The following styles apply to the cfformgroup tag with the type="tabnavigator":






Horizontal alignment of children. The default value is left. Possible values are left, center, and right. Because the preferred width of each tab in the tab navigator container is the size of the label text, use the tabWidth style to increase the width of the tab to a size larger than its preferred width to see different alignments.



Format: length; number of pixels between children in the horizontal direction. The default value is 6.



Format: length; default tab height, in pixels. The default value is 22.



Format: length; width of the tabs, in pixels. If undefined, the default tab widths are automatically calculated from the label text. If the width of the container is smaller than the width of the label text, the labels are truncated. If a tab label is truncated, Flash displays a tooltip with the full label text when a user moves the mouse pointer over the tab. If you specify an explicit tab width, labels do not automatically shrink to fit if they do not fit in the available space.

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