This document contains known issues and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Acrobat X Suite ReadMe file. Software bugs associated with an issue appear in brackets [].

See Adobe Support for late-breaking information and other known issues for Acrobat and Creative Suite applications. Also, make sure that your system meets the minimum System Requirements for the Acrobat X Suite. 

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

  • To obtain updates for Acrobat X Pro, log in as an administrator. [2747765] 
  • If you install updates using the Adobe Updater, and the Acrobat Refresh Manager (ARM) starts, ARM sometimes detects that PDAPP.exe is a conflicting process. A workaround is to wait until the Adobe Updater is finished and then try to obtain ARM updates again. [2745919]
  • You can have problems reinstalling Acrobat X via Acrobat Suite if you uninstalled Acrobat using Add/Remove Programs. The correct workflow is to uninstall the Acrobat Suite.  [2747620] 
  • To successfully reinstall Acrobat X after uninstalling it, follow these steps:
    1. Start the Acrobat X Suite uninstaller using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.
    2. Select Acrobat X Pro through the Acrobat Suite uninstaller. This action removes both the Acrobat X product and the RIBS installer entry.
    3. When you're ready to reinstall Acrobat, start the Suite installer and select Acrobat X Pro. 

Adobe Updater

CS5 products in the Acrobat X Suite show Acrobat X Pro in the Updater preference for that product. For example, in Photoshop CS5, the Adobe Updater preferences include Acrobat X Pro. You cannot update Acrobat X Pro using Adobe Updater, so ignore this option in the Updater preferences. [2744470] 

Adobe Captivate 5

The Control menu on the title bar does not open for the Adobe Captivate quiz Results Analyzer and Adobe Captivate Reviewer. [2747433]

Adobe Device Central CS5

These options under the Help menu are disabled: Device Central Help, Device Central Support Center, New Features, and Getting Started. To fix the problem, apply the Device Central 3.1 patch either via download or the Adobe Updater. [2755326]

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2

A runtime error occurs if you start LiveCycle Designer ES2 as the first product after installing Acrobat X Suite. A workaround is to start Acrobat X Pro before starting Designer ES. [2760794]

Adobe Media Player

In the Japanese Acrobat X Suite, the name for Adobe Media Player is displayed incorrectly in Add/Remove programs. The displayed name contains "App Name" in English. [2749204]

Adobe Presenter 7

An incorrect EULA (End User License Agreement) can appear for Adobe Presenter 7. To view the correct EULA, start a different product in the Acrobat Suite. [2750257]

Suite installation

  • Canceling Acrobat Suite installation before it completes can cause problems when you restart the installation. A possible workaround is to use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall any applications you installed before canceling the suite installation. For best results, do not interrupt the Suite installation. [2755307]
  • The account used to install the Acrobat Suite must have both read and write permission. Installation fails if the account only has read permission. [2750012]
  • Product performance can suffer if you start the Acrobat Suite installer to install certain products after Acrobat Suite is already installed. [2741846] 
  • The disc space required is about 6.5 GB, not 4.5 GB, as stated in the Acrobat Suite installer reports. [2677830]
  • Before starting the Acrobat Suite installer, close all other applications, including web browsers. [2676825] 

Suite uninstallation

  • When you uninstall Acrobat Suite, the message "Installation successful" appears instead of "Uninstallation successful." [2746025]
  • If you uninstall Acrobat X Pro separately using Add/Remove Programs, Acrobat X Pro is still listed among the products Acrobat Suite can uninstall. In general, if you installed Acrobat X Pro as a stand-alone product, uninstall it first before installing Acrobat Suite. After installing Acrobat Suite, you can use the Acrobat Suite uninstaller to uninstall Acrobat X Pro. [2739170]

Windows Server 2003

Although Acrobat X Suite supports Windows Server 2003, it's possible that some applications within the Suite, such as Acrobat X Pro, don't install successfully. Also, Community Help is not available for Windows Server 2003. Therefore, Help on Windows Server 2003 is available only for Designer ES2, Presenter 7, and Acrobat X Pro. [2750932, 2754922] 

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