Sets the attributes of an on-disk file on UNIX or Linux. This function does not work with in-memory files.


System functions

Function syntax

FileSetAccessMode(filepath, mode)

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ColdFusion 8: Added this function.





An absolute path to the file on the server.


A three-digit value, in which each digit specifies the file access for individuals and groups:

  • The first digit represents the owner.
  • The second digit represents a group.
  • The third digit represents anyone.
    Each digit of this code sets permissions for the appropriate individual or group:
  • 4 specifies read permission.
  • 2 specifies write permission.
  • 1 specifies execute permission.
    You use the sums of these numbers to indicate combinations of the permissions:
  • 3 specifies write and execute permission.
  • 5 specifies read and execute permission.
  • 6 indicates read and write permission.
  • 7 indicates read, write, and execute permission.
    For example, 400 specifies that only the owner can read the file; 004 specifies that anyone can read the file.


The following example sets the access mode of a file so that only the owner can read the file.

<h3>FileSetAccessMode Example</h3>

FileSetAccessMode("test1.txt", "004");


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