When you open images in Adobe Photoshop they are tabbed together instead of in individual windows.


Solution 1: Float your images in windows.

  • To float one image in a window, choose Window > Arrange > Float in Window.
  • To float all open images in windows, choose Window > Arrange > Float All In Windows.

Note: Window > Arrange is only available when an image window is open.

Solution 2: Disable image tabs and window docking.

To prevent images from opening in tabs in the future, do the follow:

  1. Choose Photoshop > Preferences > Interface (Mac OS) or Edit > Preferences > Interface (Windows).
  2. Deselect Open Documents As Tabs.

  3. Deselect Enable Floating Document Window Docking.

  4. Click OK.

Additional information

When you drag an image into Photoshop (and the Application Frame is on in Mac OS), the image opens in a tab. This issue occurs even if the tabbed preferences are disabled. 

For more information, see Manage windows and panels and View images in multiple windows in the Photoshop User Guide.


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