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Specifies the value of an Excel spreadsheet object cell.


Microsoft Office Integration

Function syntax

SpreadsheetSetCellValue(spreadsheetObj, value, row, column, datatype)

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ColdFusion 11: Added the datatype parameter.

ColdFusion 9: Added the function. 





The Excel spreadsheet object to which to add the comment.


A string containing the cell value.


The row number of the cell to which to set the value.


The column number of the cell to which to set the value.

datatype Data type of the value of the cell. Data types are String, Date, or Numeric.


The following lines create an Excel spreadsheet object, set the value of the cell at row 3, column 5 to 365, and get the value:

//Create a new Excel spreadsheet object.
//Set the value of the cell at row 3 column 5.
//Get the value from the Excel spreadsheet object.
WriteOutput("The value of column 5 row 3 is: " & theValue);

Example 2 | Using the datatype parameter


// create a query with data to write an excel file.
q_data = QueryNew("n1, n2, n3, s4, s5, d6", "", 
							{n1:"1.203E+4", n2:"1.230E4", n3:"103E4", s4:"1.203E+4", s5:"1.230E4", d6:"4 jan 15"}, 
						 	{n1:"1.203E+4", n2:"1.230E4", n3:"103E4", s4:"01.203E+4", s5:"9.230E4", d6:"15 dec 15"} 
cfdump(var="#q_data#", format="html", label="qry-data");

datatype_arr = ["NUMERIC:1-3; STRING:4,5; DATE:6","STRING:1-3; NUMERIC:4,5; STRING:6"];

/*//////////////////// spreadSheetSetCellValue method : datatype parameter. ////////////////////*/
/*// method signature : SpreadsheetSetCellValue(spreadsheetObj, value, row, column, datatype) //*/

qry_xl_fl = expandpath("./") & "setcl-dt-ty_qry.xlsx";
xl_obj = spreadsheetNew("test-setcel-dty", true);

q_cl_lst = listsort(q_data.columnlist, "TextNoCase", "DESC");
for( r=1; r LTE q_data.recordcount; r++){
	for(c=1; c LTE listLen(q_cl_lst); c++)
			col_name = listGetAt(q_cl_lst, c);
			if(col_name CONTAINS "d")
				spreadSheetSetCellValue(xl_obj, q_data[col_name][r], r, c, "DATE" );
			else if(col_name CONTAINS "n")
				spreadSheetSetCellValue(xl_obj, q_data[col_name][r], r, c, "NUMERIC" );
				spreadSheetSetCellValue(xl_obj, q_data[col_name][r], r, c, "STRING" );

spreadsheetwrite(xl_obj, qry_xl_fl, "", true, datatype_arr); //pass an empty str for password parameter.
cfspreadsheet( action="read", src=qry_xl_fl, query="q_data_out");
cfdump(var="#q_data_out#", format="html", label="data-read-from-setcl-xl");


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