A list of known issues in the April 2018 release of Premiere Pro CC (version 12.1)


  • After you update to the April 2018 release of Premiere Pro (version 12.1) on Mac OS, the application crashes on launch without any error message. For information on resolving this issue, see Application crashes during launch on mac OS.
  • Going through tutorials in the Start screen or the Learn workspace can sometimes cause Premiere Pro to crash.
  • Premiere Pro can also crash if you switch between workspaces too often.
  • Custom scratch disk settings persist even if you reset the settings to same as project causing Premiere Pro to crash while rendering.
  • If you use the Save As option to save the file and choose to replace your existing project file with the same name, Premiere Pro closes the project file and shows a blank workspace. Some users end up force closing Premiere Pro thinking it has crashed. On opening the project again, all sequences are closed from the Timeline panel and users assume that their work is lost on seeing an empty Timeline panel.
  • Workaround: To continue where you left off, open the sequence by double-clicking the name of the sequence from the Project panel. To avoid the entire situation, either save the project file with a different file name or save it to a different location.


  • If you import clips twice from another .prproj file using the media browser, the project could get corrupted.
  • You cannot drag and drop footage into Premiere from an external file browser.
  • Premiere Pro sequences with closed captions show offline media in AME when native rendering is turned off. This error occurs when DLs from Premiere Pro are imported into Adobe Media Encoder, and you have enabled Burn Captions Into Video. In such a scenario, when you try to encode, the caption is not burned.  In addition, if you set caption to "none", then the whole video image becomes blank. To work around this issue, in Adobe Media Encoder, enable Import sequences natively.

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