Retiring the Legacy Titler in Premiere Pro | FAQ

The Legacy Titler has a long history in Premiere Pro and was used to create titles, credits, and simple animated compositions. It had some limitations which have been improved upon with a comprehensive text and graphics toolset in the Essential Graphics panel.

Please note: We will be retiring the Legacy Titler.

If you have not done so already, we recommend transitioning to the Essential Graphics panel for your titling workflows.

What can I do with the Essential Graphics panel?

Creating titles using the Essential Graphics panel
Creating titles using the Essential Graphics panel

The tools in the Essential Graphics panel allow you to:

  • Work in the Program Monitor, so that you can design and animate directly on the video images
  • Use familiar Adobe design tools, such as Rulers and Guides, snapping, and text, line, and shape tools
  • Incorporate graphics files (such as logos) and save them with your designs
  • Save titles and animations as editable Motion Graphics templates (.mogrt files) for easy re-use and sharing
  • Stylize captions and save caption styles

Why should I switch to the Essential Graphics panel?

The Essential Graphics panel allows you to both create your own titles and animations and work with existing designs:

  • Open and customize advanced Motion Graphics templates authored in After Effects
  • Source professionally-designed Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock
  • Share Motion Graphics templates from your Creative Cloud Libraries (within the Essential Graphics panel)

Other frequently asked questions

The Legacy Titler is the original titling tool in Premiere Pro, used for adding titles with graphics to video content. It is now quite dated and most users have transitioned to the new titling tools in the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro.

The Legacy Titler was built in a different era and uses an older code base. The Essential Graphics panel is a modern solution for titling and graphics and takes advantage of additional cross-application technologies.

In most areas the Essential Graphics toolset surpasses the capabilities of the Legacy Titler. As we close the remaining functionality gaps, it's time to turn the page and focus our engineering resources on a modern toolset that has a long future.

We have not set a firm date for retiring the Legacy Titler. At the moment our focus is on ensuring that users have all the text and titling functionality they need in the Essential Graphics panel.

When the Legacy Titler is retired entirely from Premiere Pro it will no longer be possible to edit titles and animations with that toolset. We are currently working on a utility that will allow you to convert graphics created with the Legacy Titler to the new format so that you can edit and save them using the Essential Graphics tools.

The Essential Graphics panel presents familiar Adobe design tools for creating graphics, titles, and animations directly on-screen, where you can align them accurately with the imagery and timing of your video.

Any graphics that you create, including animations, can be saved as Motion Graphics templates: this allows you to build libraries of editable graphics which is time-efficient and ensures visual consistency for your graphics.

Another option is to source professionally designed Motion Graphics templates from the Adobe Stock tab in the Essential Graphics panel.

If you use After Effects, or work with an After Effects artist, you can create advanced Motion Graphics templates, including capabilities like Media Replacement, which leverage the full power of After Effects compositions in easily edited templates, right on the Premiere Pro timeline.

While there has been no feature development for the Legacy Titler for many years now, we are continually improving the Essential Graphics feature set. In the near term we are actively focusing on improving text styling options and tools for organizing and editing multiple graphics.

You will be able to try upcoming features in the Premiere Pro Beta, to ensure they meet your needs before we release them.

If you feel you are missing something in your graphics workflow, please submit a feature request to our team.

Please share titling feature requests here:

See Creating titles and motion graphics for more information.

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