October 2017 release of Team Projects

Team Projects is a hosted collaboration service for CC enterprise and CC teams users that allows editors and motion graphics artists to work simultaneously in shared team projects within Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Adobe Prelude CC. 

The October 2017 Release of Team Projects comes with a host of exciting new features. 

Read on for a quick introduction to these new features and enhancements.


To use Team Projects service, ensure that you have a Creative Cloud licence for teams or a seperate enterprise license with Premiere Pro, Prelude, or After Effects CC 2017.

Auto-save access

This  feature allows you to check when you auto-saved your edits, revert to a previous auto-save, or create a Team Project from an auto-save. For more information, see Share and manage changes with Team Project collaborators.


Support for multiple open projects in Premiere Pro

You can open, access, and work on multiple Premiere Pro projects and Team Projects simultaneously. You can jump between episodes or scenes organized as separate projects, edit and copy portions of one project into another, and more. For more information, see Working with shared projects.


Improved visual cues for collaborators

Use the improved asset status badges to alert you when team members edit projects even before they share the changes. Periodic reminders to share your changes ensures that all team members are in sync. For more information, see Share and manage changes with Team Project collaborators.


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