Migrate your student assets

Don't leave your assets behind when you leave school. You can now take all the creative artifacts that you so painstakingly created at school. 

Use Adobe's Student Asset Migration portal to automatically transfer most of your creative assets from your assigned school account to a new personal account.

The procedure to migrate assets is simple. When you sign in to the Adobe Student Asset Migration portal, you must provide your consent to migrate your assets. If you do not provide consent, you will not be able to migrate your assets.

After you provide consent, you are prompted to sign up for a new personal account where your assets are migrated. Once your account is verified, you are guided through to a series of steps to transfer your assets to the new personal account.

Student asset migration portal


If your school has stored your assets in encrypted form, you won't be able to transfer the assets to your personal account.

Before you begin

School account

Keep your school account credentials handy. You'll be asked to sign in.

  • Remove school-owned content from your school account.
  • Remove unnecessary files from the school account to stay below the 2GB storage quota for your personal account. If the content in your school account exceeds 2GB, all of it is transferred. However, you can't add more content to the personal account until storage space is freed up.

Personal account

You require a functional email ID to sign up for a new personal account.

  • Ensure that the personal email account is not already linked to an Adobe ID. 
  • If your email account is linked to an Adobe ID, change the email address.

Still have questions? See Frequently asked questions.


Do not start the migration until you are certain that you no longer require to access the content in your school account. After completing the migration, your content will only be available in your personal account and not in your school account. However, you can continue to access your school account until the system administrator deactivates it.


Transferring assets to your personal account is a one-time transaction. Once you transfer assets from your school account to your personal account, you cannot transfer assets again from the same account to another personal account.

There is no way for the web portal to determine whether your personal account is empty. Ensure that it is empty before you start the migration process.

Migrate assets

When you sign in to the Student Asset Migration portal and start the migration process, you are prompted to sign up for a new personal account. Once your account is verified, you can automatically transfer your assets into this account.


Avoid performing the migration on lab machines on any shared device. If you have no other option, clear cache, and use a private browsing window. Once you start the migration, ensure that you complete it at one go on the same device.

  1. Visit the Student Asset Migration portal, and sign in with the credentials of your school account.

  2. Click Get Started to begin.

  3. Provide consent to migrate your assets, and then click Continue.

  4. Sign up for a new personal Adobe account. You must be at least 13 years old to be able to create your account.


    You cannot migrate assets across geographical regions. For example, if you are a student in the US, your new account must also be in the US or some other country in North America.


     The region associated with the email must be the same as the region where your school is located.

  5. Specify the verification code for your new personal account email address. 

    Enter verification code

  6. After your email address is verified, click Continue to proceed.


    Do not add any assets to your new account until the migration is complete.

  7. Click Start Process to initiate the transfer. A message notifies that the migration has started.

    Transfer assets

  8. Close the notification. After the migration completes, a confirmation email is sent to your personal account.

  9. Open the email, and click View your personal account to sign in. Review your assets in your new personal account.

    Confirmation email

After you migrate

While most assets migrate automatically, you may have to migrate some of them manually.


Creative Cloud Assets




Migrates automatically

  • Cloud files and folders
  • Creative Cloud files
  • Mobile creations
  • Deleted assets
  • Shared files
  • Adobe Spark creations
  • Adobe Spark published assets
  • Document Cloud files
  • Library data
  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Brushes
  • Profile data
  • Custom settings for Workspace layout and keyboard shortcuts
  • Application Preferences shared in Creative Cloud
  • Comments
  • Versions
  • Behance Projects
  • Portfolio
  • Websites

Does not migrate automatically

  • Lightroom photos
  • Videos published from Mobile apps.
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Color
  • Activity feed
  • Adobe Stock
  • Adobe Anywhere
  • Adobe Fill & Sign user profile data

If you still have questions, see Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

This new account is a Creative Cloud Free membership. It does not have access to apps and services (see Benefits of a Creative Cloud free membership). To access Creative Cloud apps and services, you must purchase a plan. However, if your student ID is attached to the school, the school entitlement remains available until the school removes your ID.

Migrating assets from one geographical region to another is not supported. Your school and personal account must be located in the same geographical region. For example, if your school account is in the US, you cannot transfer assets to a personal account in Japan. International students returning to their home countries may have to migrate assets manually.

Your Lightroom images are not migrated automatically. You require to download the images separately. To make a local backup of the images, enable the Save all original images setting at the specified location in the local storage environment. For details, see Set preferences.

To know how to make a backup of catalogs created using Lightroom Classic, see Back up a catalog.

Changing the email address for an Adobe ID does not affect access to projects. However, the earlier email displays in the user interface in some workflows that use multiple Adobe IDs on the same device.

Adobe Spark assets are migrated. However, Spark Premium features are not available for Creative Cloud Free membership accounts. To access your assets, exit all Adobe Spark apps and websites, and sign in with your new personal account. You need not reinstall any apps.

When you migrate Spark video projects, their Adobe ID GUID changes, and access to the projects are lost. Projects in the cloud for a different Adobe ID GUID do not appear on an iOS device. The projects stored locally on the device show up in the Projects made by others section. At this point, the migration does not impact Spark Page and Spark Post.

DVA collaborations do not work in your personal account.

Adobe Portfolio is a paid service. However, your assets are migrated, and you can still sign in to Adobe Portfolio. Publishing to Adobe Portfolio is not supported for Creative Cloud Free membership accounts.

If your Adobe Portfolio project includes links to Lightroom albums, the links do not work after migration. You cannot reimport the albums from Lightroom or any album from your school account.

Shared links (including links with password) and collaboration links in Creative Cloud that were part of your school account do not work after you migrate assets. You require to share the links again, or reinvite collaborators, from your personal account. After migration, only the owner can access private links. Shared assets that you own are migrated to your personal account. Also, links in your school account that others shared with you do not work after you migrate assets to your personal account.

Adobe XD prototypes and Design links on Published pages do not work after you migrate to a personal account. The files are moved to the files directory. However, the links on the Published page will not resolve. Remove shares from the published files, and unpublish prototypes and designs before the migration.

Adobe Stock photos already downloaded from Adobe Stock and saved to the Creative Cloud Files directory migrate just like other assets. You cannot download more photos from Adobe Stock in the new account.

After migration, you can participate in the Adobe promotional offers that you are eligible for.

Any documents that other users shared with you are lost after you migrate assets to your personal account. If you have created a document and shared with others, the document is migrated to your personal account.

Adobe Fonts are removed from your local machine after you migrate assets. Any website created with Adobe Fonts will revert to non-paid fonts after migration.

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