Teams membership: Renewals

If you have purchased your Teams membership directly from, use this document to learn about managing your licenses during your renewal window.

 As a system admin, to view and edit renewal details in your renewal window, navigate to Adobe Admin Console > Account.

Renewal window

If you have purchased your Teams membership directly from, a month before your renewal, Adobe provides a self-service license management workflow in the Admin Console. As a system administrator, you can modify the number of licenses and products in your plan during this period called the renewal window.

When your renewal window opens, you receive an email with the details: renewing products, quantity, and renewal price. 

Your plans are renewed automatically on your renewal date. No action is required from your side. Before your plans renew on your renewal date, you have one month to adjustment the number of licenses. 


If you have purchased on promotional pricing, you are renewed at the current market price. Also, if the market price has been revised, the latest price is displayed.

View renewal details

To review the details of your renewal, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account. Under Renewal, click View Details.

    Renewal window

  2. View the renewal details, and click Close if you do not want to make any changes. Your plan is renewed automatically on your renewal date.

    For details on editing renewal details, see Update plan.

Update renewal plan

You can add or remove products and licenses anytime during the renewal window. However, any increase or decrease in license counts or adding new products only takes effect on your renewal date. The changes are not immediate. If you need licenses right away, see Add products and licenses.

If you have ten licenses for Acrobat and all ten are assigned, and you only need nine licenses for the next year, decrease the number of licenses to nine. Your current plan still has ten licenses and ten users assigned. However, you are prompted to unassign a user before your anniversary date.


For Value Incentive Plan (VIP) orders, even if you renew the Creative Cloud for teams licenses before or during the renewal period, the new anniversary date reflects on the Admin Console 30 days after the renewal date.

For example, if the anniversary date of your VIP subscription is December 31, 2018, and you renew your Creative Cloud for teams licenses on December 28, 2018 (three days before the anniversary date), the anniversary date remains displayed as December 31, 2018 instead of December 31, 2019 in the Admin Console. The anniversary date is updated 30 days later (January 31, 2019 in this case).

To update your renewal plan, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account, and under Renewal, click Update Plan.

  2. Modify the products and number of licenses, and click Continue.

    Modify the products and license count

  3. When decreasing the license count:

    a. Select the appropriate options and click Continue.

    Select reasons to decrease license count

    b. If any offer appears, click Accept to use it, then click Continue.

    Special offers


    You cannot cancel the entire account using this workflow. If you modify the renewal quantity for all products to zero, you are prompted to contact Adobe Customer Care.

  4. To update your payment method, click Edit.


    If you have multiple subscriptions linked to the same credit card, all subscriptions are updated when you change credit card information for one of the subscriptions.

    Edit payment method

  5. Review the changes, and click Save Changes.

If you reduce the license count to less than the number of assigned licenses, you can later select the users to unassign the licenses for. If you do not unassign the access licenses by the anniversary date, they are removed automatically, as per the over-assignment policy.

Alternatively, you can unassign the access licenses after you update your renewal plan. This approach is preferred since you don’t have to return the Admin Console after renewal. The downside is the user is removed right away. You cannot select a user for future removal.

To unassign users, see remove users.


It is recommended that you remove users immediately after reducing the number of licenses. If you decide to renew fewer licenses, the license counts are reduced on your renewal date. If the assigned user count is greater than the renewed license count, the account is in a non-compliant state.


Team admins are required to determine which user or users to unassign.

On your renewal date, Adobe starts the clock to unassign users automatically based on the compliance policy, which varies from company to company. The policy allows for a grace period between the renewal date and the date users are unassigned.

If you do not unassign any users, users are unassigned automatically based on tenure. Users with longer access are least likely to be unassigned; the user with the shortest tenure on the product is unassigned first.

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