Automatic student asset migration for education

Adobe provides a student asset migration portal that enables graduating students to transfer the assets associated with their assigned school accounts to their personal accounts. In the past, transferring assets was a tedious, manual process. However, using this new self-service portal, users can easily transfer their assets through an automated process. As a system administrator, you can control access to this portal.

When students leave school, assets associated with their school account are deleted when the user accounts are deleted. To retain the assets, users had to manually download assets to their desktop before their accounts were deleted. Using the automatic student migration, schools can implement data portability and allow students to retain possession of personal assets and design portfolios. The Student Asset Migration portal allows students to transfer assets from their school accounts to a personal account, which they must create before transferring their assets. To know more about student asset migration, see Student asset migration resources for IT admins.

System administrators can change the Asset migration for all organization users setting in the Admin Console. When this setting is enabled, users can access the self-service portal to transfer assets to their personal accounts.


The student account must be an Enterprise ID or Federated ID account for it to allow the migration of assets to a new personal Adobe ID account. 

Modify student asset migration setting

To let students access the self-service portal, enable the Asset migration for all organization users setting in the Asset Settings page under Settings in the Admin Console.

  1. Sign in to the Admin Console, and navigate to SettingsAsset Settings > Asset Migration Settings.

  2. Click Asset Migration for all Organization Users to toggle the setting.

    Enable migration


    By default, the Asset migration for all organization users setting is enabled. This way, all users in the school's organization can transfer their assets, if they are able to access the Student Asset Migration portal. To prevent unintended students or teachers from accidentally transferring assets, it is recommended that you enable the setting only when required.


    Toggling the Asset migration for all organization users setting does not trigger any automatic notifications to users.

  3. A confirmation prompt displays. Click Confirm.

Communicate with students

For students to be able to migrate assets using the self-service portal, you must share the URL of the self-service portal and migration instructions with them.

Graduating students can sign in to the self-service portal at, and follow the instructions to migrate their assets.

For best practices to ensure that your students are aware of the Student Asset Migration postal, see Student Asset Migration resources for IT admins.

Student experience

The self-service portal guides students through simple instructions to automatically migrate assets associated with their school's Enterprise ID or Federated ID accounts to their personal Adobe ID accounts. For more information, see Migrate your student assets.

Student asset migration portal


The migration process cannot be reversed. However, students can continue to upload assets to their school account even after migrating their assets until the system administrator deactivates it.

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