Returns an XML object that contains the entire SOAP request. Usually called from within a web service CFC.


An XML object that contains the entire SOAP request.


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ColdFusion MX 7: Added this function.

Function syntax


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AddSOAPRequestHeaderAddSOAPResponseHeaderGetSOAPRequestHeaderGetSOAPResponseGetSOAPResponseHeaderIsSOAPRequestBasic web service concepts in the Developing ColdFusion Applications





Optional. A webservice object as returned from the cfobject tag or the CreateObject function.Required if the function is called from the client.


Call this function to obtain a web service request object after the web service has been invoked. If you call this function from outside a web service CFC without the  webservice  parameter, it throws the following expression error:

Note: Unable to use getSOAPRequest: not processing a web service request.

If you call this function from within a web service CFC, you can omit the  webservice  argument. The function executes against the request that it is currently processing.You can use CFML XML functions to examine the returned XML object.


This example makes a request to execute the echo_me function of the headerservice . cfc web service. For information on implementing the headerservice . cfc web service and also to see the echo_me function and the content of the web service CFC, see the example for either the AddSOAPResponseHeader function or the GetSOAPRequestHeader function.

<!--- Note that you might need to modify the URL in the CreateObject function
to match your server and the location of the headerservice . cfc file if it is
different than shown here.
Note, too, that getSOAPRequest is called from the client here, whereas often it
would be called from within the web service CFC. --->

ws = CreateObject("webservice",
ws.echo_me("hello world");
req = getSOAPRequest(ws);
<cfdump var="#req#">


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