Gets the gateway's permit mode from the IM server. The permit mode determines whether all users can get the gateway's online state information, or whether the server uses a permit list or a deny list to control which users get state information.


string = getPermitMode()

See also

addDeny, addPermit, getDenyList, getPermitList, removeDeny, removePermit, setPermitMode, Using the GatewayHelper object in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


The gateway's permit mode; one of the following values:




(Default) Permits all users to be aware of the gateway's online presence and state.


Permits only users in the permit list to be aware of the gateway's online presence and state.


Prevents the users in the deny list from being aware of the gateway's online presence and state.

Note: If the XMPP server does not support permission management, this function always returns PERMIT_ALL.


See  GatewayHelper example in Using the GatewayHelper object in the Developing ColdFusion Applications, which uses all GatewayHelper class methods.

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