coldfusion.
Ensure that you do not delete the default custom tag mapping listed in the ColdFusion Administrator (Extensions > Custom Tag Paths > Custom tag mappings). 
Script functions work if they are either in the default location or web root. If you have the functions in any other location, add a /com mapping in the ColdFusion Administrator that points to the new location (for example C:\com).

Note: Values of the attributes set in a service action, for example, mail.send(body="test mail") are transient in nature. They are not accessible after the action completes. Accessing the attributes using implicit getters results in error whereas any attributes set using either implicit setters or the init method call are retained and can be accessed using implicit getters.


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