Adobe Asset Link for Adobe XD

Adobe Asset Link for XD streamlines collaboration between digital product designers and marketers. Use Adobe Asset Link for XD to browse and search digital assets in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets from within your XD app. You can also download assets or drag assets to your XD canvas.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements:

Creative Cloud prerequisites

AEM prerequisites

If you are using an AEM Assets instance other than as a Cloud Service, configure AEM or Adobe Asset Link.

Set up Adobe Asset Link for XD

Setting up Adobe Asset Link for your designers is easy. Perform the following steps.


You need not perform steps 1 and 2 if you have already set up Adobe Asset Link for use within InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

1. Create user group

Create a unique group with the applicable creative users in the Adobe Admin Console. The users added to the group must have Enterprise IDs or Federated IDs.  Learn more. You require administrative rights to create user groups.

2. Configure AEM Assets

To let users access digital assets stored in AEM Assets for XD within the application, configure and fine-tune AEM Assets. Learn more.

3. Install Adobe Asset Link for XD

Download the Adobe Asset Link for XD plug-in from XD Plugin Manager (Choose Plugins > Discover Plugins from XD). It is downloaded as an XDX file. Double-click the file to install the extension. After it is installed, exit XD and then relaunch. Open Adobe Asset Link for XD from the Plugins panel, and enter the AEM Assets URL. The storage.json file in the plug-in’s setting directory is automatically updated to reference the URL.


To change AEM Assets URL, configure the storage.json file to point to the new AEM instance. Launch Adobe XD, and open the storage.json file from the following location:

  • macOSUsers/<user name>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD/plugin_settings/61d229b9
  • WindowsC:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Packages\AdobeXD\LocalState\plugin_settings\61d229b9

The file includes the entry ‘{"aemUrl":"url"}’. Replace "url" with the URL of your AEM Assets instance. Enclose the URL within quotes. Save and close the file. Exit and relaunch Adobe XD for it to connect to AEM Assets.

Use Adobe Asset Link for XD

You’re ready to use Adobe Asset Link for XD. Create or open a design or prototype in Adobe XD. From the Plugins panel, access Adobe Asset Link for XD.

Use Adobe Asset Link for XD to search, browse, drag, and download assets.

Adobe Asset Link for Adobe XD

Once you open Adobe Asset Link for XD, it displays the files and folders that you have permission to read. You can search and browse digital assets stored in AEM Assets. You can also search for assets stored in your Creative Cloud account:

  • To search for assets, folders, or collections, type a keyword in the search field and press Enter. By default, the scope of search is set to All, which means it is a global search. All relevant assets, folders, and collections within AEM Assets are displayed, not just the entities in your current location. Assets in your Creative Cloud Assets account are returned in a separate section below.
  • For faster and more targeted results, you can search directly within a folder or collection. First, navigate to the lowest folder or collection that contains the artifact you’re looking for. Then, change the option in the drop-down list to the left of the search field to In Folder or In Collection. Depending on your location, the options in the list change dynamically.
  • To close the search results, click  in the search field, which brings you back to the location where you were before the search. You can also delete the text manually, and then press Enter.
  • To navigate back up the higher sections of the content hierarchy, use the breadcrumb next to Inside. With Adobe Asset Link for XD, you can focus on the drop-down using the keyboard shortcut Shift + B, and then navigate using arrow keys. To select a location, press Enter.

Similar to proprietary assets, Adobe Stock images that reside in AEM Assets, whether licensed or not, are displayed while searching and browsing. Adobe Stock images appear in the same folder location that they reside in within AEM assets along with any relevant proprietary assets.

Unlicensed Adobe Stock images are displayed with an official Adobe Stock watermark. Licensed Adobe Stock images do not have watermarks. All Adobe Stock images include a reference to Adobe Stock in the file's name, and an Adobe Stock icon.

To incorporate an asset on your XD canvas, drag it from Adobe Asset Link for XD to the artboard. A copy of the asset is added to your document.

You can only drag image types that XD supports to be imported. For a list of supported formats, see this document.

You can download a copy of an asset in AEM Assets. Open the asset's context menu, from Adobe Asset Link for XD, and choose Download. The file is downloaded to your default download folder.

Known issues

The following are known issues with Adobe Asset Link for XD:

  • Adobe Asset Link for XD does not support filtering assets using the EPS format, because XD doesn’t support this format.
  • XD only allows https:// connections to AEM Assets instances on macOS, not http://. Use the nGrok utility to map to a localhost deployment of AEM, which runs on HTTP, by default.
  • Users will encounter the Environment URL unreachable error if they attempt to access an AEM instance for which they don't have the required permissions. To know how to grant permissions in AEM, see Manage user access control on AEM repository.
  • Users are unable to drag assets of some image formats to XD using Adobe Asset Link for XD even though they appear in the plug-in. Only image types in XD supported formats can be dragged into XD from the plug-in. For a list of supported formats, see this document.
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