Adobe Audition lets you use advanced post-production techniques to create and edit audio. If you have installed Adobe Audition, you can apply the Edit In Adobe Audition command to an audio clip.

When you apply the Edit In Audition command to an audio clip, the audio is extracted and the edits are made to a new clip containing the extracted audio. The audio in the original master video clip is preserved.

When applying the Edit In Audition command to clips in a sequence, Premiere Pro renders the audio into a new audio clip that is imported into Adobe Audition. If an In/Out range was marked in Premiere Pro, these markers become visible in Audition. When saved the clip is saved in Audition, the edited clip replaces the original clip in the Premiere Pro Timeline panel. The original master clip in the Project panel is untouched. Effects or markers applied to the original sequence clip are preserved in the edited clip.

You can edit the audio in Adobe Audition many times. For each subsequent edit in Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro sends the audio clip that it created for the initial editing session.

From the Project panel, the Undo command deletes the extracted audio clip that’s been edited in Adobe Audition.


The Edit In Audition command is not available for Adobe Dynamic Link clips.

Working with Adobe Audition

  1. In a Project panel, select a clip or Sequence containing audio. You can also select a clip in the Timeline panel or the Timeline panel without clips selected.
  2. Select Edit > Edit In Adobe Audition and then select Clip or Sequence from the submenu. Audition launches.
  3. Edit and save the clip or sequence in Audition.
  4. Return to Premiere Pro. The audio file remains open in Audition until you close it.

Dynamic Link streaming video

The Dynamic Link video streaming feature lets you stream video without rendering when sending projects from Premiere Pro to Audition.

When you send Premiere Pro projects to Audition using the Dynamic Link video streaming video option, you can view video in its native resolution within Audition.

  1. In a Project panel, select a sequence containing audio.

  2. Select Edit > Edit In Adobe Audition and then select Sequence from the submenu. In the Edit In Adobe Audition dialog, under Video, choose Send Through Dynamic Link.

  3. Select Open In Adobe Audition to open the selected clip in its native format in Audition.

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