Copy CSS generates Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) properties from shape or text layers. The CSS is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into a style sheet. For shapes it captures values for the following:

  • size
  • position
  • stroke color
  • fill color (including gradients)
  • drop shadow

  • For text layers, Copy CSS also captures the following values:

    • font family
    • font size
    • font weight
    • line height
    • underline

    • strikethrough
    • superscript
    • subscript
    • text alignment

    Copying CSS from a layer group containing shapes or text creates a class for each layer as well as a Group class. The Group class represents a parent div containing child divs that correspond to the layers in the group. The top/left values for the child divs are in relation to the parent div.


    The Copy CSS command does not work with Smart Objects or when selecting multiple shape/text layers that are not grouped.

    1. In the Layers panel, do one of the following:

      • Right-click a shape/text layer or layer group and choose Copy CSS from the context menu.
      • Select a shape/text layer or layer group and choose Copy CSS from the Layers panel menu.
    2. Paste the code into your style sheet document.

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