Set locale at system level

Set the locale settings at the system level for Windows and macOS


Creative Cloud Packager is no longer in development and no updates will be provided. Also, Creative Cloud Packager cannot be used to create packages that include Creative Cloud 2019 apps or later. Learn More.

We recommend that you use the create package workflows provided in the Adobe Admin Console.

See how to create Named User Licensing packages and Shared Device Licensing packages.

Set locale options for the Package

To let the locale settings of the end user's computer determined the language in which the apps are installed, choose the following options:

  • For the Adobe Admin Console, choose the Use OS locale option
  • For the Creative Cloud Packager, choose the Match OS option

When you run the installer, it checks for the locale on the host system. It must be noted that the locale check is done at the system level. This implies that if, on a host system, the locale for which the products need to be installed is set for a user (or set of users), the products will not be installed in that language but will be installed in the locale that is set at the system level.

Set locale options on user's computer

To ensure that the products are installed in a specific language, you need to ensure that locale is set at the system level.
  • For Windows OS, perform the steps as follows to change the locale and region:
  • For macOS, you can change the system locale using Terminal or System preferences. Select any of the following methods to change language and region:

Via terminal:

Use the following command to change the OS locale to Japanese at the system level:
sudo defaults write .GlobalPreferences AppleLocale ja_JP
The new locale, then, applies to the Creative Cloud Packager installer.


The above method takes the example of Japanese. You can substitute the language-code with your choice of language.

Via System Preferences:

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > set your preferred region and language. Then, restart the computer to apply the new settings.

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