The following is a list of issues resolved in the latest update of Premiere Pro CC (2015.1).

Import and Format Support

  • Some .MPG files generated by third-party tools import without timecode.
  • Some RGB 16-bit TIFF images import with distorted color and lots of noise.
  • Some 16-bit TIFF sequences improperly decoded on import.
  • Some 16-bit TIFF images with alpha are incorrectly displayed.
  • Unable to save markers to certain imported clips.
  • Certain clips with two stereo tracks are imported with only one stereo track.
  • Multiple layer styles from PSD files are not properly imported.
  • Sony PDW-F800 media imports as audio-only clips.
  • Certain MXF files still need rendering/display yellow render bar.
  • Panasonic LX100 4K MP4 media plays without audio.
  • Sony F55 RAW MXF media appears too bright.
  • Sony XAVC S 720p import results in low-level exception, “File Import Failure,” or audio only.
  • SD widescreen MXF files incorrectly import with 720x576 1.0 PAR.

Growing Files

  • Refresh function is not working with growing XDCAM HD50 60i MXF files.
  • Import of growing files from some sources is not immediate.
  • Non-responsive state during import of a large growing file.
  • Crash when importing a growing file using drag-and-drop.

Rendering and Export

  • Exports to certain formats can have black or green frames.
  • No warning when queueing export without Adobe Media Encoder installed, causing Premiere to hang.
  • “Match Source (Rewrap)” preset does not work with nested sequences.
  • Export Settings dialog uses Progressive field order when QuickTime HD 1080i presets are selected.
  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes on some dual GPU laptops upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Premiere stops responding when encoding SD sequence using Apple ProRes codec.
  • Canceling or hitting Escape during export closes Export Settings dialog (Windows).


  • Hang during export of AAF when using "Trim Audio Files" option.
  • AAF files from certain third-party applications cannot be imported.
  • Imported AAF files don’t respect Media Browser "Create Folder for Imported Projects" preference.
  • AAF exported with handles does not use the correct number of frames unless the timeline is 29.97.
  • Multichannel audio file exported through AAF only exports first channel as new audio file and relinks remaining channels to first channel file.
  • Missing clip volume keyframes in third-party applications when “Copy Complete” AAF is imported.


  • XML exported from Premiere Pro cannot be read in some third-party applications, or round-tripped.
  • Some clips are duplicated when round-tripping an exported XML file.
  • Images in certain third-party XML files have incorrect Motion > Scale values when imported.
  • Sequences defined in XML from certain third-party applications are not created when XML is imported.
  • Sequences created from an imported XML lose audio meters when duplicated.

Playback and Transmit

  • Maximum fast forward/rewind playback is slow to respond on some third-party hardware.
  • Playhead trails when scrubbing when Premiere is on the second monitor (Mac).
  • Video freezes during playback after a scrubbing in a sequence.
  • Erratic playhead behavior in the Program Monitor when scrubbing in the Timeline.


  • Changing sequence sample rate does not change a USB device’s sample rate.
  • Unable to change I/O Buffer Size when the Device Class is set to ASIO in the Preferences > Audio Hardware dialog (Windows).
  • Sample rates are not correctly reported for some audio devices.
  • Changing device sample rate in Audio MIDI Setup results in "Clock Source not Available" (Mac).
  • Crash when forcing audio hardware sample rate to document sample rate for some devices.
  • Audio playback goes out-of-sync if you disable input channel while playing back (Windows).
  • Random crash after disabling/enabling external audio hardware devices.
  • Audio Hardware preferences display incorrect output device after device is disabled.
  • "Audio and video clock out-of-sync" with audio hardware latency set to 30ms (Windows).
  • Audio distortion when scrubbing an audio clip in a sequence (Windows).


  • When a new project is set to use Software Only rendering, the renderer is set to GPU Accelerated rendering.
  • Scratch disk locations reset to defaults if project is copied to shared storage and then to second system.
  • Project panel Icon View sort order not maintained after closing and reopening project.
  • Permissions changes on file system can cause media relinking issues.
  • Crash when resizing “Modify Clip” dialog for a clip with no audio.
  • "Preserve Interpret Footage settings" check box in Link Media is enabled by default.

Project Manager, Consolidate and Transcode, and Render and Replace

  • JPEG 2000 alpha channels are not recognized and cannot be transcoded.
  • Transcode fails for clips with single mono audio tracks; affects QuickTime containers.
  • Trimmed merged clip displays out-of-sync indicators in transcoded sequence.
  • Hang when using “Collect Files and Copy to New Location” if AVCHD files are not in structured folders.
  • Using “Restore Unrendered” after rendering with audio preset results in out-of-sync indicators for some clips, and some or all of audio missing in the sequence.
  • Using “Restore Unrendered” results in shifted audio/danger stripes at end of some types of audio from A/V clips in sequence with matching or different frame rate.

Merged Clips

  • Using Match Frame on the audio portion of a merged clip with trimmed audio displays the incorrect frame in the Source Monitor.
  • When a subclip is created from a merged clip, the Source Monitor does not account for the offset to the Subclip Start.
  • If no In/Out range is set for a subclip created from a merged clip, Insert/Overwrite edits don’t work.
  • Merged clip volume level is not maintained when editing into a sequence.
  • Merged clip timecode values cannot be edited/updated in the Project panel.
  • Merged clips with In/Out points set display incorrect Video In/Out/Duration in Project panel.
  • Out-of-sync indicators appear on merged clips when frame rate differs from sequence's frame rate.
  • A hard subclip created from a merged clip can be trimmed beyond the subclip’s boundaries.
  • Audio Gain on a merged clip in Source Monitor is not applied until clip is closed and reopened.
  • Markers cannot be properly cleared from a merged clip.
  • Markers panel shows duplicate markers for merged clips when head end is not aligned.
  • Merged clips cannot be exported from the Project panel with correct audio channels.
  • “Replace Clip” functions cannot be used on a merged clip in a sequence.


  • Hard subclips start video from beginning of master clip, not set in point.

Editing, Trimming, and Sequence

  • No audio output when Roll Edit is used in Dynamic Trim mode.
  • Stopping playback causes an unmuted empty sequence track to be automatically muted.
  • Audio moved to different tracks and muted can result in audio still being heard.
  • Audio transitions of one frame duration are lost when moving clips in the sequence.
  • Sequence loaded in Source Monitor often does not show audio waveforms until refreshed.
  • No audio output when using keyboard trim controls in Trim Mode if Program Monitor is in focus.
  • First intrinsic effect keyframe is displayed for entire clip when trimming with “Composite Preview During Trim” deselected.
  • Crash when switching from Trim Mode during loop playback to clicking edit point in Timeline panel.
  • Cannot trim a clip that is part of a selection when "Linked Selection" is toggled off.
  • Subsequence does not respect the audio master of the original sequence, the panning of the original tracks, or the track type the clip was originally in.
  • Subsequence does not respect the timecode of the original sequence.
  • Cannot move clips in an audio track after audio track is resized.
  • Playback of a sequence after using ripple delete can result in audio from the wrong clip playing back.


  • Slow display refresh and playback with multi-camera sequences.
  • Crash when editing multi-camera sequence with more than 30 angles in Multi-Camera mode.
  • Using Cut to Camera shortcuts in Composite view inconsistently cuts to cameras on multi-camera clips.
  • No playback if edit added to a multi-camera sequence or as soon as multi-camera sequence is created.

Effects, Transitions, and Masks

  • Track Matte Key “Matte” parameter is reset to "None" after some clips are copied and pasted.
  • The Crop effect causes a low-level error.
  • Input contract violation error and crash when editing a Morph Cut transition.
  • Preset name remains in Effect Controls panel after resetting an effect with an applied preset.
  • "Apply Audio Crossfade Transition" applies a two frame duration transition regardless of Audio Transition Default Duration preference.
  • Memory leak while using some built-in effects and third-party plug-ins.
  • Low-level exception when scaling clip with masked effect to 0.0.
  • Clicking the wrench button for mask tracking twice results in "Position" option being selected.


  • Horizontal measurement lines for 0 and 100 IRE are hard to see in the Lumetri Scopes Luma Waveform.
  • Lumetri Presets folder is second in order in Effects panel.
  • Playback lags with Lumetri Color effects (Windows).

User Interface and Workspaces

  • Changing the workspace displays a random sequence in the Timeline panel.
  • When Program Monitor is in Multi-Camera mode, the playback resolution menu is hidden.
  • User interface redraw problems when using Track Height presets, application must be force quit.

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