Add products and licenses

Administering your Teams or VIP subscription? You can buy more products and licenses anytime.

Purchased Creative Cloud for teams on

Go to Admin Console > Overview, and select Buy More to add products and licenses. 

Buy more option

You can add products and licenses for the products anytime.

The licenses you add are billed on a pro rata basis.

Purchased Creative Cloud for teams through reseller?

Add licenses anytime. Order with the reseller within 30 days of your billing date.

Reseller purchases

If you don't order with the reseller within 30 days, you can't add more licenses. Unpaid licenses are deactivated. Extra licenses are revoked on your original anniversary date. To see reseller detail, go to Admin Console > Account.

 You can remove licenses in your plan only at certain times. See remove products and licenses.

Steps to add products and licenses

Your Creative Cloud subscription includes various apps and services that are called products in the Admin Console. Perform these steps to add products and licenses:

 Sign in to Admin Console as administrator. Under Overview, click Buy More. Alternatively, navigate to Account, and click Add Products.

 Purchased products are listed above the other available products.

Product listing

 Click  to add products or services. The added products and services display on the right. If necessary, add more licenses to one or more products. For each product, you can only add five licenses at a time.

Add products

If you own both teams and enterprise products, select the plan type.

Select plan type

 Click Review Order.

If purchased through, you can edit your payment method

Note: If multiple subscriptions are linked to a single credit card, any change in payment details for one subscription will reflect in all others.

Edit payment

If purchased from a reseller, enter purchase order (PO) number to let your account manager verify your order. To complete the purchase, contact the account manager.

 Submit the order. You have now generated a purchase request for the products or licenses with a promise to pay within 60 days. For more information, see Purchase Request Compliance.

 You can now assign the licenses to users in your organization.

Steps to remove products and licenses

Adobe's VIP buying program guarantees favorable pricing for your Creative Cloud for teams subscription. In consideration, Adobe expects you to maintain a minimum number of licenses for your entire subscription period.

You can remove products and licenses during the renewal period only, which commences one month before your anniversary date.

During the renewal period, Adobe enables a self-service license management workflow in the Admin Console. Use it to modify the products and number of licenses in your subscription. For details, see renewals.


Any increase or decrease in the number of licenses or products only takes effect on your renewal date, not immediately. 

If you require licenses immediately, see add products and licenses.

To remove licenses before the renewal period, contact Adobe from Adobe Admin Console > Support. See more support options.


If you purchased your Teams membership through a reseller, contact them to return or cancel your membership, or remove a license within 14 days of purchase.

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