Archive, restore, or delete Team Projects

Learn how to archive team projects, restore an archived team project, or delete an archived team project.


You need owner permissions to archive, restore, or delete team projects.

Archive a team project

You can archive a team project when work is complete and the final output has been exported. When a team project is archived, collaborators no longer have access to the team project.

  1. To archive a team project, select File > Open Team Project.

  2. To archive the team project, select the Archive button.

  3. Select the Archive confirmation button. The team project disappears from the team projects tab in the Manage Team Projects panel for the owner or any of the collaborators. You can view the archived team projects in the Archive tab only if you are the owner.

    Move a team project to Archive

Restore an archived team project

  1. Select File -> Open Team Project .

  2. In the Archive tab, select the team project you want to restore and click Restore.

    Restoring team projects
    Restoring team projects

    Confirmation dialog
    Confirmation dialog

    Click Restore to confirm on the pop-up dialog. 

Delete an archived team project

  1. Select the Archive tab in the Manage Team Projects panel.

  2. Select the team project you want to delete and click Delete to permanently delete  the team project from the system.

    Selecting the archived team project for deletion

Convert a team project to a Premiere Pro project

When a team project is complete, many users convert it to a Premiere Pro project to save it locally as part of their archive process. 

  1. From the File menu, select Edit >Team Project > Convert Team Project to Project. You can choose where to save the local Premiere project file.

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