Test-drive Photoshop features that are still in the Technology Preview phase

Photoshop ships with technology preview features that you can try out. These features may not be completely production-ready yet, so exercise discretion while using them.

Enable/disable a technology preview feature

  1. Select Preferences > Technology Previews.

  2. Select/deselect the option for the technology preview feature. For example, select Enable Paint Symmetry.

  3. Click OK.


After enabling Microsoft Surface Dial support, you must restart Photoshop.

Technology preview features in Photoshop CC

Windows | Support for Microsoft Surface Dial


See this Microsoft documentation page for an introduction to the Surface Dial. 

Default state: On

Using the Surface Dial with Photoshop, you can adjust tool settings without ever looking away from the canvas. Use the Dial to adjust size, opacity, hardness, flow, and smoothing for all brush-like tools.

Photoshop supports the Surface Dial on bluetooth-enabled computers running the latest version of Windows 10.

  1. In the Surface Dial home interface, rotate to select the brush icon and then press the dial.

    Rotate to select the brush icon and then press the Dial.
  2. Rotate the dial to choose a setting, such as Opacity. Press to enter the adjustment mode.

    Choose the setting you want to adjust.
  3. Adjust the setting in one of these ways:

    Normal adjustment

    (Rotate the dial) Adjusts the setting in increments proportionate to the current value. For example, if you're working with a brush sized 5, rotating the dial increases the brush size to 6. Instead, if you're working with a brush sized 200, the size increases by a larger increment to 220.

    Fine adjustment

    (Press the dial and then rotate) Adjusts the setting by finer increments even at high values. For example, even for a large-sized brush, the size increases in smaller increments than normal adjustment.

    Make normal or fine adjustments to the setting.
  4. Tap/release the dial to commit your change to the setting.

Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale

Default state: On

Photoshop now features artificial intelligence-assisted upscaling to preserve important details and textures while resizing images without introducing distortions. In addition to skin tones and hair textures, this feature preserves harder-edged details like text and logos. Try it on soups, salads, pizza, and any other subjects that need that extra dash of texture preservation.

Artificial intelligence-assisted upscale (left) vs legacy resizing (right)

Paint Symmetry

Default state: Off

Photoshop now lets you paint symmetrically while using the Brush, Pencil, and Eraser tools. While using these tools, click the butterfly icon () in the Options bar. Choose from the several available types of symmetry. Paint strokes are reflected live across the line of symmetry, allowing for easier sketching of faces, cars, animals, and more.

You can set any path as a symmetry path. Right-click the path in the Paths panel and select Make Symmetry Path. To modify a symmetry path, select it and then choose  > Transform Path.

Pattern06 tile
Easily create intricate patterns with Paint Symmetry
Different symmetry types

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