Premiere Pro CS5.5 release notes

Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Premiere Pro® Read Me

Welcome to Adobe® Creative Suite® Premiere Pro. This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Adobe Premiere Pro documentation. 

Minimum system requirements 


  • Intel® CoreTM2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit support required
  • 64-bit operating system required: Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 or Windows® 7
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)
  • 10GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
  • 7200 RPM hard drive for editing compressed video formats; RAID 0 for uncompressed
  • 1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0-compatible graphics card • Adobe-certified GPU card for GPU–accelerated performance; visit for the latest list of supported cards
  • Adobe-certified card for capture and export to tape for SD/HD workflows
  • OHCI-compatible IEEE 1394 port for DV and HDV capture, export to tape, and transmit to DV device
  • Sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model
  • DVD-ROM drive compatible with dual-layer DVDs (DVD+-R burner for burning DVDs; Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray Disc media)
  • QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for QuickTime features
  • Adobe Flash® Player 10 software required to play back DVD projects exported as SWF files
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services and to validate Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an ongoing basis*

Mac OS 

  • Multicore Intel® processor with 64-bit support
  • Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6.3; Mac OS X v10.6.3 required for GPU- accelerated performance
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)
  • 10GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices)
  • 7200 RPM hard drive for editing compressed video formats; RAID 0 for uncompressed
  • 1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0–compatible graphics card
  • Adobe-certified GPU card for GPU–accelerated performance;visit for the latest list of supported cards
  • Core Audio–compatible sound card
  • DVD-ROM drive compatible with dual-layer DVDs (SuperDrive for burning DVDs; external Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray Disc media)
  • QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for QuickTime features
  • Adobe Flash® Player 10 software required to play back DVD projects exported as SWF files
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services and to validate Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an ongoing basis*

For updates to system requirements and more detailed information about video hardware compatibility, visit

For CS Live system requirements, visit

† This product may allow you to extend its functionality by accessing certain features that are hosted online, including the Adobe CS Live online services ("Online Services").  The Online Services, and some features thereof, may not be available in all countries, languages, and/or currencies and may be discontinued or modified in whole or in part without notice.  Use of the Online Services is governed by separate terms of use and by the Online Privacy Policy, and access to some services may require user registration. Some Online Services may be subject to fees and require a subscription.  Fees subject to change.  For more details and to review the applicable terms of use and Online Privacy Policy, visit 

Install your software 

Before you begin, close all applications, including your web browser. Make sure you have administrative privileges or can validate as an administrator.

If you are installing as an upgrade, the installer will check your system to find the valid upgrade product.  If it cannot find it, it will ask you to input the serial number of the product being upgraded.  You can also install the software in trial, then input your new and previous serial numbers in the serialization screen shown during launch.

1.     Insert the Adobe Creative Suite Application DVD 1 into your DVD drive.

2.     Double-click Setup.exe (Windows) or (Mac OS) to begin the installation

Note: Depending on your Autoplay settings in Windows, the Set-up.exe file may launch automatically.

3.     Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

4.     When prompted to enter a serial number, enter your Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 serial number and complete the installation.

5.     If you are installing CS 5.5 Subscription Edition software, you will need to be connected to the Internet. The installer will prompt you if it detects that you are offline. An Adobe ID is required to purchase a subscription. If for some reason, you cannot connect to the Internet, you can install the trial version of the software and input your subscription serial number and Adobe ID during installation. For more information about your subscription software, go to

Note: You may be asked to close conflicting processes in order to complete the installation.

For additional CS5.5 installation help, go to

Known issues

  • Some products will not launch when the user name includes 4-byte or special characters, particularly the yen (¥) character.  Affects Adobe Media Player, After Effects, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional. (#BG081099, BG095671, BG094597, BG094587, BG095729, BG089964)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and After Effects CS5.5 will install on Windows XP 64-bit, however they will not launch properly.  Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and After Effects CS5.5 require a 64-bit edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7. (BG097289)

For more detailed information about troubleshooting your installation, go to

Note: In order to install additional components or reinstall your software after your original installation, you will need access to the original installer (DVD or the download from the web).  Repair is not an available option.  

Uninstall your software

Before you uninstall, close all applications currently running on your system—including other Adobe applications, Microsoft Office applications, and browser windows. 

Do one of the following: 

  • In Windows Vista and Windows 7, open the Windows Control Panel and double-click Programs and Features. Select the product that you want to uninstall, click Uninstall, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • IMPORTANT: Mac OS has new uninstall functionality. DO NOT drag applications to the trash to uninstall them. To safely uninstall on Mac OS X, double-click the product installer in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers or double-click on the Uninstall alias located in the Application folder.  Select Remove Preferences, then Authenticate as an Administrator and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you are uninstalling subscription software, please note that uninstalling does not cancel or stop your subscription. To cancel your subscription, please go to Your Subscriptions at

Known issues

  • Products will not appear in the Deactivation screen until they have been launched. (#BG091275)
  • On Windows, uninstalling a CS4 product after installing a CS5.5 product may affect registry entries for CS5.5. (#BG081801)

Note: If you want to install the product on a different computer, you must first deactivate the software on your computer. To deactivate, choose Help > Deactivate.

Trial software 

Creative Suite 5.5 trials are "try and buy," meaning you can evaluate individual products or editions of Creative Suite 5.5 and then convert the installed trial to a full version by purchasing the product and entering the serial number at any time during or after the trial period.

To convert your trial, enter the serial number from your purchase into the product screen that counts down the remaining days in the trial. You can enter a serial number to convert the trial at any time during the 30-day trial period or after the trial ends. If you purchased CS 5.5 Subscription Edition, you will need to be connected to the Internet and will be required to enter an Adobe ID when prompted.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and Adobe After Effects CS5.5 require a 64-bit edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7. 

Electronic licensing

You must accept the license agreement and warranty terms to use this product.  See for details.  This product may automatically attempt to activate over the Internet. See for details.

Registration information

Creating or entering an Adobe ID registers your software and sets up access to Adobe CS Live online services. In order to take advantage of your complimentary access to CS Live online services, and get up-to-date product information, training, newsletters, and invitations to Adobe events and seminars, you must register your product.

To learn more about CS Live online services, visit

Font installation

All font related documentation is online.  Visit to find our OpenType User Guide, OpenType ReadMe, links to font specific readmes, listings of fonts installed by the different CS5.5 products, and listings of fonts included on DVD for each of the CS5.5 products.

The Creative Suite 5.5 installer installs fonts into a default system font directory. If the installer finds older versions of these fonts in the default system font directory, it will uninstall the older versions, and save them to a new directory.  The default system font directory is:

    Apple Macintosh:  <System Disk>/Library/Fonts

    Windows: <System Disk>:\Windows\Fonts

The older fonts will be saved in the new directory:

    Apple Macintosh:  <System Disk>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SavedFonts/current

    Windows: <System Disk>:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SavedFonts\current

This new directory will also contain a file named "Read Me.html" which lists the saved fonts, and the version numbers of the new and old font files.

You can re-install the older fonts by deleting the new font files from the default system font directory, and moving the old files back into that directory.

Known issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 5.5 applications.

  • Stopping playback in the Multi-Camera causes the active camera to default to its original state. (#2522513)
  • Closed Captions from imported .mcc files are displayed in the incorrect position in the Program Monitor in HD sequences. (#2739985)
  • The "clear current marker" keyboard shortcut may conflict with a Windows OS shortcut. (#2763364)
  • The Analyze button in the Metadata panel is sometimes hidden from view until the panel is resized. (#2737979)
  • The end point of a subclip created from a master clip can be modified when the subclip is placed on a timeline. (#2748887)
  • Custom Settings which have not been saved  as a Keyboard Layout Preset in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog revert to factory defaults when settings are changed within a different Preset. (#2798598)
  • When exporting a Premiere Pro project to a Final Cut Pro XML, Color Correction effects used in sequence clips are not accurately reproduced in Final Cut Pro. (#2794475)
  • Video preview is not present when capturing video via HDV. (#2801005)
  • Media in sequences exported via XML from Final Cut Pro  cannot be relinked if the sequence was not exported as part of a project. (#2810524)
  • Premiere Pro Stereo clip in a stereo sequence is attenuated 3.0dB in Audition when opened via Edit in Adobe Audition. (#2736902)
  • Playback of AVCHD at 1/2 and 1/4 resolution has been optimized for greater image quality. This quality improvement requires more processor power to play back unrendered effects in real time compared to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
  • Importing or opening of projects and sequences from Adobe Premiere Elements is not supported.
  • The Replace Footage command cannot be used on a Merged Clip.
  • Audio tracks in Merged Clips are always mono.
  • Final Cut Pro XML and AAF import and export are not supported in projects using Merged Clips.
  • Attaching Adobe Story scripts is not supported for Merged Clips.
  • The Reveal In Bridge command is not supported for Merged Clips.

CUDA information 

  • Adobe Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration requires a certified CUDA support driver from NVIDIA. GPU acceleration is only supported on a limited set of NVIDIA graphic cards. 
  • The acceleration icon that is displayed in the effects panel depict which effects are accelerated with GPU playback. 
  • CUDA is always rendered at maximum quality, to obtain similar results in software mode the maximum render quality flags must be toggled in export or sequence settings.
  • CUDA accelerates the effects rendering on a clip but does not accelerate the file I/O from the drive into Premiere Pro. Slower system performance (CPU, drive I/O) may result in limited performance gains from the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration. 
  • The Adobe Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration takes advantage of the graphic card and its memory. However, working with numerous layers of large stills and/or video frame sizes may overwhelm the memory of the graphics card that could lead to failures. 
  • Opacity changes and compositing with opacity on large frame sizes can cause poor playback. 
  • For a complete list of supported cards, go to

Customer care

Customer Service

Adobe Customer Service provides assistance with product information, sales, registration, and other non-technical issues. To find out how to contact Adobe Customer Service, please visit for your region or country and click on Contact.

Support Plan Options and Technical Resources 

If you require technical assistance for your product, including information on complimentary and fee-based support plans and troubleshooting resources, more information is available at  Outside of North America, go to, click on the drop down menu under the question “Need a different country or region?”, choose a different country or region, then click GO.  Alternatively, you can click on Change beside the country name at the top of the screen to select a different country or region.

Free troubleshooting resources include Adobe’s support knowledgebase, Adobe user-to-user forums, Adobe Support Advisor and more.  We are continually making additional tools and information available online in order to provide you with flexible options for resolving issues as fast as possible.

If you are having any issues with installing or uninstalling any of your Creative Suite 5.5 applications, please try rebooting your system prior to contacting Support.  For additional CS5 installation help, go to

Other resources

Online Resources

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