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Creative Cloud for enterprise - free membership enables employees within an organization to collaborate effectively not just with design teams, but also with each other. Once you get access to the free membership, you can review design specifications and prototypes shared by design teams. Use the free services, such as Adobe Fonts and Document Cloud services to create professional presentations and publish content. Access Creative Cloud Libraries from within Microsoft Office products, and use shared library items. You can also access shared Creative Cloud content to review and comment on.

What do I get with Creative Cloud for enterprise - free membership?

Access Creative Cloud Libraries within Microsoft Office products to incorporate design assets into presentations, reports, and collateral.

Depending upon permissions provided, you can create content and rename or organize elements. You can also save Adobe Stock images into Creative Cloud Libraries from the web. Learn more.

Access available Fonts with your membership.

Adobe Fonts offers an online subscription library of high-quality fonts. You can access the Fonts that are included in your Creative Cloud membership. Learn more.

Note: To learn how to activate Adobe Fonts on your computer, see here.

Access shared prototypes and design specs links for review and feedback.

You can also open XD files and view links shared by others in the organization. Adobe XD is a powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use platform that enables design teams to design websites, mobile apps, and so on. Learn more.

Access shared Creative Cloud content in the cloud to review and comment on. Use the free 2GB storage to store, organize, and share your assets. Learn more.

View shared reviews and links published from InDesign. You can access web versions of InDesign files shared by others in the organization and view them. Learn more.

Get started

The administrator of an eligible organization grants users access to the Creative Cloud - free membership. Depending upon how the administrator chooses to notify users, you may receive a notification (for example, an email message) about the free entitlement. Irrespective of the mode by which you are notified, the notification may include a link to this document.

If you do not already have credentials to sign in, the notification will also include your new credentials. Sign in with the credentials in the notification or your Enterprise ID/Federated ID to the entitled services.


When the admin deprovisions your membership, you will receive a notification to this effect if they have enabled email notifications within the Admin Console.

Frequently asked questions

The administrator of your organization entitles you with a Creative Cloud for enterprise - free membership. To gain access to the offer, contact your administrator.

To gain access to Creative Cloud Libraries, contact your administrator. Once you have the required privileges, see this document to learn how to access Creative Cloud Libraries from Microsoft Office products.

You can save the scanned PDF documents, forms, or files in Document Cloud storage

If you have an existing paid subscription, you can save both licensed and unlicensed Adobe Stock images directly to Creative Cloud Libraries with Creative Cloud for enterprise - free membership.

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