This function encodes an input string for a safe output in LDAP queries.


Encoded string


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encodeForLDAP(inputString [,canonicalize])
Parameter Description
inputString Required. The string to encode.
canonicalize Optional. If set to true, canonicalization happens before encoding. If set to false, the given input string will just be encoded. The default value for canonicalize is false. When this parameter is not specified, canonicalization will not happen. By default, when canonicalization is performed, both mixed and multiple encodings will be allowed. To use any other combinations you should canonicalize using canonicalize method and then do encoding.


       description = "Hi (This) = is * a "; // assume description variable value can come from unsafe sources
       searchFilter = "(&(description= " & encodeForLDAP(description) & "(department=128))";
       searchStart = "dc=uconn,dc=edu";
       attrsToReturn = "cn,description";
       cfldap ( action="query" , server = "", name = "results", start = "#searchStart#", filter ="#searchFilter#", attributes = "#attrsToReturn#", sort = "cn ASC");

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