Change the contract owner of your Teams account

To manage your payments, billing details, and invoices for your Creative Cloud for teams account, you must be the contract owner. Learn how you can replace a contract owner or become the contract owner.

 To change the contract owner, navigate to Admin Console > Account, click Change next to the current contract owner.

Change Contract Owner

Change the contract owner: As a contract owner, transfer your responsibilities to another admin in the team. Learn more.

Become the contract owner

Become the contract owner: As a system admin, request to become the contract owner of your team. Learn more.

The contract owner (previously called Primary Admin) is an admin who purchased the Creative Cloud for teams subscription and set up the account. There can be only one contract owner in a team.

If you are the contract owner, you can perform these tasks in the Admin Console:

Change the contract owner

As a contract owner, you can nominate an existing admin in your team to become the contract owner and transfer your responsibilities to them. The nominated admin must have the same country settings as yours.

The nominated admin receives an email invitation, which they must accept to become the contract owner. The nominated admin must also accept the terms and conditions and add the payment details for the account.


In countries served by Digital River, Adobe's e-commerce partner, navigate to Adobe Admin Console > Support, and contact Adobe Customer Care to change the contract owner.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account.

  2. Under Plan Details, look for Contract Owner, and click Change.

    Change the contract owner

     Don't see these options? You're not the contract owner. See how you can become the contract owner.

    If you see the option to Manage Payment, but not the one to Change the contract owner, you are the only admin on the team, and there is no other admin to transfer the role to. See how you can add more admins.

  3. To nominate the contract owner, select a user in the Change Contract Owner window. The nominated user must have the same country settings as yours.

    Change Contract Owner

  4. Click Save.

    An invitation email is sent to the nominee. You can revoke the invitation until the nominee accepts the invite.

    Once the nominee accepts the invite, you are removed from the contract owner role for your team, and can no longer access or manage the billing or payment details.

Become the contract owner

You can request the contract owner of your team to make you the contract owner. As a system administrator of your team, you can check who the contract owner is if you do not know already.

To check who the contract owner is, sign in to the Admin Console and navigate to Account.

Contract owner

Scenario 1: The contract owner invites you

If an existing contract owner nominates you to become the contract owner, you receive an email invitation that you must accept. Then, you are prompted to accept the terms and conditions and add the payment details on the account.

  1. Open the email invitation and accept it to become the contract owner.

    A sign-in screen displays.

  2. Sign in, read the Terms and Conditions and accept.

  3. Add your payment information.

    If payment details aren't available, you can add them later by navigating to Admin Console > Account > Manage Payment. Learn more.

    If you missed a payment or your payment failed, see how to fix payment issues.

    Add your payment information

  4. Click Save.

Scenario 2: The contract owner is not available

As an admin (not a contract owner), you can take ownership of an account if the contract owner has left the organization. Sign in to the Admin Console, navigate to Support, and contact Adobe Customer Care. The customer care team requires an email from you, requesting the change in ownership of the account.

To validate the change, the customer care team sends an email to the current contract owner. And, assigns you as the contract owner in the following scenarios:

  • The current contract owner's email no longer exists.
  • The current contract owner does not respond within two days.
  • There is a payment failure on the account, and the account is unpaid.

Once assigned as the contract owner, you are prompted to update the payment details on the account.


If the contract owner isn't available, and the account doesn't have any other admin, Adobe Customer Care cannot promote non-admins to the admin role. In this case, you can purchase a new Creative Cloud for teams subscription.

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