Manage transferred assets

When IT Admins remove users who have assets stored in their folders, they can transfer their assets to designated users, either immediately or later. Designated users receive an email with a link to download the compressed archive. For more information, see Reclaim assets.

Download shared files

  1. Click Download Now to view the files and download them.

    Email message to download file

  2. Click Download.

    Depending on the size of the original assets, multiple archives may be listed. Each compressed archive can be up to 5 GB based on the total size of assets stored in the users folder.

    Download files

Upload assets to your storage account

The compressed archive contains the synced assets the user had, including files, libraries, and cloud documents. You can extract these files and upload them to your own Creative Cloud storage folders. The various folders contain different types of assets. For example, the user assets are in the files folder while all libraries are in the assets/libraries folder.

Exploded view of the ZIP file

  • File assets are located in the files folder. To upload these assets and files to your storage folder, see Sync assets in Creative Cloud.
  • Creative Cloud libraries are located in assets/adobe-libraries folder. To upload libraries, use the Libraries panel in any supported app. For more information, see Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Cloud documents, such as Adobe XD documents are stored in the cloud-content folder. You can open these files in Adobe XD, choose File > Save As, and then choose the Cloud Documents option. For more information, see Cloud documents in XD.
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