Bridge Tools commands don't launch Photoshop | Mac OS

Photoshop doesn't launch from Bridge

After installing Photoshop CC 2015 on Mac OS, one of the following problems occurs when using Bridge CC:

  • If Photoshop is not running and you select any of the Tools commands (like Batch) or choose File > Place > Photoshop from Bridge, Photoshop is not launched and the command is not run.
  • If Photoshop is running and you select File > Return to Photoshop from Bridge, Photoshop is not made the frontmost, active application.

Solution: Install the latest Bridge CC update

Install the latest Bridge CC update (v6.1.1) that was released at the same time as Photoshop CC 2015. Choose Help > Updates from either Photoshop or Bridge to find the latest updates.

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