Adobe Stock credit packs for teams

Adobe Stock Credit Packs allow Teams customers to license assets that might not be included in their Adobe Stock subscription plans. Credits can be used for any existing and new asset types created in the Adobe Stock library.


Adobe Stock provides designers and businesses with access to millions of high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, videos vectors, illustrations, templates, and 3D assets, for all their creative projects. To know more about Adobe Stock, see Adobe Stock Help.

Credit packs give Adobe Stock teams the purchasing flexibility they require to handle the ebbs and flows of projects throughout the year. Our subscription plans and credit packs are designed to complement each-other, but can be purchased separately. Credit packs are available from 5 to 500 credits per pack, and all active members on the team plan share the pool of credits purchased. To learn more, see Credit Packs.

User entitlements

Credits are available to all team members on a first-come-first-serve basis. All users have access to Stock credits and can redeem them to license assets, irrespective of any product entitlements.

When you add new team members, Adobe Stock entitlements are added by default. Users receive an email letting them know the have access to Stock credits.


By default, all members of the team have access to Stock credits. To revoke Stock credit permissions, remove the user from your team.

Credit packs expire in 12 months from the date of purchase. Any unused credits do not roll over to a later date. You can purchase new credit packs for continued access.

When credits are running low or have been consumed, you receive a notification on the Admin Console and email.

Purchase credit packs for teams

Currently, Stock credit packs are available to Value Incentive Plan (VIP) teams and direct purchases from Adobe. To purchase credit packs, contact your reseller or Adobe Sales.

To see the list of available credit packs and subscription plans, go to Adobe Stock plans page.

View credit packs

All purchased credit packs display in the Overview, Products, and Account tabs of the Admin Console. 

If your organization has purchased multiple credit packs, one consolidated card displays a summary of all credit packs. At a quick glance, you can also view used and total credits.

View details for Adobe Stock credit packs

You can view numbers of packs, and details such as name, credits used, and expiration dates. To view details of all the credit packs, navigate to the Product tab and click Adobe Stock - Credits.


The credits due to expire the earliest are consumed first.

Alternatively, you can go to the Accounts tab and expand Adobe Stock - Credits under Additional Products.

Credit packs list

View Adobe Stock license history

On the Adobe Stock License History page of the Adobe Stock website, you can view a list of the assets your team has licensed. You can also view the details of images that remain to be used.

To view the Stock license history, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Products and click Adobe Stock - Credits.

  2. Click Details under the Adobe Stock logo.

  3. On the right pane, click Go to Stock License History.

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