Through integration with Typekit, Photoshop brings a world of typographic possibilities to your creative projects. When you sync fonts from Typekit to your computer, they appear alongside locally installed fonts in your fonts menu. You can also choose to view only fonts from Typekit in the Text tool options bar and the Character panel font lists.

Fonts that you purchase from Typekit Marketplace sync to your computer and can be used in the same way. See Sync fonts for more information.

Add fonts from Typekit

  1.  Do one of the following:
    • Select Type > Add Fonts From Typekit.
    • In the Text tool options bar font pop-up menu, click the Add Fonts From Typekit () icon.
    • In the Character panel font pop-up menu, click the Add Fonts From Typekit () icon.

    Photoshop takes you to the Typekit website.

  2. Select the desired fonts and then initiate the sync operation. The Creative Cloud desktop app initiates the process and syncs the fonts to your machine.

    The fonts that you choose to sync from Typekit are available in the font menu.

Filter by fonts from Typekit

You can filter the Text tool options bar and Character panel font lists, such that only fonts available on Typekit are displayed.

  • While working with these font lists, click the filter icon () to view only fonts from Typekit that are synced to your computer.
Photoshop Filter to view Typekit fonts
A. Filter and show only fonts from Typekit 

Replace missing fonts with fonts from Typekit

When Photoshop doesn’t find one or more fonts used in a document you opened, it searches for missing fonts on Typekit. If the fonts are available on Typekit, Photoshop lets you replace the missing fonts with equivalent fonts from Typekit.

Photoshop Resolve missing fonts
Missing Fonts prompt

  1. Ensure that the Missing Fonts dialog indicates Typekit is On. If Typekit is not On, see Sync fonts to understand how you can enable font sync.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Select replacement fonts. You can replace the missing fonts with equivalent Typekit fonts or local fonts in use in the document.

    Photoshop Missing fonts list
    Replace missing fonts with Typekit fonts or local fonts in use in the document

  4. Click Resolve Fonts.


    Select Don't Show On Document Open if you don't want Photoshop to display the Missing Fonts dialog. Later, to view this dialog again for a document with missing fonts, select Type > Resolve Missing Fonts.

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