Learn how to snap and draw objects precisely around the bounds of live glyph.

The Snap to Glyph feature lets you snap your artwork components precisely with the text, without the need to create outlines or reference guides. Simply choose a snapping option, the snapping guides will appear on the live text when you draw, scale, or move objects. Follow these guides to snap precisely with the live text.

Snap to glyph

Before you proceed


 To use this feature, ensure that Glyph Snapping (View > Snap to Glyph) and Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides) are enabled. It will not work if View > Snap to Grid is enabled, Preference > Smart Guides > Alignment Guides are disabled & Snapping Tolerance is 0.

Snap to glyph bounds

To view glyph guides options go to Character panel > More Options and enable Show Snap to Glyph Options

Snap to glyph

What are glyph guides?

Let's see what all glyph guides are available on a glyph when the Snap to Glyph option is enabled.

Text bounds
A. Upper glyph bound B. x-Height C. Baseline D. Lower glyph bound 
Text bounds
A. Proximity guide B. x-Height C. Baseline D. Proximity guide 

Do the following to set the glyph guides in the Snap to Glyph section in the Character panel:

Option Description
(baseline): Snaps to the base of glyph.

(x-Height): Snaps to the height of lowercase glyph.

(Glyph Bounds): Snaps to top, bottom, left, and right bounds of glyph.

(Proximity guides): Snaps to the guides generated near baseline, x-height, and glyph bound.

(Angular guides): Snaps to angles of the selected glyph. Angular guides appear when you select a glyph with angular curves or rotating the text frame.

 (Anchor points): Draw and snap to the anchor points on the selected glyph.

Snap to an individual glyph

To snap objects to an individual glyph in the text, 

  • Right-click the glyph and choose Snap to Glyph <glyph-name>.
    The chosen glyph will be highlighted, and you’ll see the snapping lines on the live glyph around its bounds, center, linear, and angular segments (based on the geometry of the glyph).
snap to individual glyph

Release glyph selection

To release the individual glyph selection and snapping,

  • Right-click the glyph and choose Release Snap to Glyph <glyph-name>.
  • Choose another glyph to release the snapping on the previous glyph.
  • Click Release Glyph button in the Control panel.

Snap to an angle on the glyph

The Snap to Glyph > Angular Guides option lets you snap objects at a particular angle on the glyph while you draw, move, or rotate them. 

Angular guides will appear only:

  • When a single glyph is selected for snapping.
  • When the text frame is rotated at an angle.
snap to an angle

Draw and snap to anchor points on glyph

Use the Snap to GlyphAnchor Points option in the Character panel to draw and snap a shape on a glyph. 

The anchor point snapping works only with the Pen tool or when the object is moved closer to the anchor point on the glyph.

Snap a shape

 Do the following:

  1. Select the Pen tool and hover on the glyph to see the anchor points.
  2. Draw the shape using the Pen tool. The drawn shape will be snapped with the anchor points on the text.

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