Learn how to install missing fonts in Photoshop on the iPad using the Creative Cloud for iOS app.

In Photoshop on the iPad, not all fonts are are available by default when you open a Photoshop cloud document.

You may see one of the following missing fonts dialogs:

  • Replace Missing Fonts
  • Transform With Missing Fonts

These dialogs appear when you use a font on your computer that is not installed or active on your iPad device. Learn how to install the missing fonts on your iPad device using the Creative Cloud for iOS app. 

Before you begin

Update the iOS software on your iPad to the latest version. See Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Download the Creative Cloud app to install fonts

After updating iOS software to the latest version, follow these steps: 

1. On your iPad, download the Creative Cloud for iOS app from the App Store.  

2. Open the Creative Cloud app and sign in to your Adobe account.

3. In the Creative Cloud app, tap Fonts at the bottom of the screen

Tap Fonts in the Creative Cloud app
Tap Fonts in the Creative Cloud app

4. Under Browse Adobe Fonts, tap Active Fonts Not On This Device.

5. Tap Install Fonts to download the fonts on your iPad.

The installed fonts are now available for use in other apps on your iPad including Photoshop.