A list of known issues in the July 2018 release of Premiere Pro CC (version 12.1.2)

Workflow issues

  • Incomplete audio when recording on two tracks
  • Slow response to start/stop after moving playhead over clips with audio effects.
  • Merged clips break when dragging from one project to another
  • Markers can sometimes disappear
  • Premiere Pro will not copy over folders with the same name when moving sequences from one project to another
  • Motion Graphic Templates do not always relink. (Or sometimes say After Effects needs to be installed)
  • Adding marker to Multicam clip causes waveform to disappear
  • Sometimes after making two blank captions, all captions are now white and default to upper left
  • New Project creation ignores current Workspace settings

Playback and Render Issues

  • When a UHD monitor is attached to Mac Pro, Premiere drops approximately 50% of frames when playing back 59.94 video.
  • With second monitor attached to Sonnet eGPU device, Timeline playback results in increased dropped frame count.
  • Export sometimes fails when Lumetri effect is applied.


Switching workspaces can lead to Premiere Pro not responding or crashing.

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