Work with Adobe Camera Raw files in Photoshop on your iPad

Ever wanted to edit Adobe Camera Raw files on an iPad while on the move? Here's how to do it! 

Adobe Camera Raw file formats have unprocessed data from a digital camera’s sensor.

You can use the various controls in the Camera Raw mode to process and interpret the raw image data for your photo in Photoshop on the iPad.

Work with Adobe Camera Raw files in Photoshop on the iPad

  1. Tap Import and open from the home screen in Photoshop on the iPad and select a desired raw photo. You can also tap the Place  icon from the toolbar on the left side of the canvas to open a raw photo.

  2. In the Camera Raw mode that opens, you can choose to Edit the image data for your raw photo manually or apply Auto adjustments.

  3. By choosing the Edit option above, you can edit the raw image data manually using controls organized under different panels that you can expand or collapse ─ Light, ColorEffects, Detail, and Optics.

  4. Tap Done once you've finished applying edits.

    • If you chose the Import and open option in step 1 above, you will find an Import as menu at the top right corner of the Camera Raw mode. Here, you can choose to import the camera raw edits using any of these - Import as smart objects (keeps your original image data) or Import as layer (imports as a normal image in Photoshop).
    • If you chose the Place option in step 1 above, you will see the Transform mode now, where you can choose to apply any of the transform operations before placing your photo.

Your raw photo with applied edits can now be imported as a smart object or as a pixel layer. By default, your edits get imported to a new cloud document as a Camera Raw smart object. For now, you cannot go back to the Camera Raw edit mode in Photoshop on the iPad. 

Create stunning photos with Adobe Camera Raw filter on pixel layers

Introduced in Photoshop on the iPad 5.1 (October 2023 release)

Enhance your images by applying an Adobe Camera Raw filter on a pixel layer to adjust for Light, Color, Effects, and Detail

Follow these steps to apply this filter in Photoshop on the iPad:

  1. Select the pixel layer in the PSD file that you want to apply the filter to. 

  2. Go to Filters and adjustments and select Camera Raw Filter

  3. Adjust the different sliders (like Exposure, Shadows, Saturation, Sharpening, and Noise Reduction) in the Camera Raw dialog box that opens to make changes to the image. These changes will be destructive in nature.

  4. Tap Done when you're finished making changes. 

Achieve white balance in Adobe Camera Raw images

Adjust the white balance in your Camera Raw images while working in Photoshop for the iPad.

Follow these steps to do so: 

  1. Tap on the eyedropper   tool from the Color control. 
  2. Tap an area of the image to control the white balance and Temp and Tint will adjust accordingly.


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