As of ColdFusion (2021 release), CORBA has been removed. You can no longer use CORBA-related features, functions, and tags.


Creates a ColdFusion object, of a specified type.


An object, of the specified type.


Extensibility functions


Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release): Added authType, ntlmDomain, and workstation parameters for NTLM.

ColdFusion 10: Added the parameter wsVersion ColdFusion 9:

  • ColdFusion 9 does not require the type argument.

ColdFusion 8:

  • Added the .NET/ dotnet type
  • For web service object, added the WSDL2Java and  argstruct  parameters

ColdFusion MX 7: For web service object: added the portName parameter, which specifies a port named in the service element of the WSDL.ColdFusion MX:

  1. Changed instantiation behavior: this function, and the  cfobject  tag, can instantiate ColdFusion components and web services. Executing operations on a CFC object executes CFML code that implements the CFC's method in the CFC file. For more information, see the Developing ColdFusion Applications.
  2. For CORBA object: changed the Naming Service separator format for addresses from a dot to a forward slash. For example, if "context=NameService", for a class, use either of the following formats for the class parameter:
  • "/Eng/CF"
  • ".current/Eng.current/CF"
    (In earlier releases, the format was ".Eng.CF".)
  1. For CORBA object: changed the locale parameter; it specifies the Java config that contains the properties file.

CreateObject object types

For information about using this function, see these sections:

On UNIX, this function does not support COM objects.


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