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As part of an organization that has purchased Adobe Stock for enterprise, you share a pooled quota of Credits determined by you're Administrator within the Admin Console.


Depending on the Enterprise offer, you can have different types of credits:

Standard credits used to license standard images (photos, pictures, illustrations) only.

Universal credits used to license any type of asset (including but not limited to standard images, HD/4K videos, Premium collection images, templates, 3D assets, and more).

Premium credits used to license any type of asset except standard images (including but not limited to HD/4K videos, Premium collection images, templates, and 3D assets).

Once you or another user of a product profile for Adobe Stock licenses an asset, that asset can be downloaded by any user in the organization without licensing it again. In your License History, you can see all the Adobe Stock assets licensed by the organization. You can also see assets already licensed by any user of the organization on the search results pages and in the Creative Cloud applications marked with a Licensed badge.

The licensed badge on Adobe Stock

The licensed badge-in CC Apps


Depending on the settings chosen by your Administrator within the Admin Console, you can:

  • Get access to unwatermarked HD previews
  • Fill some mandatory and optional references when you license stock assets
  • Not be able to license certain asset types

The License References form

When you've reached the download limit of the product profile you are a member of, you cannot license more assets. Consider contacting your Administrator to increase the download limit of the product profile.

Important considerations

On the Adobe Stock website, you can select your entitlement view in the following scenarios:

  • When you sign in for the first time on Adobe Stock
  • If you also have a personal or team entitlement to Adobe Stock
  • If you belong to multiple product profiles for Adobe Stock (within the same organization or via multiple organizations)
identity menu
Identity menu from Adobe Stock


Once you're logged into the Adobe Stock website using an Enterprise or Federated ID, you cannot switch directly to your personal or team accounts. You can sign out and sign in again using your Adobe ID.

Considerations for Creative Cloud Libraries

Users entitled to Creative Cloud for enterprise with services can do one of the following:

  • Save Adobe Stock asset previews and licensed files to their desktop
  • Save Adobe Stock asset previews and licensed files to their libraries and benefit from the integration workflow

Users who do not have access to storage or are at capacity can save Adobe Stock asset previews and licensed files to only their desktop.

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