Console settings

Organization name

The Organization Name is the name of your company, institution, or team, as entered at the time of purchase.

Team administrators can edit the Organization Name, if you've purchased the teams plan directly from Adobe.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Settings > Console Settings.

  2. Click Edit.

Notes for users

The Notes for Users serve as guidance for your team or enterprise end users. All end users can see the notes that you set up, in their account information.

To support end users in your organization, admins and support delegates can open cases with Adobe on their behalf. End users are unable to contact Adobe directly. Use these Notes for Users to communicate with your end users about how they can get assistance if they encounter issues or require support. For example, you can add links to your HelpDesk, internal knowledge base, phone numbers, or email addresses.

As a system admin, to add or edit the notes, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Settings > Console Settings.

  2. To configure the Notes for Users for the first time, click Add. To edit the existing notes, click Edit.

    Notes for users

  3. Click Save.

    Your end users can see these notes on their Adobe Accounts page. To learn how, see how to contact your administrator for Adobe products.

Email language

Email Language is the default language that you choose for your organization, to receive emails about the status of their accounts, such as notifications of subscription changes or credit card expiration.

To choose the most appropriate email language for users, the system checks the following in the given order, until it finds the one that is set:

  1. User's language preference—users can set their preferred language setting by navigating to > Account. Then scroll down to Preferred languages.
  2. Email locale preference of the organization—system administrators can set using the Admin Console, see Set email language setting for an organization.
  3. Country code of the user—administrators can set while adding Enterprise ID and Federated ID type users.
  4. Language defined by the country code of the organization, which is set at the time of purchase.
Email Language

Set the email locale preference for your organization

As a system admin, you can choose a default language for the emails from the Admin Console. For example, if you have purchased an enterprise membership completing your purchase experience in English. And, if most of your users speak Spanish, you can change your Email Language using the Admin Console.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Settings > Console Settings.

  2. Under Email Language, select a language for emails that are sent to your users.

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