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  1. Substance 3D home
  2. User guide
  3. Glossary
  4. Getting started
    1. Getting started
    2. Activation and licenses
    3. System requirements
    4. Overview
      1. Overview
      2. What is a Substance 3D file?
    5. Workflow overview
    6. Shortcuts
    7. Tutorials & learning
  5. Interface
    1. Interface
    2. Customizing your workspace
    3. Home screen
    4. Main toolbar
    5. Preferences
      1. Preferences
      2. Project settings
      3. Version control
    6. Explorer
      1. Explorer
      2. Send to... / Interoperability
    7. Graph view
      1. Graph view
      2. Link creation modes
      3. Graph items
        1. Graph items
        2. Dot node (also Portal)
        3. Frame
        4. Comment
        5. Pin
    8. Library
      1. Library
      2. Managing custom content and filters
    9. Properties
    10. 2D view
    11. 3D view
      1. 3D view
      2. Material properties
      3. GLSLFX shaders
      4. Switching your shaders to OpenGL Core Profile
      5. Iray
    12. Dependency manager
  6. Resources
    1. Resources
    2. Importing, linking and new resources
    3. Bitmap resource
      1. Bitmap resource
      2. Bitmap painting tools
    4. Vector graphics (SVG) resource
      1. Vector graphics (SVG) resource
      2. Vector editing tools
    5. 3D scene resource
    6. AxF (Appearance eXchange Format)
    7. Font resource
    8. Warnings from dependencies
  7. Substance graphs
    1. Substance graphs
    2. Substance graph key concepts
    3. Creating a Substance graph
      1. Creating a Substance graph
      2. Graph instances / Sub-graphs
    4. Exposing a parameter
      1. Exposing a parameter
      2. Parameter presets
      3. Visible if: control visibility of inputs, outputs and parameters
    5. Graph parameters
    6. Inheritance in Substance graphs
    7. Output size
    8. Values in Substance graphs
    9. Publishing Substance 3D asset files (SBSAR)
    10. Exporting bitmaps
    11. Exporting PSD files
    12. Sample Substance graphs
    13. Warnings in Substance graphs
    14. Nodes reference for Substance graphs
      1. Nodes reference for Substance graphs
      2. Atomic nodes
        1. Atomic nodes
        2. Bitmap
        3. Blend
          1. Blend
          2. Blending modes description
        4. Blur
        5. Channel shuffle
        6. Curve
        7. Directional blur
        8. Directional warp
        9. Distance
        10. Emboss
        11. FX-map
        12. Gradient (Dynamic)
        13. Gradient map
        14. Grayscale conversion
        15. HSL
        16. Levels
        17. Normal
        18. Pixel processor
        19. SVG
        20. Sharpen
        21. Text
        22. Transformation 2D
        23. Uniform color
        24. Value processor
        25. Warp
        26. Output
        27. Input
      3. Node library
        1. Node library
        2. Texture generators
          1. Texture generators
          2. Noises
            1. Noises
            2. 3D Perlin noise
            3. 3D Perlin noise fractal
            4. 3D Ridged noise fractal
            5. 3D Simplex noise
            6. 3D Voronoi
            7. 3D Voronoi fractal
            8. 3D Worley noise
            9. Anisotropic noise
            10. Blue noise fast
            11. BnW spots 1
            12. BnW spots 2
            13. BnW spots 3
            14. Cells 1
            15. Cells 2
            16. Cells 3
            17. Cells 4
            18. Clouds 1
            19. Clouds 2
            20. Clouds 3
            21. Creased
            22. Crystal 1
            23. Crystal 2
            24. Directional noise 1
            25. Directional noise 2
            26. Directional noise 3
            27. Directional noise 4
            28. Directional scratches
            29. Dirt 1
            30. Dirt 2
            31. Dirt 3
            32. Dirt 4
            33. Dirt 5
            34. Dirt gradient
            35. Fluid
            36. Fractal sum 1
            37. Fractal sum 2
            38. Fractal sum 3
            39. Fractal sum 4
            40. Fractal sum base
            41. Fur 1
            42. Fur 2
            43. Fur 3
            44. Gaussian noise
            45. Gaussian spots 1
            46. Gaussian spots 2
            47. Grunge concrete
            48. Grunge Damas
            49. Grunge galvanic large
            50. Grunge galvanic small
            51. Grunge leaks
            52. Grunge leaky paint
            53. Grunge map 001
            54. Grunge map 002
            55. Grunge map 003
            56. Grunge map 004
            57. Grunge map 005
            58. Grunge map 006
            59. Grunge map 007
            60. Grunge map 008
            61. Grunge map 009
            62. Grunge map 010
            63. Grunge map 011
            64. Grunge map 012
            65. Grunge map 013
            66. Grunge map 014
            67. Grunge map 015
            68. Grunge rough dirty
            69. Grunge rust fine
            70. Grunge scratches dirty
            71. Grunge scratches fine
            72. Grunge scratches rough
            73. Grunge shavings
            74. Grunge splashes dusty
            75. Grunge spots
            76. Grunge spots dirty
            77. Liquid
            78. Messy fibers 1
            79. Messy fibers 2
            80. Messy fibers 3
            81. Microscope view
            82. Moisture noise
            83. Perlin noise
            84. Plasma
            85. Caustics
            86. Voronoi
            87. Voronoi fractal
            88. Waveform 1
            89. White noise
            90. White noise fast
          3. Patterns
            1. Patterns
            2. 3D linear gradient
            3. 3D volume mask
            4. Alveolus
            5. Arc pavement
            6. Brick 1
            7. Brick 2
            8. Brick generator
            9. Checker 1
            10. Cube 3D
            11. Cube 3D GBuffers
            12. Fibers 1
            13. Fibers 2
            14. Gaussian 1
            15. Gaussian 2
            16. Gradient axial
            17. Gradient axial reflected
            18. Gradient circular
            19. Gradient linear 1
            20. Gradient linear 2
            21. Gradient linear 3
            22. Gradient radial
            23. Height extrude
            24. Mesh 1
            25. Mesh 2
            26. Panorama shape
            27. Polygon 1
            28. Polygon 2
            29. Scratches generator
            30. Shape
            31. Shape extrude
            32. Shape mapper
            33. Shape splatter
            34. Shape splatter blend
            35. Shape splatter data extract
            36. Shape splatter to mask
            37. Splatter
            38. Splatter circular
            39. Star
            40. Starburst
            41. Stripes
            42. Tile generator
            43. Tile random
            44. Tile random 2
            45. Tile sampler
            46. Triangle grid
            47. Weave 1
            48. Weave 2
            49. Weave generator
        3. Filters
          1. Filters
          2. Adjustments
            1. Adjustments
            2. Auto levels
            3. Channel mixer
            4. Chrominance extract
            5. Clamp
            6. Color match
            7. Color to mask
            8. Contrast/Luminosity
            9. Convert to linear
            10. Convert to sRGB
            11. Grayscale conversion advanced
            12. Hald CLUT
            13. HDR range viewer
            14. Height map frequencies mapper
            15. Highpass
            16. Histogram range
            17. Histogram scan
            18. Histogram scan non-uniform
            19. Histogram select
            20. Histogram shift
            21. Invert
            22. Lighting cancel high frequencies
            23. Lighting cancel low frequencies
            24. Luminance highpass
            25. Min max
            26. Pow
            27. Quantize
            28. Replace color
            29. Replace color range
            30. Threshold
          3. Blending
            1. Blending
            2. Color (Blend node)
            3. Color burn
            4. Color dodge
            5. Difference
            6. Dissolve
            7. Linear burn
            8. Luminosity (Blend node)
            9. Multi switch
            10. Switch
          4. Blurs
            1. Blurs
            2. Anisotropic blur
            3. Blur HQ
            4. Non uniform blur
            5. Radial blur
            6. Slope blur
          5. Channels
            1. Channels
            2. RGBA merge
            3. RGBA split
            4. Alpha merge
            5. Alpha split
            6. Pre-multiplied to straight
            7. Straight to pre-multiplied
          6. Effects
            1. Effects
            2. 3D texture position
            3. 3D texture SDF
            4. 3D texture surface render
            5. 3D texture volume render
            6. Ambient occlusion (HBAO)
            7. Ambient occlusion (RTAO)
            8. Bevel
            9. Cross section
            10. Curvature
            11. Curvature smooth
            12. Curvature sobel
            13. Diffusion color
            14. Diffusion grayscale
            15. Diffusion UV
            16. Edge detect
            17. Emboss with gloss
            18. Extend shape
            19. Flood fill
            20. Flood fill mapper
            21. Flood fill to Bbox size
            22. Flood Fill to gradient
            23. Flood Fill to grayscale/color
            24. Flood Fill to index
            25. Flood Fill to position
            26. Flood Fill to random color
            27. Flood Fill to random grayscale
            28. FXAA
            29. Glow
            30. Mosaic
            31. Multi directional warp
            32. Non uniform directional warp
            33. Reaction diffusion fast
            34. RT irradiance
            35. RT shadow
            36. Shadows
            37. Shape drop shadow
            38. Shape glow
            39. Shape stroke
            40. Summed area table
            41. Swirl
            42. Uber emboss
            43. Vector morph
            44. Vector warp
          7. Normal map
            1. Normal Map
            2. Bent Normal
            3. Facing Normal
            4. Height Normal Blender
            5. Height to Normal World Units
            6. Normal Blend
            7. Normal Combine
            8. Normal Invert
            9. Normal Normalize
            10. Normal Sobel
            11. Normal to Height
            12. Normal To Height HQ
            13. Normal Transform
            14. Normal Vector Rotation
          8. Tiling
            1. Tiling
            2. Make It Tile Patch
            3. Make It Tile Photo
          9. Transforms
            1. Transforms
            2. 3D Texture Offset
            3. Auto Crop
            4. Cartesian To Polar
            5. Clone (Filter Node)
            6. Mirror (Filter Node)
            7. Noise Upscale 1
            8. Noise Upscale 2
            9. Noise Upscale 3
            10. Non-Square Transform
            11. Non-Uniform Rotation
            12. Polar to Cartesian
            13. Quad Transform
            14. Safe Transform
            15. Skew
            16. Symmetry
            17. Symmetry Slice
            18. Trapezoid Transform
        4. Material filters
          1. Material filters
          2. 1-click
            1. 1-Click
            2. Bitmap to Material Light
          3. Effects (Material)
            1. Effects (Material)
            2. Height Blend
            3. Material Height Blend
            4. Season Filter
            5. Snow Cover
            6. Water Level
          4. Transforms (Material)
            1. Transforms (Material)
            2. Material Transform
          5. Blending (Material)
            1. Blending (Material)
            2. Material Adjustment Blend
            3. Material Blend
            4. Material Color Blend
            5. Material Switch
            6. Multi-Material Blend
          6. PBR utilities
            1. PBR Utilities
            2. BaseColor / Metallic / Roughness converter
            3. Base Material
            4. PBR Albedo Safe Color
            5. PBR BaseColor / Metallic Validate
            6. PBR Dielectric F0
            7. PBR Metal Reflectance
            8. PBR Render
            9. PBR Render Mapping
          7. Scan processing
            1. Scan Processing
            2. AO Cancellation
            3. Atlas Scatter
            4. Atlas Splitter
            5. Clone Patch
            6. Color Equalizer
            7. Crop
            8. Material Clone Patch
            9. Material Crop
            10. Multi-Angle to Albedo
            11. Multi-Angle to Normal
            12. Multi Clone Patch
            13. Multi Color Equalizer
            14. Multi Crop
            15. Smart Auto Tile
        5. Mesh-based generators
          1. Mesh-based generators
          2. Mask generators
            1. Mask Generators
            2. Bottom To Top
            3. Cloth Wear
            4. Dirt
            5. Dripping Rust
            6. Dust
            7. Edge Blur
            8. Edge Damages
            9. Edge Dirt
            10. Edge Notch
            11. Edge Select
            12. Edge Speckle
            13. Edge Wear
            14. Fiber Glass Edge Wear
            15. Grease
            16. Ground Dirt
            17. Leaks
            18. Leather Wear
            19. Light
            20. Mask Builder
            21. Metal Edge Wear
            22. Paint Wear
            23. Selective Dirt
            24. Sun Bleach
            25. Surface Brush
          3. Weathering
            1. Weathering
            2. Cracks Weathering
            3. Fabric Weathering
            4. Leather Weathering
            5. Metal Weathering
            6. Moss Weathering
            7. Rock Weathering
            8. Rust Weathering
          4. Utilities (Mesh-based generators)
            1. Utilities (Mesh Based Generators)
            2. 3D Planar Projection
            3. Material Mesh Data Blender
            4. Material Selector
            5. Mesh Data Combiner
            6. Tri Planar
        6. Spline & Path tools
          1. Spline & Path tools
          2. Working with Path & Spline tools
          3. Path tools
            1. Path Tools
            2. Paths Format Specifications
            3. Paths 2D Transform
            4. Mask to Paths
            5. Paths to Spline
            6. Paths Polygon
            7. Preview Paths
            8. Paths Warp
            9. Quad Transform on Path
            10. Paths Select
            11. Paths Vertex Processor
            12. Paths Vertex Processor Simple
          4. Spline tools
            1. Spline Tools
            2. Paths to Spline
            3. Point List
            4. Scatter on Spline Color
            5. Scatter on Spline Grayscale
            6. Spline 2D Transform
            7. Spline (Cubic)
            8. Spline (Poly Quadratic)
            9. Spline Append
            10. Spline Bridge (2 Splines)
            11. Spline Bridge (List)
            12. Spline Bridge Mapper Color
            13. Spline Bridge Mapper Grayscale
            14. Spline Circle
            15. Spline Fill
            16. Spline Flow Mapper
            17. Spline Mapper Color
            18. Spline Mapper Grayscale
            19. Spline Merge List
            20. Spline Render
            21. Spline Sample Height
            22. Spline Sample Thickness
            23. Spline Select
            24. Spline Warp
            25. UV Mapper Color
            26. UV Mapper Grayscale
        7. 3D view (Library)
          1. 3D view (Library)
          2. HDRI tools
            1. HDRI Tools
            2. Blackbody
            3. Color Temperature Adjustment
            4. Exposure
            5. Exposure Preview
            6. HDR Merge
            7. Nadir Extract
            8. Nadir Patch
            9. Panorama 3D Position
            10. Panorama Rotation
            11. Gradient 2 Points
            12. Gradient Linear (HDRI)
            13. Line Light
            14. Physical Sun/Sky
            15. Plane Light
            16. Shape Light
            17. Sphere Light
            18. Straighten Horizon
  8. Substance function graphs
    1. Substance function graphs
    2. What is a Substance function graph?
    3. Create and edit a Substance function graph
    4. The Substance function graph
    5. Variables
      1. Variables
      2. Built-in variables
      3. Get a variable value
      4. Create a variable
    6. FX-maps
      1. FX-Maps
      2. How it works
      3. The Iterate node
      4. The Quadrant node
      5. Using Substance function graphs in FX-Maps
        1. Using Substance function graphs
          in FX-Maps
        2. Iterate and $number variable
        3. Using the Sampler nodes
        4. Using the Set/Sequence nodes
    7. Warnings in Substance function graphs
    8. Sample Substance function graphs
    9. Nodes reference for Substance function graphs
      1. Nodes reference for Substance function graphs
      2. Function nodes overview
      3. Constant nodes
      4. Vector and Swizzle nodes
      5. Get nodes
      6. Sampler nodes
      7. Cast nodes
      8. Operator nodes
      9. Logical nodes
      10. Comparison nodes
      11. Function nodes
      12. Control nodes
  9. MDL graphs
    1. MDL graphs
    2. Main MDL graph concepts
    3. Creating an MDL graph
    4. MDL library
    5. Exposing parameters in MDL graphs
    6. Substance graphs and MDL materials
    7. Exporting MDL content
    8. Warnings in MDL graphs
    9. MDL learning resources
  10. Bakers
    1. Bakers
    2. Bakers legacy interface
  11. Best practices
    1. Best practices
    2. Filesize reduction guidelines
    3. Graph creation etiquette
    4. Performance optimization guidelines
  12. Pipeline and project configuration
    1. Pipeline and project configuration
    2. Project configuration files - SBSPRJ
    3. Configuration list - SBSCFG
    4. User preferences - Automating setup
    5. Retrieving the installation path
    6. Environment variables
  13. Color management
    1. Color management
    2. Spot colors (Pantone)
  14. Package metadata
  15. Scripting
    1. Scripting
    2. Plugin basics
    3. Plugin search paths
    4. Plugins packages
    5. Plugin manager
    6. Python editor
    7. Accessing graphs and selections
    8. Nodes and properties
    9. Undo and redo
    10. Application callbacks
    11. Creating user interface elements
    12. Adding actions to the Explorer toolbar
    13. Using color management
    14. Using spot colors
    15. Logging
    16. Using threads
    17. Debugging plugins using Visual Studio Code
    18. Porting previous plugins
    19. Packaging plugins
    20. Scripting API reference
  16. Technical issues
    1. Technical issues
    2. Warnings and errors
    3. Cannot create/load a project
    4. Application does not start
    5. Crash when rendering graphs
    6. Parameters not working as expected
    7. Incorrect image output
    8. 3D View issues
    9. User interface issues
    10. Python issues
    11. Substance model graph feature is missing
  17. Release notes
    1. Release notes
    2. All changes
    3. Version 13.1
    4. Version 13.0
    5. Version 12.4
    6. Version 12.3
    7. Version 12.2
    8. Version 12.1
    9. Version 11.3
    10. Version 11.2
    11. Version 2021.1 (11.1)
    12. Old versions
      1. Old versions
      2. Version 2020.2 (10.2)
      3. Version 2020.1 (10.1)
      4. Version 2019.3 (9.3)
      5. Version 2019.2 (9.2)
      6. Version 2019.1 (9.1)

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5.1.1    5.1.0


5.0.3    5.0.2    5.0.1    5.0.0

Version 13


(Released February 8th, 2023)


  • [AxF] Add boolean properties hasClearCoat, hasSheen etc.
  • [AxF] Add some missing properties
  • [AxF] Allow importing EP-SVBRDF
  • [AxF] Rename properties "anisotropic", "fresnel" and "fresnel variant"
  • [AxF] Update to AxF-Editing 1.0.0
  • [Graph] Paste on mouse position if position inside Graph View
  • [UX] Increase height of Frame and Comment's 'Description' text field
  • [UX] Set focus on text edition fields when creating Frames, Comments or Pins


  • [AxF] 'Specular Color' map values are incorrect when exported
  • [AxF] Preview and textures are not displayed correctly in 'Import AxF' dialog
  • [AxF] Property 'CC No Refraction' is not injected correctly in 'AxF to AxF' template
  • [Content] 'Flood Fill to Position' is absent from the Library
  • [Content] 'Splatter Circular': Negative 'Pattern Amount' values result in very long and intensive computations
  • [Content] 'Spline Merge List': Incorrect input order
  • [Dependencies] Dependency is remapped to its copy after being saved as a copy
  • [Frames] 'Enable HTML markup' button is not toggled when undoing its use
  • [Frames] Marquee-selecting a frame and its content leads to entire frame contents being moved while auto-expanding
  • [Graph] Comments duplicated from parented comments are always placed at graph origin
  • [Graph] Line breaking in Comment is harsher on creation
  • [Publish] Set default path for SBSAR publishing to "My Documents" folder
  • [SBSAR] Redoing SBSAR load makes it editable and its data can be lost


(Released December 12th, 2023)


  • [Frames] Auto Expand
  • [Frames] Change rules to define when an object belongs to a frame
  • [Frames] Disable text scaling for frames description
  • [Frames] Fit size to content
  • [Frames] New default, hover and selected states
  • [Frames] Snap to Large Grid
  • [Frames] Support HTML code for Frames description
  • [Frames] Update interaction zones
  • [Frames] Update visual aspect
  • [Graph] Create the node at the middle of the visible link instead of middle of the link
  • [Graph] Display properties of an item if it is the only one item with properties available in a selection
  • [Graph] Remove "Scaling" option for comments in the graph
  • [Graph] Snap nodes on the main grid when doing copy/paste
  • [UX] Allow fuzzy search in Node menu and Library search
  • [UX] Make the Node menu list loop
  • [AxF] Support AxF export
  • [AxF] Disable AxF on Linux
  • [API] Set the 'Visible if' property of graph parameters, inputs and outputs using the Python API
  • [API] Set the order of graph I/O using the Python API
  • [Dependencies] Update Boost to 1.80.0
  • [Dependencies] Update OpenSubdiv to 3.5.x
  • [Dependencies] Update gcc to 11.2.1 - Iray/MDL C++20 issue
  • [Dependencies] Update FBX SDK to 2020.3
  • [Dependencies] Update NGL to
  • [Color management] Add support for OCIO ICC displays
  • [Levels] Add a way to reset the histogram
  • [Python] Warn users if QtForPython cannot be imported
  • [2D view] Save the state of the view options
  • [3D View] Add Position technique to the mesh info shader
  • [Export] Add a 'Save settings' button to save changes to export options


  • [3D View] Cannot assign a texture to an input of type texture_2d of a MDL Material
  • [AxF] Graph identifiers in templates list can be blank
  • [AxF] Substance graph template field is blank by default
  • [Content] Atlas Scatter: incorrect behavior in specific cases
  • [Content] Flood Fill Mapper: blank output when all shapes have same Bbox size
  • [Content] FloodFill to Position: Imprecision artefacts in some situations
  • [Content] Incorrect 'Specular' output in 'BaseColor/Metallic/Roughness converter' node
  • [Content] Mask to Path doesn't work in non square vertical
  • [Content] Missing description for Input value, Input Grayscale, Input Color and Output nodes
  • [Content] Missing description for Set and Sequence nodes
  • [Content] Shape Splatter: Imprecision artefacts in 'Splatter data 2' output
  • [Engine] Booleans in Value Processors always evaluate to 'False' (Apple Silicon only)
  • [Explorer] Order of toolbar buttons is inconsistent between OS
  • [Frames] Do not grab nodes when moving a frame with CTRL modifier
  • [Gradient Map] reset all option should also reset the gradient widget
  • [GraphRender] Some nodes are rendered black when tweaking in preview mode
  • [Graph] 'Input value' preview is stuck to 'False' when tweaking default boolean value (Apple Silicon only)
  • [Graph] Dot nodes close to Frame edge are not moved by the Frame
  • [Interoperability] Resend icon is not updated after sending to Substance 3D Stager
  • [MDL] Impossible to change Roughness in nodes where this param is available
  • [MDL] Invalid connections in 'AxF to Metallic Roughness' template
  • [UI] 'Export outputs' window can be minimised (Windows only)
  • [UI] Images appear pixelated in About screen when using display scaling
  • [UI] Node align tools in graph toolbar create multiple undo steps


(Released July 27th, 2023)


  • [Function graph] Add $getPhysicalSize system variable
  • [Home Screen] Support opening SBS files by drag and drop
  • [Content] Spline Mapper/Spline Flow Mapper : Add 'Non-Square Correction' parameter


  • [Home Screen] Do not display Home Screen when a file is sent from another software
  • [Home Screen] Wrong status for Designer icon in the Windows toolbar
  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: Description is incorrect
  • [Content] Incorrect reference value in 'Linear to sRGB (luminance)' function 
  • [Content] Numbers display tool does not support non-square resolutions
  • [Content] Point List: 'Point number' parameter has incorrect minimum value
  • [Content] Shape Drop Shadow: Shadow can disappear when tiling is disabled
  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic): Incorrect preview tangents and thickness in non-corrected non-square resolutions
  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic): Points labels are not hidden when using connect start/end options
  • [Content] Spline Bridge (List): 'Non-Square Correction' parameter has no effect
  • [Content] Spline Cubic: Non-Square Correction parameter has no effect on Preview output
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: Incorrect render when the spline has a very small thickness
  • [Content] Spline nodes: Inverted alpha sign description in Spline Coords tooltip
  • [Content] Spline nodes: 'Non-Square Correction' parameter has no effect on Preview output
  • [Content] Spline Render: Output format is absolute 32F
  • [Content] Spline Render: Output is clamped in [0, 1] range
  • [Content] Spline Sample Thickness: Spline can be subtracted into negative values
  • [Content] Spline Select: Splines are closed with a single segment by default
  • [Crash][Cooker] Crash when loading specific graphs
  • [Crash][UI] Crash when enabling menus after loading package from Home Screen
  • [API] 'User documentation' link in scripting reference is outdated
  • [Properties] Value processor function can't be opened on a locked graph
  • [Publish] Cannot publish packages containing MDL graphs
  • [UI] 'Manage My Account...' option is disabled in Help menu
  • [UI] Missing entries in Help menu when opening Designer through a file


(Released June 27th, 2023)


  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic), Point List: add name of points in the Preview output
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: add a parameter to offset the cylinder profile center
  • [DotNode] Sort the list of input portals alphabetically


  • [Content] Incorrect result in several Spline nodes when using uniform distribution
  • [Content] Minor errors in Spline & Path nodes' tooltips
  • [Content] Quad Transform on Path: p01 and p10 default values are switched
  • [Content] Quad Transform: result is incorrect in a specific situation
  • [Content] Spline Circle: 'Flip direction' result is incorrect when not using Uniform distribution
  • [Content] Spline Circle: tangents are incorrect when adjusting the spiral and size parameters
  • [Content] Spline Flow Mapper: black streaks in result when using high spiral power in Spline Circle
  • [Content] Spline Mapper / UV Mapper: background Color does not work
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: base height is 0, resulting in clipping
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: spline height is modified by input multiplier even when that input is not connected
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: splines extremities meeting an image edge are not mapped
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: UV Scale Y has no effect when using non-Plane shape
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: Z-fighting when rendering overlapping splines of same height
  • [Content] Spline Poly Quadratic: 'Flip direction' result is incorrect when not using Uniform distribution
  • [Content] Spline Render: joints are not handled consistently across Spline Style options
  • [Content] Spline Render: last segment is not drawn
  • [Content] Spline Render: non-square correction is not applied correctly
  • [Content] UV Mapper color appears twice in Library
  • [DotNode] Connection snapping area is not updated after disabling text scaling limit
  • [DotNode] Creation via contextual menu is broken
  • [DotNode] Input portal name position is not adjusted after undoing/redoing a name change
  • [GraphRender] Too many invalidations when modifying a function graph
  • [Graph] Transformation widget position is not visually updated correctly
  • [Localization] 'Soft range' and 'Hard range' are not localized in MDL graphs
  • [Parameters] Consecutive text changes are not logged in history stack
  • [Parameters] Hitbox for moving graph input parameters in the list is unreliable
  • [Properties] Simple click is considered as double on spin-box widget on heavy projects
  • [Publish] Order of resources in package is not preserved in published asset


(Released June 6th, 2023)


  • [Graph] Portal node
  • [Onboarding] New Home Screen
  • [Content] Spline (Cubic) node
  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic) node
  • [Content] Spline Circle node
  • [Content] Point List node
  • [Content] Spline Bridge (2 splines) node
  • [Content] Spline Bridge (List) node
  • [Content] Spline Append node
  • [Content] Spline Select node
  • [Content] Spline Merge List node
  • [Content] Spline 2D Transform node
  • [Content] Spline Warp node
  • [Content] Spline Sample Height node
  • [Content] Spline Sample Thickness node
  • [Content] Spline Render node
  • [Content] Scatter on Spline Color node
  • [Content] Scatter on Spline Grayscale node
  • [Content] Spline Mapper Color node
  • [Content] Spline Mapper Grayscale node
  • [Content] Spline Bridge Mapper Color node
  • [Content] Spline Bridge Mapper Grayscale node
  • [Content] Spline Flow Mapper node
  • [Content] UV Mapper Color node
  • [Content] UV Mapper Grayscale node
  • [Content] Paths to Splines node
  • [Content] Masks to Paths node
  • [Content] Paths 2D Transform nodenode
  • [Content] Paths Polygon node
  • [Content] Preview Paths node
  • [Content] Paths Warp node
  • [Content] Paths Select node
  • [Content] Paths Vertex Processor node
  • [Content] Paths Vertex Processor Simple node
  • [Content] Quad Transform on Path node
  • [Content] Raytraced Ambient Occlusion v2
  • [Content] Raytraced Bent Normal v2
  • [Content] Raytraced Shadows v2
  • [Engine] Update to version 9
  • [Engine] Loop node in function graphs
  • [Engine] Add solid mode to Gradient
  • [Engine] Atomic pow() node in Function Graph
  • [Engine] Add border wrapping options (clamp to edge / repeat) in Sampler node
  • [Engine] Nearest sampling in Warp and Directional Warp node
  • [Engine] Add a "punchthrough alpha" mode to the Sharpen filter for color inputs
  • [Engine] FxMap: Hemisphere morphlet
  • [Engine] Atomic Get/Set operations in function graphs
  • [Engine] Functions: use precise function of log/log2/exp, 2pow - Unify functions between cooker and engine
  • [Engine] Add an "intensity offset" parameter to the Directional Warp filter
  • [API] Support preset management for compositing graphs
  • [Functions] Change input name for functions atomic nodes
  • [Localization] Add Portuguese (Brazil), Italian (Italy) and Spanish (Spain) languages
  • [Localization] Respect rule "Language (Country)" in the list of languages
  • [Presets] Disable 'Preview' and 'Presets' panels in graph properties when using in-context editing
  • [Substance models graph] End of support of Substance models graphs


  • [3D View] Display of long strings in scene statistics is cut off (macOS only)
  • [API] 'structure::Structure' module is still included in the API reference
  • [API] Dot nodes in MDL graphs have no definition nor properties
  • [API] Incorrect behavior when setting the parameter of function nodes
  • [Content] 3D Voronoi and 3D Voronoi Fractal nodes generate a cooking warning
  • [Engine] 'Intensity Map Offset' parameter has no effect on grayscale data in SSE2 engine
  • [Explorer] Graph i/o can be deleted
  • [Graph] Bitmap is ignored when used in instances
  • [Graph] Incorrect dot node position when created node from a node
  • [Graph] Incorrect focus in 'Expose parameter' dialog when using 'Enter' key
  • [Graph] Wrong result in histogram scan with bitmap in context editing
  • [Localization] Fix various clipping issues
  • [Parameters] Crash when deleting an input parameter
  • [Publish] Graphs in folders are moved to root in published package
  • [Resources] Crash when updating a loaded resource on disk
  • [VisibleIf] Fix regression in conditional visibility evaluation 

Version 12


(Released: March 30, 2023)


  • [Cooker][Graph] Take in account EXIF transformation tags in JPEG file
  • [Security] Upgrade to USD 23.02
  • [Security] Remove the support of file format import Collada (.dae)
  • [Substance models] Warning about the end of life of Substance model graphs in the next major version


  • [3D View][ASM] Coating roughness artefact when using a CoatNormal
  • [Content] 'Gradient Filled Cells' parameter of Alveolus node is inverted
  • [Content] Input Number of Multi-Switch nodes is not clamped
  • [Content] Cooking warning in Scratches Generator Normal node
  • [Data] Crash when loading package manually after undoing its previous load
  • [Data] Crash when quickly undoing a multiple graph operations up to the package load


(Released: January 31, 2023)


  • [3D View] Add all options in Display menu as toolbar buttons
  • [API] Allow adding actions to graph view toolbars
  • [API] Allow to create/edit/evaluate a Substance model graph from the API
  • [Color management] Improve quality of baked 3D LUTs in ACE mode
  • [Documentation] Sample projects for Substance compositing graphs
  • [Documentation] Sample project for function graphs
  • [Explorer] Allow moving Graph and Resources from one parent to another without closing or invalidating widgets
  • [Gradient Editor] Select clicked pin when displaying the gradient editor
  • [Graph] Add option in a node's contextual menu to select all its children
  • [Graph] Clean graph tool to detect and remove unused nodes in all graphs types and property graphs
  • [Graph] Transform image input to color/greyscale
  • [Parameters] Add a lock on integer2 widgets
  • [Parameters] Allow to type basic formulas as a parameter
  • [Substance model] Toggle to switch between values and icons for value nodes
  • [UI] Button to generate a random value when a random seed is required
  • [UI] Focused item is not highlighted in Scene browser
  • [UX] Reset slider ranges when their value is reset


  • [API] SDProperty.getDefaultValue() almost always returns None
  • [3D View] 'DirectX Normal' property value is not shared across renderers
  • [3D View] Scene statistics display is stretched when viewport is small
  • [3D View] Wireframe display property is not saved
  • [Content] Radial Blur Color parameters have no effect on the alpha channel
  • [Localization] Additional sliders and buttons are displayed in Enviroment OpenGL Properties.
  • [MDL][Substance model] Crash when deleting exposed nodes
  • [Preferences] Default_config file is never recreated if deleted
  • [Substance model] Crash reordering parameter that doesn't appears at instance level


(Released: November 24, 2022)


  • [3DView] Optimized rendering for scenes with many materials
  • [3DView] View a Substance model graph's outputs when dropping it from Explorer
  • [License] Clean legacy system for Linux users
  • [Onboarding] Update background transparency
  • [Substance models] Display warning in Graph View when input and output share the same identifier


  • [3D Assets] 'Help > Substance 3D assets' mistakenly targets Creative Cloud Desktop on Linux
  • [3D View] Materials are not built when mesh is loaded
  • [3D View] Materials list opens when dropping Substance model graph in viewport
  • [Explorer] Cannot delete selection with keyboard if a Substance model graph is included
  • [Explorer] Crash when opening the contextual menu of a mesh resource's material item on Mac
  • [Graph] Instances whose Input images depends on Values generates wrong result in subsequent nodes
  • [Graph] Wrong result when using chain of subgraphs with contextual graph editing enabled
  • [MDL] Crash when loading MDL graph referencing a compositing graph with outdated outputs
  • [MDL] Texture 2D node does not work anymore
  • [Onboarding] Cropped and unlocalized texts
  • [Onboarding] Panels are not correctly displayed when launching the app via opening a file
  • [Preferences] Image cache ignores the temporary files location set by the user
  • [Properties] Tweak performed in preview/preset panels are merged in undo stack
  • [Shortcut] Shortcut assigned on deprecated nodes create conflicts and can't be cleaned
  • [Substance models] Crash when closing a package after performing specific actions
  • [Substance models] Instance nodes and links from relocated packages are not refreshed correctly
  • [Substance models] Undoing deletion of subgraphs does not refresh instance nodes and links consistently
  • [Substance models] Value suddenly increases too fast on transform node
  • [UI] "Visible if" property warning icons does not have a tooltip
  • [UI] Image information text is too dark in 2D View's viewport
  • [Undo] Moving a position widget in preview mode stores all intermediate values


(Released: October 06, 2022)


  • [General] Onboarding panel to welcome new users
  • [General] What's new panel to improve new features discoverability
  • [Substance model] Support of sub graphs and instances
  • [Substance model] Support Visible If for exposed parameters
  • [Substance model] Add support of Output nodes
  • [Substance model] Curve offset node
  • [Substance model] Curve revert node
  • [Substance model] Curve smoothing node
  • [Substance model] Curve subdivide node
  • [Substance model] Graft node
  • [Substance model] Update "Filter Scene" node
  • [Substance model] Make non-atomic nodes discoverable in Node menu
  • [Substance model] Add the action "Open Reference" in the contextual menu of an instance node
  • [Substance model] Add a "View in 3DView" action in the contextual menu of nodes that can be sent to the 3DView
  • [Substance model] Automatically display a node's properties after exposing it
  • [Substance model] Create 'New Substance model graph' window with templates list
  • [UI] Improve consistency of image saving options in 2D View and 3D View
  • [UI] Rename 'Link > 3D Mesh' to 'Link > 3D Scene' in Explorer's contextual menu
  • [UI] Reset layout now apply to all floating windows
  • [UI] Use 'View outputs in 3D View' label in contextual menus for graphs
  • [Library] Support non-atomic Substance model graphs
  • [SBSAR] Support graph outputs' description in the SBSAR
  • [Shader] Set the default Tessellation Factor value to 1 for all shaders
  • [UI] Expose 2-buttons widget for boolean parameters
  • [Engine] Update to Version 8.6.4
  • [Steam] Optimized build for Apple Silicon chipset (Apple M1 / M2)


  • [UI] Resolve scaling issues for high-DPI screens
  • [UI] '$(udim)' template missing from list in baking window
  • [UI] Crash when displaying the Node menu on the screen's right border (macOS only)
  • [UI] Extension button in 3D view menu is not visible
  • [UI] Graph toolbar's extension menu is incomplete
  • [UI] Incorrect parameter widget value after undoing hard range activation
  • [3D view] Non default shader setting is lost on Iray from a session to another
  • [Bakers] Crash when loading baking window with a scene without meshes
  • [Function] Crash when copying an instance into its referenced graph
  • [Function] Fix possible crash when manipulating nodes
  • [Globalization] Italic is not always correctly disabled in japanese/korean/chinese
  • [Graph] Incorrect fallback identifier for new MDL and Substance model graphs
  • [Graph] Inherited parameters driven by values are sometimes computed incorrectly
  • [GraphRender] Crash when switching engines while computing high resolution graph (macOS only)


(Released: August 04, 2022)


  • [Graph] Wrong results when changing the parent size of the graph
  • [Crash] Crash when computing Substance compositing graph at very high resolution
  • [Crash] Crash when running out of memory while loading package
  • [Crash] Crash when using bracket in exposed parameter's annotations in a Substance model graph
  • [Crash] Improve stability of rendering Substance compositing graphs
  • [Iray] Update to version 2021.1.6


(Released: July 19, 2022)


  • [Apple] Native Apple silicon (M1) support (Creative Cloud version only)
  • [Substance model graph] Display node tooltips in Graph View
  • [Substance model graph] Display node tooltips in Library
  • [Substance model graph] Add a contextual menu entry to preview nodes
  • [Substance model graph] Allow user to create shortcuts for nodes creation
  • [UI] Add "View output in 2D View" option in compositing graph's contextual menu
  • [UI] Split the "Automatic display of outputs" setting into 2D View/3D View specific settings
  • [UI] Add dropdown arrow and tooltip to "View output" button in 2D View toolbar
  • [UI] Reword and reorder items in Explorer's Information panel
  • [Color Management] Add "Linear Adobe RGB (1998)" and "Adobe RGB (1998)" export color spaces for Adobe ACE
  • [Color Management] Add "Linear Adobe RGB (1998)" working color space for Adobe ACE
  • [Color management] Add suport for OCIO ICC displays
  • [Color Management] Hide Adobe RGB working color space from ACE preferences
  • [Color management] Improve quality of baked 3D LUTs in ACE mode
  • [Color Management] Use new GPU backend in 3D viewer
  • [Localization] Full update of Korean language
  • [Engine] Update to version 8.6.0
  • [Graph] Assign a default graph identifier when that property is left blank
  • [Library] Disable tooltip hyperlinks for non-instance nodes
  • [NewProject] Update default resolution
  • [Templates] Add CLO template
  • [API] Expose the defaultParentSize property for SDSBSCompGraph objects
  • [Dependencies] Update Alembic to version 1.8.3
  • [Dependencies] Update AXF to version 1.9.0
  • [Dependencies] Update Boost to version 1.76
  • [Dependencies] Update FBX to version 2020.2.1
  • [Dependencies] Update IRay to version 2021.1.0
  • [Dependencies] Update OpenColorIO to version 2.1.1
  • [Dependencies] Update OpenEXR to version 3.1.5
  • [Dependencies] Update TBB to version 2020.3
  • [Dependencies] Update USD to version 0.22.3
  • [Remove] Disable the post effects feature (Yebis)
  • [Remove] Remove "Save render to Artstation" command from the 3D View menu


  • [Substance models] Hard range set on exposed parameter is saved when unexposing
  • [Substance models] Identifier is not user friendly on constant nodes
  • [Substance models] Improve search based on node compatibility
  • [UI] 'New' submenu order is incorrect for Folder resources
  • [UI] Default size of main window is very small
  • [UI] Toolbars are not affected by 'Reset layout' option
  • [UI] Visible transparency grid on font resource icon in Explorer
  • [Cooker] Compositing graphs instanced in MDL graph are always entirely recooked
  • [Graph] Crash when pasting a node copied from a graph with blank identifier
  • [MDL] Crash when closing a specific MDL graph
  • [Performances] Application is unresponsive when loading very large packages
  • [Resources] 3D Scene resource can be imported in a specific case


(Released: June 07, 2022)


  • [Content] "bluenoise_256" resource has a defined "colorspace" attribute in some nodes
  • [Content] "Get size" nodes do not appear in Library and grayscale version is mislabeled
  • [Content] "Random Color Seed" parameter in 2D Voronoi nodes has no effect
  • [SBSRender] Exporting a graph to EXR do not generate the same bpc as Designer
  • [Substance models] "Gamma type" should not appear in exposed parameter's properties
  • [Substance models] Crash when using bracket in exposed parameter's annotations


(Released: April 26, 2022)


  • [Main] New Content for material graphs
  • [Main] Send Materials to Stager
  • [Main] Support of USD files
  • [Main] Improve the error reporting in the UI
  • [Main] Scene Management nodes for model graphs
  • [Content] Add more options to 3D Perlin Noises (tiling, absolute...)
  • [Content] New 3D Ridged Noise Fractal node
  • [Content] New 3D Texture Offset node
  • [Content] New 3D Texture Position node
  • [Content] New 3D Texture Render Surface node
  • [Content] New 3D Texture Render Volume node
  • [Content] New 3D Texture Signed Distance Field node
  • [Content] New Auto Crop node
  • [Content] New Easing functions
  • [Content] New Extend Shape nodes
  • [Content] New Grunge Maps
  • [Content] New Non-Uniform Rotation node
  • [Content] New Summed Area Table filter
  • [Content] New Tile Random 2 generator
  • [Content] New Triangle Grid pattern generator
  • [Content] New version of the Quantize Grayscale node
  • [Content] New Voronoi and Voronoi Fractal Noises (2D/3D)
  • [Content] Threshold: add 'Lower' and 'Lower and equal' comparison mode
  • [Content][3D View] Add a mesh fit for displaying fabrics to the shipped resources
  • [Substance models] New Expand Group Instances node
  • [Substance models] New Fuse node
  • [Substance models] New Rename node
  • [Substance models] New Reparent node
  • [Substance models] New Set Pivot node
  • [Substance models] Update to SDK 1.6.0
  • [UI] Improve Node menu behavior when misclicking
  • [UI] Open subgraphs in the same tab even if pinned
  • [UI] Remove Pin button from Explorer panel's title bar
  • [UI] Save "Do not display again" option on Welcome screen across versions
  • [ThirdParty] Upgrade Qt (and QtForPython) to 5.15.8
  • [ThirdParty] Upgrade Python to 3.9.9
  • [ThirdParty] Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1m
  • [3D View] Display the Grid unit in the viewport when the "Axis" helper is enabled
  • [Automation] Provide sbsbaker command line tool with Designer
  • [Color Management] Implement new GPU backend for Adobe ACE
  • [Cooker] Add an option to cook a package without a timestamp
  • [Graph] Add badges in the FxMap graph
  • [Library] Add new filter for Easings functions
  • [Player] USD support
  • [Properties] Add a warning error on the "PKG Resource Path" parameter of a Bitmap node when the resource is not found
  • [Substance Engine] Upgrade to 8.4.1
  • [Yebis] Warn the user that Yebis post effects will be removed in the next version
  • [Documentation] New "Warnings and errors" page
  • [Documentation] New page describing inheritance in Substance compositing graphs
  • [Documentation] Update 'Iray' section
  • [Documentation] Update 'MDL graphs' section


  • [UI] Clipping issues in templates tooltips in the new graph window
  • [UI] Hard to read white text in nodes when using Dark Mode in macOS
  • [UI] Layout issue in some dialog boxes
  • [UI] Warning message is appearing truncated while creating Substance function graph in Explorer.
  • [UX] Color picker is moving downward on each new opening
  • [UX] Gradient editor window moves up each time it is spawned
  • [UX] Graph properties are not automatically displayed for loaded packages
  • [Content] Flood Fill Mapper: Incorrect input selection in a specific case
  • [Content] Flood Fill: Text bleed in boolean parameters' buttons
  • [Content] Incorrect range for Multi-Angle to Normal node's First Sample Light Angle parameter
  • [Substance models] Properties of node shows identifier instead of label
  • [Substance models][3D view] Refresh problem when reopening a project
  • [Substance models][3Dview] Refresh issue when using wireframe preview
  • [Parameters] Crash when deleting graph inputs in quick succession in a specific case
  • [Parameters] Crash when resetting an instance parameter while editing its reference description
  • [Bitmap] UDIM detection is not triggered for bitmap files dropped in graph
  • [Graph] Bitmap/SVG nodes are not invalidated when resource is modified on disk after loading the package
  • [GraphRender] Memory leak when Substance graph evaluation get cancelled
  • [Localization] String "Rebake all maps for this resource" is appearing unlocalised
  • [MDL] Exposed parameter initialised to 0 if input is connected to unconnected Dot node
  • [Preferences] Tooltips are displayed even when the cursor is in an empty space
  • [Properties] Undoing a color space value change sets the default value instead in a specific case
  • [Text] Cannot Undo font switch to missing font resource

Version 11


(Released: February 01, 2022)


  • [Substance models] Ranges can be lost in some cases
  • [Substance models][Export] Scale is different depending of the file type
  • [Substance models][Export] Meshes are duplicated


(Released: January 25, 2022)


  • [Documentation] Update 'Iray' section


  • [Substance models] Can't publish package that contains Substance models graphs
  • [Substance models] Impossible to export a model graph in some specific cases
  • [Substance models] Make parameters ranges more coherent
  • [MDL] Crash when exporting MDLE file
  • [MDL] Wrong .mdl file generated when a MDL graph contains Dot nodes connected to Exposed parameters
  • [2D View] Optimize display of painting tools
  • [Content] Inconsistent Output size parameter setup in template's source graphs
  • [Properties] Labels of Soft/Hard ranges are wrong in the Property Panel for MDL and Substance models exposed nodes
  • [Templates] Update default values of inputs in 'Sampler filter' template


(Released: December 13, 2021)


  • [Graph] Add a warning when deleting a graph used in another graph/package


  • [UI] Color editor is too small when using a specific UI layout
  • [UI] Crash when updating the list of recently used templates
  • [UI] Incorrect highlighting in Shortcuts preferences
  • [UI] Main window size is too small after restarting a windowed session (macOS only)
  • [UI] Maximised dock is not minimised on exit (Windows only)
  • [UI] Missing space in 'Level Out High' parameter tooltip[3DView] Axis in 3D view are too small when the scene bounding box is thin
  • [UI] Style issue on some text in Project settings for French language
  • [Substance models] Clamp on exposed parameters are not saved across sessions
  • [Substance models] Shift modifier is still enabled after using node preview shortcut
  • [Substance models] Some deleted nodes remain in the exported SBSM
  • [Substance models] Target nodes of the evaluation accumulate and are not deleted[API] Crash when rendering Curve node which properties were set through API
  • [Bakers] 'Material color' widget is not visible and does not work as expected
  • [Content] PBR Render Node: internal computation not performed at the node's resolution
  • [Function Graph] Messages displaying the expected types are wrong in some cases
  • [Graph] Input relative to input: inherited parameters are incorrect with connected instances
  • [MDL] Substance graph instances are not reliably updated in MDL graphs
  • [Publish] Fail publishing graph that contains circular dependencies
  • [Shortcuts] Shift+Space should not be an assignable keyboard shortcut for nodes
  • [Templates] Output format of custom templates is ignored


(Released: November 24, 2021)


  • [Substance models] Add tooltips for nodes parameters
  • [Substance models] Allow to display in overlay in the 3D viewport the result of an intermediate node
  • [Substance models] Improve how Basis are displayed
  • [Substance models] Preserve the objects' hierarchy when exporting a Substance Model graph to .fbx
  • [Substance models] Support multiple materials in FBX/OBJ export from Substance Model graph
  • [Substance models][Content] Particle node
  • [Substance models][Content] Generative Transform node
  • [Substance models][Content] Organic Pattern node
  • [Substance models][Content] Particles from Instances node
  • [Substance models][Content] Particle Pruning node
  • [Substance models][Content] Lathe node
  • [Substance models][Content] Shell node
  • [Substance models][Content] Projection node
  • [Substance models][Content] Curve Trim node
  • [Substance models][Content] Update Curve Sampler node
  • [Substance models][Content] Update Mesh Sampler node
  • [Substance models][Content] Update Jitter node
  • [UX] Button to maximize current view
  • [UX] Update the New Graph window
  • [UX] Add 'Download Player' option in Tools menu and aggregate with 'Locate Player'
  • [UX] Add 'Close All' entry to the file menu
  • [UX] Apply consistent casing throughout the main menu
  • [UX] Automatically display the properties of duplicated graph items
  • [UX] Add buttons in the graph toolbar to disable constant screen size for Frame titles / Comments / Pins
  • [UX] Buttons to copy versions information to the clipboard in the About dialog
  • [Materials] Inputs relative to inputs
  • [Content] Add 'Tiling' option on 3D Perlin Noises
  • [Content] New Diffusion process node
  • [Content] New PBR Render node version
  • [Interoperability] Receive SBS and SBSAR from Sampler
  • [Interoperability] Send SBSM To Stager
  • [3D View] Add an option to disable backface culling
  • [3D View] Add an option to display Vertex tangent space
  • [Explorer] Highlight graph in the Explorer when double clicking the Graph View's background
  • [Explorer] Remove the 'Explore' option in contextual menus
  • [Bakers] Hide deprecated bakers
  • [Color Management] Add support for OCIO v2 config file rules
  • [Library] Rename categories according to graph types
  • [Preferences] Auto-disable the CPU in Iray hardware preferences if supported CUDA GPU is detected


  • [Substance models] Crash on Mac when using "as sudb" option on .fbx
  • [Substance models] Crash when exporting to SBSM in a specific case
  • [Substance models] Export failure when exporting exposed parameters which widgets were never built
  • [Substance models] Random crash when opening a graph that refers to multiple .fbx files
  • [Substance models] Ranges are not applied dynamically in exposed parameters' widgets
  • [Substance models] Reload mesh option doesn't work on resources used in Substance models graph
  • [Substance models] Scenes are not displayed in an available 3D View in a specific case
  • [UI] Disable area is too large in material options
  • [UI] Style issue in 'Package File not Saved' dialog
  • [UI] Tab key has to be pressed twice to navigate across values
  • [UI] Zooming with mouse drag is inversed between 3D View and other Viewports
  • [UI] Loading an already open SBS using the 'Recent files' list incorrectly triggers a 'Package Not Found' prompt
  • [UI][macOS] Incorrect default interface layout after starting the application
  • [UI] Packages cannot be saved to a drive's root (Windows only)
  • [Graph] 'Automatically display in 2D View' option is inconsistent in a specific case
  • [Graph] 'Open Reference' option is available for SBSAR instance nodes
  • [Graph] Pin properties are only displayed when item is created
  • [Graph] Pin string rules are inconsistently enforced
  • [Graph] Crash when saving an empty graph
  • [3D View] Anisotropy angle is inverted in ASM shader
  • [3D View] ASM Shader: linearization issues with SSS related maps
  • [3D View] Broken OpenGL rendering after closing additional 3D Views in a specific case
  • [3D View] The predefined cameras positions are not correct in the 3D View with some .fbx files
  • [MDL] 'Add Node' from the contextual menu is not working for MDL Graphs
  • [MDL] Bug: Connection of node fails when using float2.x components and alike (SD 11.1.2)
  • [MDL] Crash upon opening file
  • [MDL] Scene units per meter in Iray not set at render session start
  • [MDL] Freezes when tweaking a lerp node in the MDL graph
  • [MDL] Order of parameters in exported MDL code
  • [Explorer] empty resource folder is created after canceling resource creation
  • [Explorer] Only the first element of a package can be moved to the bottom of the list
  • [Content] RT Bent Normal and RT AO triggers node computation in nested graphs
  • [Input Node] Bitmap in Input Nodes is not updated when UDIM change
  • [Iray] Long time is taken when trying to display a Substance models Scene with lots of instances
  • [Preferences] Empty line when cancelling the addition of a project file
  • [Python editor] 'Close' option stays enabled after closing last script and still includes its name æ


(Released: September 28, 2021)


  • [Properties] Add new graph types for Decals, Atlases, Environment lights and Light textures


  • [UI] Incorrect interface layout after starting the application
  • [Stability] Fix crashes when going out of sleep mode on Windows and when plugging/unplugging screens
  • [3D View] Creating a 3D Scene resource from Substance model graph Scene has no effect
  • [Blend] Enum values are missing when exposing blending mode
  • [Export] Scene export of Substance models results in duplicated geometry
  • [MDL] Crash when opening a specific SBS file
  • [Mesh] Crash when linking specific mesh with flawed geometry
  • [Substance models] Export fails when exposed parameter's default value is out of soft range


(Released: July 27, 2021)


  • [Substance model] Update to version 1.0.3
  • [Substance model] Complete and improve the Substance model graphs documentation
  • [Substance model] Display logs in the console
  • [Substance model][ScatterOnCurves] Change default value for spacing
  • [Substance model][ScatterOnCurves] Remove unneeded HalfSpaceOddEven parameter
  • [Substance model][Transform] Update Euler rotation soft range
  • [Publish] Remember settings in the Publish window
  • [Publish] Warn the user when at least one dependency has unsaved changes
  • [Publish] Initialize "File Path" field
  • [Publish] Add visual feedback during publishing
  • [Interoperability] Add "Send to Player" command to the "Send to" menu
  • [Interoperability] Simplify send/resend workflow to Sampler and Painter
  • [API] Add SDApplication.getVersion() to allow retrieve the version of the host application
  • [Explorer] Add an Open action to Substance model graph items
  • [Graph] Disable "View in 3d view" actions for ghost instance nodes


  • [Substance model] Crash when deleting a sequence
  • [Substance model] Basis are not drawn correctly in some cases
  • [Substance model] Fail to export specific projects
  • [Substance model] Material assignment broken when opening a project with Iray enabled
  • [Substance model] Min hard range doesn't work correctly in certain circumstances
  • [Substance model][Primitive] Icosphere first level of subdivision doesn't work
  • [Substance model][RandomFloat] Correctly handle the case where Min >= Max
  • [3D view] Crash when drag and dropping maps
  • [3D View] Exposed strings in MDL materials use color space widget
  • [3D View][Bakers] Parented objects are not handled correctly
  • [3D View] Warning message about the "heightScale" usage name for legacy .glslfx file
  • [Content] Cooking warnings in Height extrude node
  • [Content] RT Irradiance node does not appear in Library
  • [Content] RT Shadows: cooking warning messages in the console
  • [Graph] Crash when opening a file with some disabled nodes
  • [Graph] Dot node doesn't work correctly in MDL Graph when a link is selected
  • [Graph] Graph view is not automatically re-opened after reloading a package
  • [Interoperability] Error dialog when selecting 'Download...' while sending to Player
  • [Interoperability] Resending after deleting all outputs results in API errors
  • [Interoperability] Resending just after closing target application results in API errors
  • [Explorer] [Graph] After reloading a package, the first graph opened is not the first graph of the package
  • [Explorer] New graphs in a package are not placed the same way depending on their type
  • [Explorer] Unable to open a Substance Model graph or a Scene Resource after moving it in the explorer
  • [Explorer] Crash/freeze when moving a Substance model graph into package hierarchy
  • [Library] SBSAR files remain in the temporary files location
  • [Library] XML files remain in the temporary files location
  • [Player] Material has no impact in 3D View when language is set to Japanese
  • [Player] Substance Player download link is outdated
  • [Color widget] Color editor window moves to the top of the screen
  • [IRay] Fix IRay module loading on Windows when app directory contains non ascii chars
  • [Preferences] MDL panel is displayed twice in Project
  • [API] FxMap nodes don't support getPropertyGraph()


(Released: June 23, 2021)


  • [Branding] Substance Designer becomes Adobe Substance 3D Designer
  • [Substance Models] New Substance model graphs to create procedural 3D models
  • [Content] Add new HDR environment maps
  • [Content] New Bent Normal node
  • [Content] New RT Ambient Occlusion node
  • [Content] New RT Caustics node
  • [Content] New RT Caustics node
  • [Content] New RT Irradiance node
  • [Content] New RT Shadows node
  • [Interoperability] Send asset to Painter, will launch Painter and add or update your asset in the library (requires a Adobe Substance 3D plan)
  • [Interoperability] Send asset to Sampler, will launch Sampler and add or update your asset in the library (requires a Adobe Substance 3D plan)
  • [Interoperability] Browse your asset in Adobe Bridge, will launch Bridge at the location of the asset (requires a Adobe Substance 3D plan)
  • [ASM] Support of the new Adobe Standard Material (ASM) in Substance Graph and MDL Graph
  • [ASM] Add ASM templates
  • [ASM] Add OpenGL Shader for ASM
  • [ASM] Set ASM shader as the default Shader
  • [General] Aggregate all temporary files to the user-set temporary directory
  • [General] New 'Save a Copy as' command
  • [General] Update File Menu
  • [General] Update Help Menu
  • [Publish] New publish window
  • [Publish] Add option in the preferences in order to not save the SBS file while publishing a SBSAR file
  • [Properties] Add graph type field to the graph properties
  • [Properties] Reorder properties of graphs in a more relevant way
  • [Branding] New About window
  • [Branding] Update application Style
  • [GLSLFX] Add a label to techniques
  • [GLSLFX] Add the possibility to set the label of a GLSLFX shader
  • [Metadata] Add Metadata on the package resources
  • [Metadata] Allow Metadata edition for graphs, inputs, outputs and resources
  • [Localization] New translations in German, French and Simplified Chinese
  • [UX] Reverse zoom in the 3D view in the case of a Mouse Drag
  • [AXF] Update to version 1.8.0
  • [Logs] Add installed plugins to the logs
  • [VFX] Add ACES 1.2 OpenColorIO config
  • [Python API] Add a method to query the tmp dir specified in the settings
  • [Python API] Add an isModified method to SDPackage to check if a pkg is saved
  • [Python API] Add some color conversion methods to SDColorManagementEngine
  • [Python API] Delete graph objects (Comments, pins, frames, ...)
  • [Python API] Expose Physical Size property for graph instance nodes
  • [Python API] Expose save a copy as
  • [Python API] Fix SDPackageMgr.savePackage method
  • [Python API] Get a list of selected graph objects
  • [Python API] Introduce new method names to work with graph selections
  • [Python API] Plugins cannot add actions to the first created explorer panel


  • [Parameters] Negative values on drop down Integer1 parameters result in incongruous behaviour in instance
  • [Parameters] Problem when incrementing a value on an angle widget
  • [Graph] Timing problems when output are displayed in the 2D or 3D view.
  • [Internationalisation] Some specific characters are changed into spaces in file identifiers
  • [Preferences] 'User project' file label is not translated back from Japanese
  • [Python API] RecursionError when running SDUIMgr.getCurrentGraphSelectedNodes() method
  • [Python API] SDApplication.getPath(SDApplicationPath.InstallationDir) returns nothing
  • [Python API] SDSBSARExporter does not send file save notifications

11.1.2 (2021.1.2)

(Released: March 17, 2021)


  • [Library] Thumbnails do not refresh consistently
  • [Content] 'Vector morph' graphs' 'Pixel ratio' property is set to 'Stretch (Absolute)'
  • [Content] Bitmaps used in painting tools appear in Node menu
  • [Content] NaN output for flat color input in Auto Levels node at floating point precision
  • [Engine][SSE2] 'Level in mid' value other than 0.5 results in 1.0 output
  • [Thumbnail] Input maps are downscaled to 256
  • [UI] Atomic nodes tooltips have incorrect line break

11.1.1 (2021.1.1)

(Released: February 10, 2021)


  • [3D view] Render issue when using sbs that have high frequencies in normal map
  • [3D View] Images are not applied if 'Component' output property is not set to RGBA or RGB
  • [3D View] Scenes are not loaded correctly in some specific situation
  • [UI] 'Texture file' input field in Brush Editor scales vertically
  • [UI] Pin and Dock buttons disappear from tab when active tab is closed
  • [Bakers] Incorrect result when high poly meshes' global Bbox does not include the scene origin
  • [Color Management] sRGB Base Color Texture material property is not overridden in custom Scene state
  • [Console] 'Available GPUs' log message does not list GPUs and appears randomly
  • [Console] Incorrect string logged when using Batch export
  • [Content] Atlas splitter's 'Input normal format' parameter impacts Red channel instead of Green
  • [Cooker] Crash or NaN output when using *.surface bitmaps in SBSAR
  • [Engine] Gradient map's out of range output values loop around to 0 when Output format has 0-1 range
  • [Parameters] Min/Max/Default sliders do not auto-adjust in Expose parameter window
  • [SBSAR] Crash when importing some SBSAR
  • [SVG] Crash when cancelling resource import

11.1.0 (2021.1.0)

(Released: January 28, 2021)


  • [Spot colors] Support Pantone colors in Designer
  • [Graph] Disable nodes
  • [3D View] Export Tessellated Meshes from the Viewport
  • [Internationalisation] Update Japanese version
  • [3D View] Optimize memory consumption when not using Iray
  • [Python API] Add method SDResource.delete() to delete a SDResource
  • [Python API] Add support for Spot Colors to Python API
  • [Python API] New callback to trigger when a package is closed
  • [2D View] Convert brush database from SQLite to Json format
  • [2D View] Improve rendering performances and reliability (CPU computation)
  • [Library] Add 'Exclude pattern' option in project settings
  • [Library] Rename 'Exclude pattern' to Exclude file extensions' in project settings
  • [UX] Remove '?' button in window title bars on Windows
  • [UX] Move the Ctrl+E shortcut to 'Open Reference' when in-context editing is disabled
  • [Bakers] Delete Preview cache when deleting a baker in the bake list
  • [Performances] Improve image cache budget on hardware with GPU with shared memory
  • [Preferences] Adapt 'GPU cache limit' value to available memory pool
  • [Properties] Display Physical Size attribute on node instance
  • [Scripting] Mark external scripting system as deprecated
  • [Share] Remove "Export to Substance Share" features


  • [Content] Inconsistent I/O order on Material nodes
  • [Content] Primary input on Warp nodes is inconsistent
  • [Content] Solve Cooker warnings from Radial Blur node
  • [Export] Batch export with CPU engine uses VRAM for determining memory budget
  • [Export] Exporting to a path that does not exist will create the folders
  • [Export] Memory budget is too low when using Batch export
  • [2D View] Artifacts / banding when copying HDR images to the clipboard
  • [2D View] Exporting images from resources always export 8 bits
  • [3D View] Iray: changing the normal value using the editor gives a strange result
  • [3D View] Iray: disabling the normal channel does not produce the right result
  • [Library] Filtering by URL does not work correctly
  • [Library] Resources matching a Library excluded pattern cannot be imported manually
  • [Bakers] Renaming a baker does not impact its entry in the 2D View preview list
  • [Explorer] Loss of synchronisation between Explorer and graph data
  • [Function graph] Crash when setting function node with mismatching output type as output
  • [MDL] SBS instance nodes have no preview, output 0 and do not trigger graph computation
  • [Python API] Input parameter's 'editor' property cannot be modified
  • [Python] Reset layout does not correctly reset Python created docks
  • [Resources] Cannot link/import 32-bit PSD document

Version 10

10.2.2 (2020.2.2)

(Released: December 17, 2020)


  • [3D View] Restore camera position stored in a Scene resource
  • [Graph] Remove "input nodes" in the contextual menu for FXMap and value processor


  • [Content] Inconsistent I/O order on Material nodes
  • [Content] PBR Render: incorrect IBL sampling for the specular contribution
  • [Content] PBR Render: some pixels are always transparent
  • [Content] PBR Render: UV output is incorrect for the Cylinder shape
  • [Content] Splatter Circular's 'Pattern Specific' parameter has no effect
  • [MDL] Crash when creating and connecting a node
  • [MDL] Crash when duplicating a color[] array constructor with its exposed value input connected
  • [MDL] Crash when reconnecting an invalid connection
  • [MDL] Exported MDLs have duplicated parameters
  • [MDL] Exposed parameters are not exported to a .mdl file
  • [Parameters] A node parameter can be defined twice in the SBS in a specific case
  • [Parameters] Crash when fetching the Output Type of a parameter's Function Graph
  • [Parameters] Crash when selecting 'Edit exposed graph input' option where no matching input exists
  • [3D View] "Environment" usage is not correctly taken into account by the OpenGL renderer
  • [3D View] IOR is 0 and needs to be reset in a specific case
  • [3D View] UVs of Plane/Plane Hi-res are offset
  • [Bitmap] Crash when canceling resource import
  • [Bitmap] Crash when creating a new Bitmap node with an unsupported file type
  • [Dependencies] Crash when undoing 'Relocate' for solving a Ghost Instance
  • [Function Graph] Crash when opening Function graph for a parameter
  • [Gradient Editor] Moving sliders and keys logs too many actions in history stack
  • [License] Crash when parsing an invalid license.key file
  • [SBSAR] SBSAR instance nodes cannot be created from Library if exposed graphs are in folders

10.2.1 (2020.2.1)

(Released: November 04, 2020)


  • [General] Crash when going out of Windows Sleep mode
  • [General] Crash on Undo after loading a 3D Scene resource
  • [Engine] Artefact lines appear in Distance node output on Direct3D
  • [Engine] Crash when selecting Gradient Map node in an updated graph
  • [Engine] No warning when Input default value other than 0 in Engine v7 compatibility mode
  • [3D View] 'Remove All' leaves meshes with predefined materials with no material applied
  • [3D View] 'Reset Scene' removes all textures from mesh in Iray
  • [3D View] OpenGL: modifying the default value of a sampler in a .glslfx file is not correctly reflected in the UI
  • [3D View] Red and black pixels on rightmost edge of OpenGL rendered images
  • [Dependencies] Cannot relocate missing dependencies of 'Other' type
  • [Dependencies] Crash on exit when Dependency Viewer is open
  • [Graph] Crash when duplicating a Ghost Instance node
  • [Graph] In-Context Editing is available through keystroke when it is disabled in Preferences
  • [UI] 'Locate Player' warning window has incorrect title
  • [UI] Activation wizard has some incorrect behaviour
  • [Explorer] Bundled packages are always editable on Windows
  • [MDL] Crash when loading graph from previous version with now invalid connections
  • [Properties] Default color of input node not updated when undoing
  • [SBSRender] ICC profiles of injected bitmaps are not used

10.2.0 (2020.2.0)

(Released: October 12, 2020)


  • [Content] Add "Cross Section" node
  • [Content] Add "Cross product vec2" function to
  • [Content] Add "Get Size" value node
  • [Content] Add "Orthogonal vec2" function to
  • [Content] Add Average functions to
  • [Content] Add Threshold filter
  • [Content] Color Match: add a mask input to specify where to apply the filter
  • [Content] Tile Generator/Sampler: add new options to control the pattern size
  • [Content] Update PBR Render node with default value for image inputs
  • [Parameters] Add warning icons to highlight issues in Instance Parameters
  • [Parameters] Ignore Visible If statements for Inputs/Outputs involving parameters which have a Function applied
  • [Parameters] Improve the UX for group association
  • [Parameters] Rework of the way to expose a single parameter
  • [Parameters] Highlight exposed parameters
  • [Parameters] Improve Clean up of unused parameters
  • [Engine] Curve node: new option to output the curve texture
  • [Engine] Default values on input images
  • [Engine] Distance node: new distance modes (Manhattan and Chebyshev distances)
  • [Engine] Gradient node: new interpolation mode to have more natural mix between colors
  • [UX] Some parameters are now grayed out depending on other parameters
  • [UX] Accept 6-digits RGB colours in Color Picker's hexadecimal field
  • [UX] Avoid showing comments properties as soon as they are selected
  • [UX] Display relevant groups when starting to write a group name
  • [UX] Shortcut to Reexport graph outputs
  • [UX] Make all Dropdown-textfield-comboboxes look different from regular comboboxes
  • [GraphRender] Display nodes thumbnails one by one and not only when they are all computed
  • [GraphRender] Improve cancellation delay during graph rendering
  • [GraphRender] Improve the accuracy of the rendering progress bar
  • [Thumbnails] Automatic thumbnail (icon) computation
  • [Thumbnails] Rework of the UX to add a thumbnail (icon) to a package
  • [Preferences] Enable GPU raytracing by default for new users
  • [Preferences] 3DView / OpenGL / Quality: replace slider for sample counts by a more intuitive list of choices
  • [Bakers] Improve post processes performances
  • [Color Management] Show current working color space in preferences dialog.
  • [Iray] Automatically switch to CPU mode when there is no compatible GPU
  • [Performances] Improve response time to compute the node we are interested in (now computed first)
  • [Python API] New Method addActionToExplorerToolbar to add icons to the explorer toolbar
  • [Resources] Upgrade to FBX 2020.0.1
  • [iRay] Update to Iray 2020.1.0
  • [API] Add Python access to color management settings and properties


  • [Graph] Changing the parent size or uv tile does not cancel the current render
  • [Graph] Crash when moving an output connection then pressing Alt+LMB
  • [Graph] Crash when moving connections in Material or Compact Material mode
  • [Graph] Input nodes cannot preview Bitmap resources
  • [Graph] Node compatibility broken on instances
  • [Graph] Too many nodes are invalidated when changing a graph parameter
  • [Content] 'Shape Extrude' output shape is flipped in specific cases: new version needed, old one is deprecated
  • [Content] Incorrect result using Custom Color Variation in Color Match node
  • [Content] Size by X/Y Amount Ratio in Atlas Scatter has the opposite effect
  • [Content] Size by X/Y Amount Ratio in Shape Splatter has the opposite effect
  • [3D View] Crash on Undo operation after loading a Scene resource from a package
  • [3D View] Custom environment not saved in SBSSCN if path has alias with special characters
  • [3D View] Switching Normal Format in Material settings results in flipped states
  • [UI] 'Set as Primary' button text is overflowing from display area
  • [UI] Main window position is not correctly restored when working in windowed mode
  • [UI] Status bar text is offset when window is fullscreened or dragged near screen edge
  • [Iray] Crash with "Invalid Tag" message when switching back and forth between renderers
  • [Iray] Visible faces on non-opaque surfaces
  • [Presets] Crash when applying presets in instances of some Substance Source graphs
  • [Presets] wrong name displayed after undo on sbs instance
  • [Render] Wrong render when tweaking a parameter in preview mode
  • [Bakers] Refreshing multiple baked maps results in warnings blocking some bakes
  • [Cooker] Tweaking SBSAR nodes in SBS instances results in 0 output from the instance
  • [Explorer] Custom aliases are not passed along when using 'Save and open in Substance Player'
  • [Gradient Editor] Absolute color selection does not impact all selected keys

10.1.3 (2020.1.3)

(Released: June 11, 2020)


  • [Content] Expose 'Matte Color' parameter in Safe Transform Grayscale node
  • [Content] PBR Render: Add a custom Background Input option
  • [Content] Panorama Light nodes: new option to sample the color from the background image
  • [Parameters] Hide parameters with 'not-supported' flag from the Expose Parameters window list


  • [3D View] Crash when switching custom meshes in a specific case
  • [3D View] Normal format is always DirectX on startup
  • [Content] 3D Worley noise: render artefact when using a high grid size value
  • [Content] Dissolve node blending is incorrect
  • [Content] PBR Render: remove Cooker warning
  • [Content] PBR Render: result contains negative colors in some cases
  • [Cooker] Cache injection issue for multi-output instance nodes
  • [Explorer] Crash when closing a Package that contains a displayed MDL Graph
  • [Graph] 2 pass cooking: node type change does not trigger a recook
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting inputs while using its connection
  • [Graph] Link endpoints can be moved to empty space
  • [MDL] Crash when cancelling MDL export from MaterialX graph
  • [MDL] Error when cancelling export to MDLE
  • [Presets] Crash in Presets tab after changing type of parameter included in preset
  • [Resources] Material list is empty in graph contextual menu for meshes linked as non-UDIM

10.1.2 (2020.1.2)

(Released: April 27, 2020)


  • [Content] Add Alchemist Filter template
  • [Content] PBR Render: add parameters to control the diffuse/specular shadows intensities
  • [Content] Shape Light nodes: add camera position parameter
  • [News] Group 'Arrow' style is broken the first time the window is displayed
  • [Bakers] Add the Z shortcut to the 2D View to see the image at 1:1
  • [Project] Hide $(PROJECT_DIR) alias from the list
  • [Explorer] Do not create Custom Resource for resources that are not a file on disk


  • [Player] Report missing aliases when loading SBS packages
  • [Player] Display the Random Seed value in decimal base
  • [Player] Bundle all environment maps included with Substance Designer
  • [Player] Crash on exit in macOS High Sierra
  • [Player] Packages using the sbs:// cannot be loaded
  • [Content] 3D Worley noise: render artefact when using a high grid size value
  • [Content] 'greaterThanZero' input in 'Wave' node is not used
  • [Content] Plane Light: World space position mode does not work
  • [Content] Sphere Light: internal light position does not work correctly
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking with the baking window while a 'Refresh all baked maps' is running
  • [Bakers] Baking fail on Optix for AO from Mesh using Low as High with a Normal map
  • [Bakers] The resolution of the preview of the UVTiles does not match the size of screen
  • [3D View] Assigned bitmap is overridden when loading a MDL if default value is not a texture2d
  • [3D View] Materials Properties widgets change after a property is reset
  • [3D View] Normal Format global preference no longer works
  • [MatX] Library: MaterialX Graph category does not display all the available nodes
  • [MatX] The contextual menu of a Custom Graph can contain empty subfolders in the 'Add Node' folder
  • [SBSAR] Primary Input is reverted to the first input in the list
  • [Library] Only first graph is included from SBSAR with multiple graphs
  • [CustomGraph] Nodes, that are not part of the current graph type, are created automatically in some cases
  • [Iray] Box projection 'Depth' parameter does not work correctly
  • [Preferences] Improve layout in the project settings
  • [Parameters] Crash when moving a position widget after having deleted a parameter
  • [UI] Crash when changing usages hierarchy in outputs node
  • [Graph] Crash while using a Selection Box on comment and a badged node

10.1.1 (2020.1.1)

(Released: April 10, 2020)


  • [3D View] Memory usage is too high when working on compositing graph
  • [Content] Unexpected shapes in non-square output of 'Polygon' nodes
  • [Content] PBR Render: Orthographic camera doesn't work correctly when using non square resolution
  • [Content] PBR Render: Swirly bokeh increases the image border brightness
  • [Color Management] Color picker in New Bitmap dialog is not color managed.
  • [Color Management] Color pickers in paint and vector tools in the 2d view are not color managed.

10.1.0 (2020.1.0)

(Released: April 09, 2020)


  • [Shortcuts] Shortcuts manager for node creation
  • [Content] New PBR Render Node
  • [Content] New FXAA filter
  • [Content] New Hald CLUT filter
  • [Content] Expose filtering in 'Crop' nodes
  • [3D View] Improve Shader parameters / texture assignment workflow
  • [3D View] New Unlit shader
  • [3D View] Add a "Scalar Zero Value" to the displacement shaders
  • [3D View] Add an option to downscale viewport resolution when High DPI is enabled
  • [3D View] GLSLFX: Allow to set gui information on sampler (default, min, max, guiMin, guiMax, guiStep, guiWidget, guiName, guiGroup)
  • [3D View] Add 'Load State With Mesh...' option in the Scene menu
  • [3D View] Add the ACES tonemapped output transform in Legacy color management mode
  • [Bakers] New Sampling method in AO, Curvature, Bent Normal, Thickness bakers
  • [Bakers] New Normalization options in Height and Thickness bakers
  • [Color Management] Integrate Adobe ACE (Adobe Color Engine)
  • [Color Management] Add options to set default behavior when ICC profile is missing
  • [Parameters] Make sliders incrementing consistent with Substance Painter
  • [Packaging] Bundle as many Qt dlls as we can for Python scripts
  • [Project] Disable settings for read-only project files and communicate that state clearly
  • [Preferences] Hide specific unclear settings related to responsiveness and computation periods
  • [UI] Rename Pow2 -> 2Pow
  • [Properties] Optimize compositing graph properties display
  • [AXF] Update to AXF SDK 1.7.1


  • [3D View] Ambient Light parameters are not visible eventhough it is enabled
  • [3D View] glslfx: Color widget is always a vec3 without alpha
  • [3D View] Environment map set from a resource is not saved in the scene resource
  • [3D View] Iray: Ambient light is converted to a point light at scene origin
  • [3D View] glslfx: Color widget is always a vec3 without alpha
  • [Parameters] Instance Package URL is not correct in the attribute group
  • [Parameters] Crash when exposing parameters
  • [Parameters] Icons are not correctly aligned in parameters of Curve nodes
  • [Parameters] 'Text' node string is only displayed in 'Preview' mode when exposed
  • [Parameters] Crash when renaming an input parameter used in 'Visible If' statement
  • [Parameters] Crash when deleting a Levels node which has a function set in any of its parameters
  • [UI] Warning icon in input parameters list is placed on top on an existing button
  • [UI] Warnings are not cleared on correct input parameter item in a specific case
  • [UI] Prevent the "Is mesh UDIM ?" popup to appear when the mesh UVs are strictly in the [0,1] tile
  • [UI] Presets drop down lists can be scrolled with mouse wheel with a simple mouse hover
  • [UI] 'Output(s) computation' option in graph attributes is incorrectly named
  • [MDL] Crash when placing a SBS graph resource into a MDL graph
  • [MDL] SBS node with image input does not work correctly
  • [MDL] Incorrect texture bindings & usage names
  • [Graph] Input value group and usage are ignored in 'Material' Link Creation Mode
  • [Graph] Input Values use the default value instead of input data for Booleans
  • [Bakers] Incorrect normals in World Space Normals baker using a tangent Normal map in specific cases
  • [Bakers] Excessive memory usage when baking with the Preview window opened
  • [Presets] corrupted preset make rendering crash
  • [Presets] Boolean parameter from old SBS is not impacted by preset
  • [Library] Resources from the first open package are listed in the node creation floating menu
  • [Publish] Publishing to SBSAR returns Error code 13 in SBSCooker on macOS
  • [Publish] Deprecated argument warning in SBSCooker when publishing to SBSAR
  • [API] Can't get the Metadata from a package that comes from a .sbsar file
  • [Export] In Legacy mode, colorspace option reverts back to defaults for specific outputs
  • [2D View] Copy to clipboard does not take the Color Management state into account
  • [Unix] Designer ignores system signals
  • [Library] Some filters in the library don't work properly because of translated tags
  • [Cooker] Square Root of negative numbers should return 0 instead of NaN
  • [2D View] Red and blue channels are swapped after undoing the first paint stroke
  • [Console] Too many warning message in the console "QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap"
  • [Content] "Shape Glow": cooking warning
  • [Dependencies] Assigning a graph located in a different package to a mesh does not create dependencies
  • [Iray] Material properties becomes inactive after switching geometry

Version 9

9.3.3 (2019.3.3)

(Released: February 14, 2020)


  • [Batchtools] Ship default OCIO profiles with batch tools


  • [Content] Atlas Scatter: issues when using random color/normal in some situations

9.3.2 (2019.3.2)

(Released: February 04, 2020)


  • [SBSRender] Add Color Management support


  • [Content] Linear sRGB to ACEScg node: I/O labels are incorrect
  • [Content] ACEScg to sRGB node: Output labels is incorrect
  • [Content] Panorama Light nodes: adjust Temperature range
  • [Graph] Severe performance drop and freezes when tweaking a nested graph with 'In-Context Editing' active
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting multiple nodes in FX-Map
  • [Performances] Designer's process may stay alive after quitting

9.3.1 (2019.3.1)

(Released: January 27, 2020)


  • [Graph] Severe performance drop and freezes when tweaking a nested graph with "In-Context Editing" active
  • [Graph] Cannot enter enum value out of [0, 99] in Integer1 tweak
  • [Graph] Comment is not moved when the corresponding frame is displaced
  • [Graph] Input names are missing on custom instance node
  • [Graph] Thumbnails may be rendered when loading graph even if the corresponding option is disabled in the Preferences
  • [2D View] Negative alpha shows checker no matter the display option
  • [2D View] Surface conversion from 32f to 8bits fails with high values
  • [2D View] Top/left skew and 'Make Square' set some coordinates to huge values in forward transformation matrices
  • [2D View] UVs of all mesh objects are not displayed on UV sets other than "0"
  • [Content] Bevel: Angular mode does not work correctly on tiling mask
  • [Content] Flood Fill To Gradient: slope image value is not sampled in the middle of the shape
  • [Content] Function; "Equality Boolean" is broken
  • [Bakers] Artefacts when using automatic tonemapping in "Curvature From Mesh" baker in specific cases
  • [Bakers] Crash in DXR when baking while no material is selected
  • [Bakers] Performances issue in the 2D View when enabling the "info"
  • [Engine] 'Pow' function outputs huge values when using very low input value and high exponent on SSE2 engine
  • [Engine] Crash when using a high jpg compression on bitmap resources
  • [Engine] Value Processor returns wrong $size value when inside a subgraph
  • [Parameters] Empty pop-up appears when selecting an instance node with high number of parameters
  • [Parameters] Integer value is not shown in drop-down parameter items
  • [Parameters] Transform Matrix 'Edit' button is not available in Preview mode
  • [Cooker] $size in ValueProcessor is wrong when inside a graph instance
  • [Cooker] Outputsize is incorrect when value link passes through a dot node to an atomic node
  • [UI] Button to display all items in the 2D View bottom bar is not visible
  • [UI] Preview of picked RGB values display incorrect numbers when using Color Management
  • [Export] 16f RGBA images are exported as grayscale
  • [3D View] Cannot import OBJ with multiple spaces
  • [Color Management] OCIO config is not taken into account when publishing sbsar
  • [Color Widget] Color sliders ranges can expand exponentially in a specific case
  • [Doc] "paramValue" section is incomplete in Sbs format reference
  • [MDL] Color Widget in sbsar instances are not correct
  • [Presets] Crash when updating presets in a specific case
  • [PSD] FreeImage error when loading PSD files from recent versions of Photoshop
  • [Resources] Crash when undoing Bitmap linking directly into graph
  • [SVG] SVG nodes do not update automatically when using the vector tools

9.3.0 (2019.3.0)

(Released: December 19, 2019)


  • [General] Support Color Management using OpenColorIO configuration file
  • [Presets] Improve presets management
  • [Presets] Synchronize 2D View Gizmos and Preview Sliders
  • [Presets] Restore preview values when switching back to Preview mode
  • [Presets] Keep preview mode active when editing other nodes, resources or graph
  • [Presets] Undo works smoothly when navigating between the 3 presets tabs
  • [Presets] Allow to Reset parameters to Graph's default or Preset's value in Preview mode
  • [Presets] Improve pinning of parameters
  • [Presets] Import/Export all Presets of a graph to a file
  • [Bakers] New 'Curvature from mesh' baker based on ray tracing
  • [Bakers] Add ground plane option in 'AO from Mesh' baker
  • [Bakers] Add match by name option to ignore backface in 'AO from Mesh' baker
  • [Content] New Atlas Scatter node
  • [Content] New Color Space Conversion nodes and functions (ACEScg)
  • [Content] Improve naming consistency for nodes with Color/Grayscale versions
  • [Graph] Improve performances in Presets Preview mode
  • [Graph] Add $(colorspace) macro to export graph outputs option
  • [Parameters] When a parameter is set to invisible, hide the corresponding gizmo in the 2D View
  • [Parameters] Do not add 'Graph input group' as a prefix when exposing parameters
  • [Parameters] Add tooltip for VisibleIf in Graph parameters
  • [AXF] Update AXF SDK to v1.6


  • [Linux] Designer does not launch on CentOS 8 due to Qt platform loading failure.
  • [Linux] WARNING: Freetype library has been removed from SD application: Users with CentOS version <= 7.5 has to install it manually.
  • [AxF] Crash when importing files created with newer AxF versions
  • [2DView] Brush textures fed by a resource are not applied
  • [2DView] Crash when modifying inputs of instanced graph with position tweak
  • [3DView] Crash when canceling the "Load..." action
  • [3DView] Add Color Space option for emission textures in GLSLFX Shaders
  • [Bakers] Maps fed through resources are ignored during baking
  • [Bakers] 'World Space Direction' options are incorrectly locked
  • [Bitmap] EXR bitmaps with floating point values are rendered as a black image
  • [Content] Flood Fill to index: shape detection fails in a particular case
  • [Content] Crop: sampling issue when the crop node has a lower resolution than the input
  • [General] Crash when closing Designer while generating the Library
  • [Graph] Bitmap nodes do not reflect the compression of the associated bitmap
  • [Graph] Cache is not cleared when clearing node thumbnails after first render
  • [Graph] Node size incorrectly invalidated
  • [Graph] Crash when im some cases when changing input connections on a Pixel Processor Node
  • [MDL Graph] Failure when restoring a function call default value
  • [Properties] 'Edit' and 'Matrix' buttons in transform matrix parameters are confusing

9.2.3 (2019.2.3)

(Released: November 26, 2019)


  • [MacOS] Notarize the software to follow new MacOS Catalina distribution requirements


  • [Bakers] Crash when baking using a skew map resource with an invalid link
  • [Bakers] UV sets other than 0 are not taken into account on Embree
  • [Bakers] 'Bent Normals from Mesh' outputs incorrect results with UV sets other than 0 on DXR
  • [Bakers] 'UV Set' parameters are reset to '0' value when reopening baking window
  • [Bakers] 'Position' outputs a black image with UV sets other than 0
  • [Content] Smart Auto Tile: sampling issue in 8k
  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: Shape Detection fails in some cases, precision parameter should be exposed
  • [Content] Pow does not return the right value in some cases
  • [Content] Flood Fill to index: incorrect result when published to sbsar
  • [Library] Crash while loading the session's first SBS package
  • [Library] 'Show Resources in the Library by Default' setting is ignored for resources imported directly into the Explorer panel
  • [Console] Unexpected message in the console when using the node menu
  • [Parameters] Cannot remove single entry in Output usage list
  • [3DView] the scene is not reloaded correctly when the scene file is modified on disk[Graph] Node menu filtering is incorrect when using Value outputs

9.2.2 (2019.2.2)

(Released: October 23, 2019)


  • [Graph] Node menu filtering is incorrect when using Value outputs
  • [Graph] Crash when displaying the node menu
  • [Graph] Search tool appears when using shift shortcut
  • [Graph] Crash when consecutively spawning node menus from value input connector
  • [Graph] Comments containing long strings are cropped
  • [Graph] Flow highlight is incorrect when creating a node using the drag from connector menu
  • [Graph] Crash when removing all graph items from scene while loading a different graph
  • [Graph] Crash when using to create node while using click and drag from connector
  • [Graph] Crash while using the 'Node Finder' tool
  • [Graph] Output pin color is incorrect in 'Material Compact' mode
  • [Cooker] Nodes downstream of multi-outputs nodes do not update correctly
  • [Cooker] Issue with Value outputs and passthrough nodes
  • [Cooker] Value Processor outputs wrong results when only a 'Get' node is used
  • [Content] 'Contrast/Luminosity' node outputs an Alpha value of 1.0
  • [Content] 'Studio Panorama' template has no description
  • [Content] Flood Fill to index: incorrect result when the input contains a wrapping shape
  • [Content] 'HDR Merge': internal exposure computation is incorrect
  • [Dot Node] Crash when using a level and a dot node
  • [Dependency Manager] 'Go to' action does not work anymore
  • [PSD] Crash when undoing deletion of multiple nodes which were included in the PSD Exporter
  • [UI] Crash when closing graph using the 'Window' menu and opening one again while one is pinned
  • [Gradient Editor] The 'Remove Key' button is too large
  • [Engine] Precision issue with sqrt() acos() and asin()
  • [Bakers] AO From Mesh: 'Spread Angle' slider has an incorrect value range when tweaked

9.2.1 (2019.2.1)

(Released: September 20, 2019)


  • [Templates] Add default input nodes to Specular/Glossiness and to other templates
  • [Templates] Add PBR Anisotropy template
  • [3D View] Increase the Automatic Clip Plane Far distances
  • [3D View] PBR Coated: change default value for Coat normal inheritance
  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: add option for the "Auto Crop" feature
  • [Node Menu] Don't filter nodes without input


  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: some outputs are not cropped correctly when using the "Auto Crop" option
  • [Content] Material Height Blend: cooking error related to inexistent parameter
  • [Content] "Plane Light": pattern UV Mode does not work correctly
  • [Content] "Height to Normal World Unit": input is forced to 16bit
  • [Content] Unexpected shapes when using angular 'Bevel' node with no tiling on small shapes
  • [Library] Icons for sbsar are not visible in library
  • [Library] Using "\" for filtering Url no longer works
  • [Library] Filter values are case sensitive
  • [Library] Search filter does not work when "Compositing" is checked
  • [Bakers] Double-clicking specific cells and dismissing the change reverts them to incorrect values
  • [Bakers] The backend state text in the bakers window always shows 'GPU acceleration : enable'
  • [Cooker] Crash when processing an 'impostor' dependency in a graph
  • [Cooker] grayscale conversion has wrong output size when using value
  • [Explorer] Crash when processing "Publish on Share"
  • [Graph] Crash when opening a specific package
  • [MDL] Crash when using cast operator
  • [Templates] Output identifiers are not correct in the PBR coated template

9.2.0 (2019.2.0)

(Released: August 29, 2019)


  • [Content] New 'Panorama Light' shapes
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Nadir Patch' filter
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Nadir Extract' filter
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Straighten Horizon' filter
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Rotation' filter
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Position' node
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Physical Sun and Sky' node
  • [Content] New 'Panorama Gradients' nodes
  • [Content] New 'HDR Merge' filter
  • [Content] New 'HDR Preview' filter
  • [Content] New 'Color Temperature Adjustment' filter
  • [Content] New 'Blackbody' node
  • [Content] New 'Exposure' filter
  • [UI] Node Creation Menu: display and manage Favorites in the menu
  • [UI] Add/Remove a node from the favorites from the Node Creation Menu
  • [UI] Node Creation Menu: spawn the menu when clicking/dragging a link from an output
  • [UI] Node Creation Menu: filter the content according to the current selection type
  • [3D View] Support Anisotropy
  • [3D View] Support Coating effect
  • [3D View] Support Subsurface Scattering
  • [Graph] Dot node
  • [Graph] Optimize graph rendering by caching cooking results
  • [Preferences] Change the 'Cooking Size Limit' default value to 8192
  • [Preferences] Add a toggle to turn the new 'Tab' key functionality on/off
  • [API] Add SDResource.getPackage() method
  • [Iray] Update to NVIDIA Iray RTX 2019.1.3 SDK (317500.3714)
  • [Explorer] Allow to link any type of file as a resource in the Package
  • [GradientNode] Press ESC to cancel the gradient picking
  • [Parameters] Remove automatic Upper case on identifiers
  • [Project] Add an option to specify if graphs and resources are 'Visible in Library' by default
  • [Presets] Automatically pin modified parameters


  • [MDL] Can't export module due to parameter type issue
  • [MDL] Exposed int is not visible when loading
  • [MDL] Crash occurring during MDL export
  • [MDL] Crash when modifying color of a material surface node
  • [MDL] void MDLGraphNodeControllerSelector::updateSelectorCurrentMember(const DataMessage& msg) is broken
  • [Graph] Incorrect link thickness in graph display
  • [Graph] Too many invalidations are triggered when tweaking parameters
  • [Graph] Crash when closing a package while two windows of it are open, and using in-context editing
  • [Function Graph] Warning doesn't appear when closing function view
  • [3D View] Crash on 3D View initialization when camera projection is set as 'orthographic' as a default scene state
  • [3D View] Post-FX DOF stays enabled in Iray
  • [2D view] Brush selection window disappears when changing brush size
  • [2D View] Information panel: values are cropped with a specific layout
  • [2D View] The image is offset when minimizing and restoring the main window
  • [Bakers] 'From Resource' selection list is not filtered correctly
  • [Bakers] Crash when chaining 'Color Map from Mesh' and 'Normal Map from Mesh' bakers on Embree
  • [Bakers] Curvature Per Vertex baking results in severe artefacts
  • [Explorer] Can't import UDIM resources drag and dropping it in explorer
  • [Explorer] Explorer window is not filtered correctly when linking meshes and fonts after linking unusual file formats
  • [Explorer] Resources are visible when graph has 'show in Library' set to 'no'
  • [Content] 'Pow' and 'clamp' inputs are not in the correct order
  • [Content] 'RGBA Merge' node inputs are not labelled
  • [Cooker] Invalid connections of numeric values evaluate anyway
  • [Cooker] Assert when connecting an image input to an input value
  • [UI] Mouse cursor gets stuck in the 'resize' state in some particular cases
  • [UI] Right click in package view doesn't display the correct menu on Linux
  • [Dependencies] File path of temporary resources is not correct
  • [Dependencies] Missing bitmap resource warning stays active after relocation
  • [Library] Some thumbnails are not generated
  • [Library] MDL files are displayed in the library
  • [Parameters] Crash when exposing parameters
  • [Parameters] Crash after recreating a new element in drop down list
  • [Export] 8K batch export fails
  • [Presets] Crash when applying a preset involving booleans in SBS instances
  • [Scripting] 'Welcome' screen still appears when using '--quit' command line argument

9.1.3 (2019.1.3)

(Released: August 19, 2019)


  • [Bakers] Crash in DXR when aspect ratios of bake output and skew map are mismatched
  • [Bakers] 'Ambient Occlusion From Mesh' baker outputs wrong results with Optix or DXR when using a Normal map
  • [Bakers] 'Curvature' baker outputs wrong results when using 'Per Vertex' setting
  • [Bakers] Error messages state the backend which failed instead of the cause of the error
  • [Bakers] Crash when processing a detail map baker without a high poly mesh
  • [Bakers] Skew map does not appear to affect all the output with DXR enabled
  • [Content] mg_leaks: typo in parameters name
  • [Content] "Shape" returns a cooking warning
  • [Content] Polygon 1 and 2 don't support random functions
  • [Content] Polygon 1 and 2 can have less than 3 sides
  • [Content] Normal to Height HQ does not work correctly in non square
  • [Parameters] Integer input parameters: the drop down list does not show the values

9.1.2 (2019.1.2)

(Released: July 02, 2019)


  • [3D View] 3D View export with depth of field enabled looks incorrect
  • [3D View] Alpha channel of PSD images is wrong when using save render
  • [3D View] PNG and PSD are broken when using save render option with Iray
  • [3D view] dds format doesn't work when saving render
  • [Graph] Nodes get offset when combining right and left click drag in specific ways
  • [Graph] Modifying a Function instances no longer updates the node result
  • [Graph] Crash when displaying the Space Bar menu
  • [Content] Shape Extrude: quality issue when shape has no rotation
  • [Content] Shape Drop Shadow (and Grayscale) does not produce shadow without H and V tiling
  • [Content] Material Crop normal issue
  • [Bakers] JSON bakers presets are not loaded correctly
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking heavy meshes using Optix or DXR (now it may fail because of insufficient Vram but it won't crash)
  • [Bitmap Editor] Bitmap painting tools offset strokes and redraws in the stroke bounding box
  • [Bitmap Editor] Bitmap painting tools broken in OSX
  • [UI] Some button's menu are barely reachable
  • [UI] Crash while drag and dropping a baker instance
  • [SVG] Embedded SVG edit tools are unreliable
  • [Parameters] Crash when applying a preset with boolean parameters in a SBSAR instance
  • [Network] Crash sometimes when an error occurred in an SSL encrypted connection

9.1.1 (2019.1.1)

(Released: May 28, 2019)


  • [PythonIntegration] Save and restore plugin manager state
  • [Preferencies][Dependencies] Add an option to determine how dependencies file path are stored
  • [Content] Flood Fill Mapper: Add a "Fit Shape BBox" option


  • [Content] Flood Fill Mapper: "Rotation Auto Scale" does the opposite effect
  • [Content] "luminance_offset_map" input is not used by "Flood Fill Mapper Color"
  • [Content] 'Flood Fill Mapper Grayscale' node generates stepping artifacts
  • [Content] Cannot publish Height Extrude
  • [Parameters] Embedded presets in sbsar are not loaded in Designer
  • [Bakers] Baker name is not correctly displayed in the baker list
  • [3D View] "View outputs in 3d View" does not work for values
  • [Cooker] Crash when correcting a wrong parameter type
  • [API] SDResource.setInputPropertyFromId function don't work on SDSBSCompGraph input parameters
  • [Updater] some sbs can't be updated in 2019
  • [Explorer] Crash when importing a specific .obj file
  • [PythonIntegration] Backslashes not properly escaped on windows when initializing PYTHONPATH
  • [UI] value issue with some sliders in bakers
  • [Linux] Designer cannot be run on CentOS < 7.6

9.1.0 (2019.1.0)

(Released: May 09, 2019)


  • [API] Add 'updatePackages' parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if the updaters should be applied or not on load
  • [API] Add the ability to disconnect a SDConnection
  • [API] Add class SDSBSARExporter to publish a SDPackage
  • [API] Add SDHistoryUtils class to manage undoable commands
  • [API] Add grayscale input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_grayscale)
  • [API] Add value input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_value)
  • [API] Add SDProperty.isFunctionOnly() method
  • [API] Add support of custom input parameter on SDSBSCompNode
  • [API] Add 'reloadIfModified' parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if a package has be reloaded if modified
  • [API] Add SDPackageMgr.getPackages() method
  • [API] Add possibility to get/add/remove root paths from SDModuleMgr
  • [API] Allow getting the pointer of the pixels buffer and the pitch of a SDTexture
  • [API] Allow to retrieve the pointer of the MainWindow
  • [API] Allow to create custom menus in the main menu
  • [API] Allow to create custom DockWidgets in the main window
  • [API] Use object names to find menus in toolbars
  • [API] Provide system to manage application notifications to the API
  • [PythonIntegration] Add default environment variable to look for python plugins
  • [PythonIntegration] Add text search and replace to the Python editor
  • [PythonIntegration] Instanciate Python plugins at startup
  • [PythonIntegration] Take in account PYTHONPATH environment variable
  • [PythonIntegration] Allow creating toolbars in graph widgets
  • [PythonIntegration] Support Python threads
  • [PythonIntegration] Add a Plugin Manager (in the 'Tools' menu)
  • [Content] Normal Vector Rotation: add an optional image input to drive the angle
  • [Content] New Min/Max filter
  • [Content] New "Flood Fill to Index" filter
  • [Content] New "Flood Fill Mapper" filter
  • [Content] New Atlas Splitter filter
  • [Content] Improve Tri Planar filter
  • [Content] New Non Uniform Directional Warp filter
  • [Content] New Multi Directional Warp
  • [Content] New Height Extrude filter
  • [Engine] Fxmap: new "Gradation with offset" pattern
  • [Engine] Support For Uniform value processing (New Value Processor node)
  • [3D View][Bakers] Improve OBJ loader performances
  • [3D View] Increase the camera clip plane distances
  • [Preferences] Add settings for Bakers
  • [Graph] Make invalidation faster by avoiding string comparisons
  • [MDL] Support MDL Arrays
  • [UI] Engine selection UI improvements
  • [IRay] Upgrade to IRay SDK 2018.1.4
  • [Dependency Manager] Use "last path" when relocating a resource
  • [Cooking] Add support of Boolean Labels in the sbsar
  • Integrate Qt 5.12.2


  • [Graph] Connections are broken when changing the name of the input
  • [Graph] Too many invalidations are triggered when tweaking parameters
  • [Graph] "Copy to Clipboard" action don't work if we do the right click on a badge
  • [Graph] Moving a frame using Alt is not stored in the .sbs
  • [MDL] Color profile is not automatically updated in MDL editor
  • [MDL] crash when exporting module that contains a specific setup
  • [MDL] Fail to export a MDL Graph that contains a LightProfile or a MBSDF resource
  • [UI] Shortcuts are no longer displayed in context menus
  • [UI] Floating window becomes dockable after restart
  • [Scripting] Cancel option doesn't work in python editor
  • [Scripting] "yes to all" option in save menu doesn't work
  • [Parameters] drop down list are not displayed correctly after copy
  • [Explorer] Relocating resources should open the last relocated path by default
  • [Library] The content of the library is always rebuilt when switching from one version to another
  • [Library] Imported Bitmaps are invalidated on save
  • [IRay] Tangent space is not computed correctly / incorrect normal mapping
  • [Function] Crash or fail when creating new graph from selection
  • [API] default value of properties is not defined

Version 8

8.3.4 (2018.3.4)

(Released: April 12, 2019)


  • [Content] Normal Transform/Material Transform: add an option to enable Scale and Skew transformation


  • [Content] Swirl filter does not work correctly when random functions are used in parameters functions
  • [Content] Normal Transform/Material Transform: Normal is not normalized after a scale transformation
  • [Content] Swirl gives incorrect results when amount is random
  • [Graph] Crash when shift-dragging an output then switching to ctrl-dragging
  • [Graph] Crash while manipulating split points
  • [Graph] Performance drop when displaying node badges
  • [Scripting] Using custom actions could crash after 30secs
  • [Preferences/Projects] Enabled scripts from all projects should be executed (in the 'Scripting' section)
  • [MDL] crash when linking a MDL graph into another MDL graph
  • [Parameters] Nodes do not update after setting the graph random seed to an exposed parameter
  • [PSD] Assigning colour node changes layer thumbnail size, assigning a grayscale node does not
  • [API] Unhandled exception with SDNode.getPropertyValueFromId()

8.3.3 (2018.3.3)

(Released: February 19, 2019)


  • [Content] PBR Base Material outputs does not have the right group name

8.3.2 (2018.3.2)

(Released: February 19, 2019)


  • [Bakers] Add a label indicating the current suffix setting for "Match By Name"


  • [Graph] Crash while manipulating split points
  • [Graph] Invalidation issue when input node bitdepth is changed
  • [Graph] Thumbnail computation options no longer work
  • [Graph] Empty space is displayed under the breadcrumb with a specific UI layout
  • [Graph] Link style is incorrect in context
  • [Graph] Thumbnails are not correctly displayed in function/mdl graphs on Hi DPI screens
  • [Content] Shape Splatter Blend Color: no option to specify the normal map format
  • [Content] Spelling mistake in linear interpolation tooltip
  • [Content] Normal Transform does not handle mirror and skew transformation correctly
  • [Content] Gradient Axial, Radial, Circular do not support random functions
  • [Content] Gradient Radial does not work correctly in non square
  • [API] always needs to be updated when using export_output script
  • [API] Crash after using export_output script
  • [API] Fail to set numerical value of annotations on Compositing Graph inputs
  • [Explorer] Random crash when saving a project
  • [Explorer] Can't open sbs with uppercase extension
  • [UI] "New Substance" window size is not persistent
  • [UI] Right click menu on function instance is not consistent with compositing graph
  • [Bakers] Crash when opening the bakers on a specific mesh
  • [Bakers] Wrong computation for DXR bakers when UVs have a 0 ordinate value
  • [Updater] Crash when canceling updater
  • [3D View] Sphere primitive has its UVs offset by 1 unit
  • [Cooker] Random dithering when cooking bitmaps
  • [Player] Window control buttons are small
  • [Player] Button icons are broken

8.3.1 (2018.3.1)

(Released: December 20, 2018)


  • [API] Add SDConnection.getOutputProperty() and SDConnection.getOutputPropertyNode()
  • [API] Add doc about all resources definitions
  • [API] Change SDSBSCompNode annotation property 'visibleif' to 'visible_if' for consistency


  • [Graph] Hitting the TAB key a second time does not close the Node menu
  • [Graph] 3D View badges does not work correctly in some situations
  • [Graph] Read-only packages can be modified
  • [Bakers] Progress bar acts in a weird manner when loading a very high poly mesh
  • [Bakers] Artifacts on mesh with in-facing normals
  • [Bakers] Bakers output and parameters widget can't be uncollapsed
  • [Explorer] 3D resources are loaded when a package is opened
  • [CmdLineArgs] "--news hide_changelog:true" does not work anymore

8.3.0 (2018.3.0)

(Released: December 05, 2019)


  • [Graph] Add a Breadcrumb when editing sub-graphs / functions
  • [Graph] Add TAB as a shortcut to spawn the "node menu"
  • [Graph] Node highlighter for parent nodes of selection
  • [Graph] Add Ctrl+E as shortcut to open Pixel Processor function and subgraphs
  • [Graph] Connect new node to first visible output of selected node
  • [Graph] Add node 'Badges'
  • [Graph] Add warning on compositing nodes through badges
  • [Graph] Add the possibility to search a node by its name, attributes or UID
  • [API] Allow to create and modify data
  • [API] Allow to export SDPackage and SDMDLGraph to MDL Modules (see SDMDLExporter)
  • [API] Allow to retrieve all nodes, enums and struct definitions (see SDModuleMgr)
  • [3D View] Switch to cubemaps for the OpenGL renderer
  • [3D View] Export linear hdr image when saving to .exr or .hdr
  • [Bakers] Integrate DXR raytracing technology
  • [IRay] Integrate IRay SDK 2018.1
  • [Engine] SSE (CPU) Engine support for hdr floating point image processing
  • [Engine] Add a command line option (--gpu x) to specify the GPU device dedicated to the Substance engine
  • [Content] New PBR render node
  • [UI] Rework tabs and title bar
  • [Dependency Manager] Prevent updating the dependency list when user actions don't affect dependencies


  • [Graph] Crash when instantiating a graph into itself
  • [Graph] Duplicated node is not selected
  • [Graph] computing problem when using a same node instance in 2 different MDL graph
  • [Graph] the Z key should center the view at the scene bbox center
  • [Graph] Ignore colorspace in the connection rules when using material link
  • [Graph] Avoid opening outputs in 3D view when opening a graph in conli
  • [Graph] Paste nodes is slow when "Open newly created node" is enabled
  • [3D view] Assert when drag and dropping a specific mesh
  • [3D view] UV scale enabled option doesn't work on height map
  • [Content] Tri-Planar: Various Issues regarding axis and transforms
  • [Content] Slope Blur Grayscale: one of the samples does not have the right blending mode when using min or max
  • [Content] Gradient linear 2 wrong result at low resolution
  • [API] SDPackage.findResourceFromUrl() could also retrieve resources located in another SDPackage
  • [API] SDPackage.getChildrenResources() always returns the first element in non recursive mode
  • [API] [Documentation] Enums, structs located in 'generated' folder are not reflected in the documentation
  • [UI] 2D view width should not be constrained
  • [Gradient] Crash when picking on Mac
  • [Explorer] Crash when closing and re opening a graph
  • [Mac] Color picker does not work on multiple screen
  • [Parameters] Spin box on integer parameters doesn't work
  • [Cooker] Crash when creating certain nodes on OSX 10.13
  • [Curve Filter] Keys and control points can end up with a -0.0 or a weird "almost zero" value in the Curve editor
  • [2D View] Position widget are not available for graphs coming from sbsar
  • [PSD] Layer issue after exporting with dependencies

8.2.2 (2018.2.2)

(Released: October 04, 2019)


  • [Content] Shape Shadow does not work correctly when tiling is off
  • [Content] Floodfill to Random grayscale / color doesn't work correctly in some cases
  • [Content] Flood Fill is incorrect in non-square
  • [Content] Flood fill to Color / Grayscale is broken
  • [Content] QuadTransform is jaggy in CPU
  • [Content] Star Shape outputs a "No Tiling" tiling mode
  • [Content] Shape Splatter Blend Color output absolute 32f bitdepth
  • [Content] Shape Splatter Blend Color is long to compute if its format is not set to 32F
  • [Graph] Crash when linking image as Input of a Fx-Map while Iterate properties are displayed
  • [Graph] Timings seems wrong while editing graph in-context
  • [Graph] Random crash when saving graph
  • [Graph] material mode doesn't work with sbsar
  • [3D View] Material assignment is not restored correctly
  • [3D View] Some 3Dview state file settings are not loaded correctly
  • [2D View] Alpha display always displays black
  • [2D View] Display Image to grayscale button does not work for images with alpha
  • [UI] dependency manager spawn on start even when not activated on Mac
  • [UI] Some buttons perform actions even when releasing the mouse outside
  • [API] Crash when trying to keep an array item outside the scope of the array where he comes from
  • [MDL Graph] Node preview is upside down
  • [MDL Graph] Displacement of the preview node is different than in the 3DView
  • [Console] Performances gets very slow when the console contains many message
  • [Console] Qt warnings when launching Designer on CentOS
  • [FX-Map] Crash while deleting links between inputs and FX-map
  • [Functions] Can't set a string type node as output in Function Resource
  • [Preferences] There is no focus in the preferences menu, user can accidentally change a value while scrolling
  • [FX-Map] Input Image Index combobox not updated correctly when adding/removing inputs
  • [Dependencies] Crash when deleting UDIM resources used in a graph
  • [API] SDLocationContext.getCurrentGraph() always return null
  • [Publish] Wrong URL to Substance Player downloading page

8.2.1 (2018.2.1)

(Released: August 17, 2018)


  • [UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the "In context editing" is enabled
  • [Preferences] Rephrase the "In context editing" option label


  • [Graph] Paste without link shortcut doesn't work in compositing graph
  • [Graph] Invalidation is very long when in context editing is enabled
  • [Graph] Crash when linking nodes
  • [Graph] Crash relinking nodes
  • [Graph] Crash moving frames
  • [Graph] Crash when switching UVTile in graph and mesh is not udim anymore
  • [Graph] Crash when using ctrl+z after pasting nodes
  • [Graph] Select Parent Nodes is very slow
  • [Bakers] Moving maps up/down allow user to resize the row
  • [Bakers] Path for saving or loading preset is never saved
  • [Bakers] Cage is used even when not selected in the baking window
  • [Bakers] Skew correction is not working correctly
  • [Bakers] Very slow performance when negative UV space is in the view
  • [Bakers] Clicking the Cancel button does not cancel the mesh loading
  • [Bakers] Can't bake using a cage if the skew map is empty and set as true
  • [Content] Flood Fill is slow in 4K
  • [Content] Linear to sRGB function is broken
  • [Content] Tile Random Grayscale background is driven by a float4 instead of a float, prevents cooking
  • [Content] Shape Splatter: Position/Vector Map Multiplier does not work properly
  • [Scripting] Ctrl + o doesn't work in python editor
  • [Scripting] The Python editor keeps prompting even after closing
  • [Scripting] Freeze when creating multiple new scripts
  • [UI] Icons in Library are pixalated
  • [UI] Panels that are floating by default misbehave
  • [Explorer] Crash importing a mesh on CentOS
  • [Explorer] UDIM mesh is loaded twice
  • [Cooker] No timing for nodes in context
  • [Cooker] Stack overflow when cooking
  • [License] Bad authentication with valid credentials
  • [License] Floating license reported more than once for the same user
  • [3D view] UV tile material default V value is wrong
  • [3D View] Performance regression compared to 2018.1.x
  • [Preferences] Crash while using a configuration file from a server
  • [Library] Crash deleting a filter inside the library
  • [SVG] Dependency issue when using alias
  • [Levels] 32bits HDR bitmaps make the level editor blink while moving widgets position
  • [PSD] Linked import PSD window is displayed twice
  • [Iray] Scene is updated when a disabled light is modified
  • [MDL] Crash when deleting all nodes of an MDL template
  • [Engine] Huge offset amount in FX-Map can freeze SD
  • Crashpad Crashes at startup
  • Python environnent variable makes Designer crash at launch

8.2.0 (2018.2.0)

(Released: July 19, 2018)


  • [UI] New Style
  • [UI] New Sliders
  • [UI] Make floating windows really floating
  • [UI] Change Preferences Window layout
  • [UI] Library: remove filter bar
  • [UI] Library: remove selection display overlay
  • [UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the application is Autosaving a package
  • [UX] Properties: merge "function" and "reset to default" menus
  • [Content] New Shape Splatter (+ companion filters) nodes
  • [Content] Add Flood Fill to Color/Grayscale filters
  • [Content] New Flood Fill support: support shapes with holes
  • [Content] Flood Fill to Gradient: add Slope and Angle image input
  • [Content] Optimize the Auto Level filter
  • [Content] New Shape Extrude filter
  • [Content] Material Transform: add support for rotated normal maps
  • [Content] New Normal Vector Rotation and Normal Transform filters
  • [Content] Normal Normalize: improve result quality.
  • [Content] New Trapezoid Transform filter
  • [Content] New Quad Transform filter
  • [Content] Add Hemisphere pattern to Shape node
  • [Content] Add new Gradients with controls in the 2D View
  • [Content] Add UV output to "Cube GBuffers" node
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
  • [Graph] Add support for in context edition of sub graphs (experimental)
  • [Graph] Creating Frame/Comment should affect the node under the cursor when using RMB
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
  • [Graph] Reuse existing tab when opening a function already opened
  • [Graph] Create a new tab when "Open Reference" is used
  • [Graph] Function: don't display function properties when clicking on the background
  • [Parameters] Remove "Expose" button from fxmap graphs
  • [Parameters] Level: Add an "Invert" button
  • [Parameters] Expand the "Input Parameters" group when creating a new input parameter
  • [Properties] Add the package url info in the graph attributes
  • [Properties] Increase the description field size for output nodes
  • [Properties] Allow to enter Per Pixel Function of Pixel Processor even for read-only packages
  • [Scipting] New Python API / Python editor (first iteration)
  • [Bakers] Optimize geometry transfer during rendering
  • [3D View] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile
  • [3D View] Support tesselation/displacement on Mac
  • [Functions] Function Resource: list image inputs in sampler nodes


  • [Graph] crash when linking a node to another
  • [Graph] getting variables in graph random seed function does not work
  • [Graph] crash when drag and dropping noise in a graph
  • [Graph] crash when opening a specific graph
  • [Content] Result is different between Tile Random Color and Grayscale
  • [Content] Tile Random: Result changes when modifying the "Symmetry Random Mode"
  • [Content] Edge detect doesn't work with non-square resolutions
  • [Bakers] Artifacts while baking curvature using a UDIM mesh
  • [Bakers] Ambient Occlusion map from mesh is inverted while using a normal map
  • [Bakers] UV sets list should be restricted to available UV sets
  • [Explorer] crash when deleting resources while baking
  • [Transform2D] Crash when exposing Mip map level and Background Color parameters
  • [Transform2D] Misbehavior while exposing a Transform MipMap level
  • [PSDExport] PSD exporter doesn't export grayscale 32F correctly
  • [2D View] Histogram computation not working with 16F nodes
  • [PSD] Linked PSD are broken
  • [Cooker] Function in outputsize parameter is not correctly evaluated
  • [Export] Export outputs path should be the same as the package path
  • [Export] Export path is not saved using an empty pattern
  • [Templates] Missing group for Position in Painter template
  • [Help] command line help does not display --news on Mac
  • [Dependencies] Exporting twice after modifying a folder name doesn't work

8.1.2 (2018.1.2)

(Released: May 31, 2018)


  • [3D View] Allow to set the default light state in the Project settings
  • [Version Control] Remove the timeout of 30s when calling the python scripts


  • [Content] Fractal Sum Base: wrong result with the third level (new graph has been added)
  • [Content] 3D Perlin Noise Fractal is forced to 32bit
  • [Content] Gradient Linear 3 does not give the right result when using non uniform size
  • [Content] Normal Sobel does not support tiling options
  • [Content] Checker_1 is forced to 8bit
  • [Content] Multiangle to Normal: internal computation issue
  • [Content] Stripes Pattern does not support negative "Shift" values (engine crash)
  • [MDL] Crash when trying to open a specific MDL project
  • [MDL] MDL Graph is not computed after a closed/reopened operation
  • [Export] Outputs from unassigned graphs are exported using the batch tool
  • [Export] Exporting C16F in exr generates grayscale image
  • [Bakers] Skew features are not disabled in UI when baking with a cage
  • [Bakers] Crash when cage doesn't have corresponding UV set
  • [Cooker] sbscooker: cooking error related to ""
  • [Cooker] Published graph does not render correctly
  • [Engine] Transformation 2D: matte color is not correct
  • [Explorer] Crash when re-importing a FBX mesh
  • [Color Widget] Grayscale color picker only picks red channel value
  • [3D View] Usage "textcoordN" doesn't work anymore
  • [Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics

8.1.1 (2018.1.1)

(Released: April 12, 2018)


  • [3D View] Set default range of "Tesselation factor" to [0, 16]


  • [3D View] Weird visual artefact with specific AMD GPU
  • [3D View] Freeze with specific AMD GPUs
  • [3D View][Bakers] Generated normals from .obj have hard edges on UV seam
  • [3D View] Crash while computing spherical harmonics
  • [Bakers] Can't set resource as "embedded"
  • [Bakers] crash when baking
  • [Bakers] Baking 2 different versions of a map from UDIM mesh is broken
  • [Bakers] crash when switching between contextual and non contextual graph
  • [Bakers] Having the same baker twice will make them synchronized
  • [Bakers] renaming the $(custom) macro prevents baking correctly
  • [Bakers] Refreshing a baked map should blocks the UI
  • [Bakers] Refresh All baked maps creates empty resources
  • [Bakers] Pressing "Enter" to confirm a parameter value removes the high poly
  • [Content] Tile Generator: Rotation Random error when X and Y Amount are different
  • [Content] some grunge maps contains ghost instances
  • [Content] Cube 3d: using random functions in parameters does not give expected result
  • [Content] Fractal noises are not rendered correctly when Non Square Expansion is off
  • [Content] Cells 2 and Cells 4 don't behave correctly when Non Square Expansion is off
  • [Graph] Updating a sbsar instance creates a ghost graph
  • [Graph] Assignment through right click should not display UV tiles sub menu for non UDIM meshes
  • [Graph] Republished sbsar is not correctly updated
  • [Graph] Nodes not invalidated correctly when resource changes
  • [Cooker] Premult alpha blending parameter is not correctly retrieved from sbsar
  • [Cooker] levels filter does not clamp values when cooked in a sbsar
  • [Cooker] Implicit transform are performed before FX-Map nodes
  • [Explorer] Pressing del key on a package asks the user if he wants to delete it
  • [Explorer][Bakers] Relocate issue
  • [Curve] Random crash when manipulating keys in the curve editor
  • [MDL] Gamma Type not correctly set for custom usage
  • [Parameters] Crash exposing a parameter with the same identifier as an existing input
  • [Properties] Output usage is edited with insensitive case

8.1.0 (2018.1.0)

(Released: March 09, 2018)


  • [Bakers] Optimize high-poly baking
  • [Bakers] Improve result on seams for Curvature baker
  • [Bakers] Bake maps for UDIM based mesh
  • [Bakers] Add a dedicated 2D view in the Baker window
  • [Graph] Support for UDIMs
  • [Graph] Optimize cooker performances
  • [Graph] Improve node thumbnails generation speed
  • [Graph] Keep node cache only for opened graphs
  • [Graph] Add toolbar in the compositing graph to control the Thumbnail generation mode
  • [3D View] Add a geometry cache to optimize high definition meshes display
  • [3D View] Support UDIM display (display the current tile)
  • [3D View] Update Rounded Cube with uniform topology
  • [3D View] Avoid saving scene all the time
  • [Content] Add 3D Noises (Perlin, Perlin Fractal, Worley, Simplex) nodes
  • [Content] Add 3D Volume Mask node
  • [Content] Add 3D Linear Gradient node
  • [Content] Add 3D Cube Gbuffers node (useful to previsualize 3D based nodes)
  • [Content] Add 3d Planar Projection node
  • [Content] Add Radial Blur filter
  • [Parameters] Display image input/output properties in the graph properties
  • [Parameters] Allow the edition of resources path
  • [Engine] Support up to 8k textures with the CPU (SSE2) engine
  • [Engine] Allow Grayscale Converter to use HDR weights for HDR engine
  • [Preferences] Add an option to disable the automatic conversion node creation
  • [Preferences] Set the default compression for png to 'best speed'
  • [UI] support html link in Graph properties
  • [UI] Center the "Yes / No / Cancel" Buttons in the save confirmation dialog
  • [Explorer] Enhance Mesh hierarchy display
  • [IRay] Integrate IRay SDK 2017.1.4


  • [Bakers] Adding a macro in the output name field does not add it on the cursor position
  • [Bakers] No materials are displayed in the list if the object has no material
  • [Bakers] Pressing Enter to confirm baker parameters open a drop-down menu
  • [Bakers] Baking textures should not generate commands in the undo stack
  • [Bakers] Crash baking a Transferred Texture From Mesh without specifying a texture
  • [Explorer] "Save as" should use the existing file name instead of the first resource name
  • [Explorer] Wrong behavior when drag and dropping a resource from one package to another
  • [Explorer] Right mouse click should not open the data in the properties
  • [Explorer] Icon of Scene items don't have the correct background
  • [Graph] Ctrl + D doesn't work on Linux
  • [Graph] Multi relink function sometimes plug only one link
  • [Graph] Ctrl+Shift+D should remove only external links, not internal links
  • [Graph] Link between grayscale and color isn't correct
  • [3D View] Cannot set a resource as an env map
  • [3D View] Mesh info shader don't display results in the right color space
  • [Parameters] Non exposable parameters are still exposable using CTRL+P
  • [Parameters] Text fields are not updated correctly on undo/redo
  • [Content] Artifacts in Grunge Map 003
  • [Content] Vector morph grayscale primary input seems incorrect
  • [Cooker] sbscooker generates an error when a resource is missing
  • [Cooking] Crash with stack overflow when node chain is too long
  • [UI] 'Quit' button in license management doesn't work

Version 7

7.2.5 (2017.2.5)

(Released: February 19, 2018)


  • [Content] Typos in
  • [Content] Reduce default range of perlin noise and gaussian noise
  • [3D View] Adjust default range for "Height Scale" Parameter
  • [AXF] Update mdl templates


  • [3D View][Bakers] Normals are not recomputed if the model has no normals
  • [Graph] Non Square bitmap resource is empty once instantiated
  • [Content] Perlin noise gives different result between CPU and GPU engine

7.2.4 (2017.2.4)

(Released: February 08, 2018)


  • [AXF Import] Allow to specify the filtering mode on input bitmaps
  • [2D View] Don't change the ratio of the image in the 2D view when the physical size is enabled


  • [Library] crash when enable/disable path in preferences
  • [Baker] Match by name ignore some meshes with specific names
  • [Content] Premult to Straight filter removes alpha channel

7.2.3 (2017.2.3)

(Released: January 19, 2018)


  • [Content] typo in "PBR Basecolor Validate" node
  • [Content] Disorder parameter is broken in Cells 2
  • [Content] Cells 3 is inverted when using specific values in parameters
  • [Content] Polygon 2: Visual artefacts with specific settings
  • [Content] Tile generator grayscale is in 8 bit by default
  • [Content] Tile sampler: pattern specific random parameter doesn't work
  • [Content] Shape Mapper: random functions can't be used to drive Pattern Amount, Radius, Width..etc
  • [Content] Polygon 2: random functions can't be used to drive Sides amount
  • [Content] Some noises/pattern generators generate warnings in the console
  • [Content] Non-Square-Transform-Grayscale generates a wrong Pixel Size
  • [Content] Swirl filter does not take the tiling mode into account
  • [Graph] Drag and dropping bitmap resource to image Input node no longer works
  • [Graph] CTRL+R (reload) doesn't work anymore
  • [Graph] Problem when using frame in another frame
  • [Graph] Crash when moving frames containing Pins
  • [Graph] "Shape (Legacy)" instance gets transformed into "Shape" on save
  • [Baker] crash when using non power of 2 images
  • [Bakers] Color from mesh: Polygroup, Submesh ID always return a black image
  • [Bakers] AO from Mesh: Occluder distance is clamped to 1 no matter the input value
  • [Iray] Crash switching to Iray
  • [Iray] Tiling value should affect the heighScale intensity
  • [Iray] Fail to load IRay on windows machine where VCCOMP110.dll was not present
  • [3D View][Bakers] UVs can't be decoded from obj exported from Modo
  • [3D View] Displacement intensities are not consistent between Opengl and Iray
  • [3D View] Displacement/Parallax Occlusion intensity is twice what it should be
  • [2D View] offset when displaying image alpha
  • [Cooker] Constant parameter ($tiling) is not found when used inside a graph instance
  • [Cooker] Wrong evaluation of variable in chained instances
  • [Parameters] Bitmap PKG Resource Path should not be editable
  • [Parameters] Parameters in a same group are invisible if only one parameter has its visibility to false
  • [PSD] Can't import/link a PSD file from a folder named with special characters
  • [Functions] Parameters in functions shouldn't have a visibility option
  • [LicenseService] Exception thrown when getting information on nodes
  • [UI] Selecting text in description field keeps it highlighted

7.2.2 (2017.2.2)

(Released: November 23, 2017)


  • [Content] Typos in "Directional ..." nodes
  • [Content] Various Typos
  • [Content] Tile Sampler is set to "Absolute 32 bit"
  • [Content] Shape Mapper: visible artefacts on the shape border in some cases
  • [Content] tiling and "Non-Square Expansion" parameters in Polygon 1 are broken
  • [Content] "Random Seed" and "Non-Square Expansion" don't work on Anisotropic Noise
  • [Content] Broken "Shape" instance in some Grunge Maps
  • [3D View] UV scaling is not applied if the height scale is 0
  • [3D View] Reflection with shader blinn don't work anymore
  • [2D View] Information window has its layout broken
  • [Graph] issue when controling output size with function on a linked bitmap instanced in a graph
  • [Function] Graph not invalidated when a link is deleted
  • [Library] Favorites don't work
  • [PSD Export] PSD file content change each time an export is done
  • [Gradient] Crash when manipulating keys in the gradient editor
  • [Templates] Position map for Substance Painter templates is incorrect
  • [AxF] Wrong physical height
  • [MDL] UVW scaling from physical size is inverted in MDL SBS nodes
  • [Bakers] $custom doesn't work anymore
  • [Preferences] crash on start on Mac

7.2.1 (2017.2.1)

(Released: October 20, 2017)


  • [Engine] Crash when rendering text with GPU engine
  • [Content] Tile Sampler: Row/Column ID does not work properly with non square
  • [Content] Tile Sampler Color: Color parametrization is wrong
  • [Content] Tile Sampler: wrong default value for X / Y pattern amount
  • [Export] Exported PSD are missing metadata

7.2.0 (2017.2.0)

(Released: October 19, 2017)


  • [Content] Add Floodfill and associated filters (convert a black and white mask to gradients, random colors..etc)
  • [Content] Add new Noises, Grunge Maps and Pattern generators that support non square format (old version are marked as "Legacy")
  • [Content] Added new Splatter Circular with a lot more features
  • [Content] Add new Scratches Generator
  • [Content] Add Swirl filter
  • [Content] Add Histogram Select
  • [Content] Add Star pattern
  • [Content] Add Shape Mapper filter
  • [Content] Add Vector Morph filter
  • [Content] Add Gradient Linear 3
  • [Content] Tile Random / Tile Generator: add symmetry mode (h+v, h, v)
  • [Content] Tile Generator: Add multiple image input
  • [Content] Rename "RGB-A Merge" to "Alpha Merge"
  • [2D View] switch node output display using the C key
  • [2D View] Optimize Histogram / info layout depending on their display ratio
  • [2D View] Add a button to enable/disable the tiling display
  • [3DView] Optimize computation speed of Spherical harmonics
  • [3D View] Update PBR shaders to use Fibonacci sampling instead of Hammersley
  • [3D View] Add an option to save the current scene state as default
  • [3D View][Bakers] Serialize Data in human readable format
  • [Bakers] Add presets export/import (json)
  • [Publish] Create the sbsar archive as non solid
  • [Publish] Store the graph image/thumbnail into the sbsar
  • [Publish] Display a progress bar when a package is being published
  • [Dependencies] Display the .sbs file requesting a dependency in the "Missing dependency window"
  • [Dependencies] Report window: display green icon when the problem has been resolved
  • [Dependencies] Add an option to open the package custom dependencies in the package explorer
  • [Preferences] Add an option to set the default scene state in the project settings
  • [Preferences] Add an option to enable/disable path for the library
  • [Graph] Add an option to make a screenshot (at 1:1 scale) of the graph
  • [Graph] Remove tooltip from the background of compositing graphs
  • [Scripting] Add onBeforeFileLoaded and onAfterFileLoaded callbacks
  • [Engine] Add a Base Parameter to adjust Pixel Ratio mode
  • [Console] Improve Console performances
  • [Parameters] New Position (XY) widget
  • [Iray] Upgrade to IRay SDK 2017.1
  • [PSD] Save PSD widget state as text instead of binary
  • [Library] Use thumbs from sbsar if it exists
  • [Explorer] Rename "Dependencies.." entry to "Dependency Manager"
  • AXF files Import


  • [MDL] Fail to export MDL Module if texture is connected to an exposed parameter
  • [MDL] Try to register dependency for MDL string variables (constant node)
  • [MDL] crash after closing the package
  • [MDL] crash when connecting a float 3 to a color node
  • [MDL] can't open nodes library when releasing a link node in a frame
  • [MDL] crash when using a file texture
  • [MDL] Dependency behaviour register too many operands
  • [Graph] Connector names are disabled after FX-Map editing
  • [Graph] crash when undo
  • [Graph] Strange behavior with links between nodes
  • [Graph] Collapsed nodes scatter and detach when undo
  • [Graph] Function instance are not updated when reference is changed
  • [Version Control] Package is reloaded when a Version Control custom action is triggered
  • [Version Control] Disabled version control workspaces are still available in the context menu of a package
  • [Version control] Remove custom action don't remove it from the contextual menu of a package
  • [Properties] Parameter preview is not updated when using the gizmo
  • [Iray] Max time display problem
  • [Iray] Pause option issue
  • [Bakers] crash when baking convert UV to SVG using Korean/Japaneses translation
  • [Bakers] changing the path after a first baking doesn't work
  • [PSD Exporter] undo issue
  • [PSD] folder and layers are locked in Photoshop CS5
  • [UI] color cursor is always set to white when uniform color node is created
  • [UI] Opening an existing tab should display it instead of duplicating it.
  • [Presets] crash when changing parameter type used in a preset
  • [3D View] samplers with same usage are merged
  • [2D View] Pixel information does not work for images whose resolution is not a power of 2
  • [Library] issue when renaming filters
  • [Data] Fix various typo in SBS files
  • [Parameters] level node - auto level precision issue
  • [Preferences] Templates Directories buttons should be disabled for "Default Project"

7.1.4 (2017.1.4)

(Released: October 02, 2017)


  • [Bakers] Add the Curvature from mesh back
  • [New Version checker] Add a command line option to disable the check for new version (--news hide_changelog:true)
  • [Scripting] Disable Qprocess time out


  • [Bakers] can't change material color in UV to SVG
  • [UI] can't close graph view using wheel click
  • [Content] Some noises are in 8 bits instead of 16 bits
  • [Content] Curvature Smooth gives wrong result when tiling is disabled
  • [Text] crash when resizing specific fonts

7.1.3 (2017.1.3)

(Released: August 31, 2017)


  • [3D View] crash when trying to display 3D view options on Mac 10.10.5
  • [3D View] Text Info is not displayed in the 3D view when using High dpi screen
  • [3D View] Global preference for OpenGL/DirectX is not taken into account when the material is reset
  • [Content] Height to normal: normal is inverted when using Sobel sampling
  • [Content] Ambient Occlusion (hbao_2) does not behave correctly when set to non square
  • [Content] Mask generators inputs are not in the same order as "Mesh Data Combiner"
  • [2D View] Histogram: selection information is not updated on image change
  • [2D View] Histogram: Used range information is not displayed for grayscale images
  • [Presets] crash when renaming a preset of a graph used in another graph
  • [Graph] X and Y are inverted in the Parent Size Toolbar

7.1.2 (2017.1.2)

(Released: August 03, 2017)


  • [Content] Filtering Problem in "Smart Auto Tile" and "Crop Grayscale" Filters
  • [Content] Library Filters don't take the OpenGL/DirectX preference into account
  • [Content] Can't cook SBSAR with non_square_transform
  • [Content] Panorama Shape: Hotspot is mirrored in RGB channel
  • [Content] Tile Sampler: Position Color parametrization is not normalized
  • [Content] Tile Sampler: Patterns are invisible if the the tiling is disabled
  • [Graph] $normal_map_format switch does not work when we use the library/space bar menu
  • [Graph] Wrong format in the bitmap node when drag and dropping a RGBxxF resource
  • [Bakers] Color from mesh with material color is broken
  • [3D View] every change in 3D view generate actions in undo stack
  • [Dependencies] crash when a graph has missing resources in custom library
  • [Iray] crash on start on OSX version is older than 10.11

7.1.1 (2017.1.1)

(Released: July 18, 2017)


  • [Bakers] Add a "Reset" action" on resource fields
  • [Bakers] Use black color when no vertex color is found
  • [Presets] Hide the preset widget on instances when no presets are available
  • [Preferences] Remove the "Compute binormal by fragment" option in the project settings (now this option is handled in the tangent frame plugin)
  • sbsupater.exe adjustments


  • [Bakers] The "error" system no longer works
  • [Bakers] options serialization: old keys remain
  • [Bakers] crash when changing the name of a baker
  • [Bakers] UI glitches
  • [Content] Color Match filter - difference between CPU/GPU
  • [Content] Some GrungeMaps output 8bits images instead of 16bits
  • [Graph] Crash when using the X "switch links" on fx-map node
  • [3D View] Random crash when opening 3D View
  • [3D View] Binormal are always computed by fragment, no matter the tangent space plugin
  • [Updater] XML error when using specific font
  • [Cooker] modulo on negative number does not return the same result as the engine
  • [UI] interface issue when using pick gradient on high DPI screen
  • [MDL] Color node doesn't keep his value
  • [Packaging] Mikkt Unreal tangent space plugin is missing

7.1.0 (2017.1.0)

(Released: June 29, 2017)


  • [Bakers] New UI
  • [Bakers] Keep a high def mesh cache until the baker window is closed
  • [Bakers] Add an option to correct skew deformation using a grayscale mask
  • [Bakers] Support use-high-poly-as-low-poly in from-mesh bakers
  • [Bakers] Make the Bakers window non modal
  • [Bakers] Store state to .sbs file in human readable format
  • [Parameters] Copy/Paste parameters from one graph to another
  • [Parameters] Add an option to copy a single Input Parameter (and paste it afterward)
  • [Parameters] Remove the function button on "Color Mode" parameter
  • [Parameters] Edit/Save/Display embedded parameter presets
  • [Parameters] Allow the user to copy parameters attributes when a package is locked
  • [3D View] No longer store last session 3d view settings in the registry
  • [3D View] Create new 3d resource from current scene
  • [3D View] No longer store the 3D view state from one session to another in the registry
  • [3D View] Merge the "Scene" and "Geometry" menus
  • [3D View] Seperate sRGB conversion from the fragment shader (you will need to update your custom shaders!)
  • [3D View] Add an option to create a new 3d resource from the current state
  • [3D View] Improve error message generated when #include fail into a shader code
  • [3D View][Explorer] Create 3D scene from primitives
  • [3D View] Display correct line number when GLSL shader compilation failed and code contains #include directives
  • [Graph] Be able to resize a frame from all corners/borders
  • [Graph] Store the Parent Size information on the graph resource instead of local registry
  • [Graph] optimize Node thumbnails generation speed
  • [Graph] Expose the memory cache budget in the Preferences
  • [Graph] Add a "Reset and View in 3D View" option on nodes
  • [Content] PBR Converter: Add new Arnold 4/5, Corona 1.6 and Renderman Presets
  • [Content] Optimize AutoLevel node and support HDR input
  • [Content] Optimize HBAO filter when GPU Optimization is off, add 16 samples version
  • [Cooker] output SVG unsupported feature to the log
  • [Cooker] Don't discard all the SVG resource if only one feature is not supported
  • [UI] Increase Description block size
  • [UI] Add file path information on graph instances
  • [Functions] Add "Open Reference" on function instances
  • [Functions] Display function graphs list when drag anddroping .sbs into a function graph
  • [Explorer] Create new 3d resource from primitive
  • [Engine] Add $tiling variable
  • [Curve] Add options to flip horizontally/vertically the curve
  • [Color Management] Read ICC profile on bitmaps
  • [Export] Add "Label", "Group" and "User Data" in the Pattern macro list
  • [Preferences] add the possibility to change the path for temp files
  • [Doc] Add MDL Graph format to the SBS format documentation


  • [Graph] Cache issue: view outputs in 3D View no longer works
  • [Graph] Clear cache issue
  • [Graph] Node thumbnails generation requests are not canceled when graph is invalidated
  • [Graph] Resolution issues after using F5
  • [Graph] graph view missing at launch
  • [Graph] Modifying a parameter generates multiple render call
  • [Graph] crash when using custom template which contains baked maps
  • [Graph] Crash when linked nodes in a graph function
  • [3D View] Parallel loading mess up with ProgressManager
  • [3D View] Rendering with iray at custom resolution image not full frame
  • [3D View][Iray] Material Definition is not kept
  • [2D View] Histogram is empty on LDR images
  • [2D View] Display issue when tiling mode is enabled
  • [MDL] parameters not exposed
  • [MDL] crash when moving a MDL from a package to another while rendering
  • [MDL] Don't ask where to assign the MDL when double clicking on graph
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking specific .obj file
  • [Bakers] Transferred texture from mesh / normal gives a wrong result
  • [Transformation 2D] Can't use arrow keys to change offset in 2D transform node
  • [Transformation 2D] artefact issue with low resolution
  • [Updater] Update report doesn't appear using when Ctrl+o/open
  • [Properties][Format] Some characters are escaped twice in UserTags
  • [Bitmap node] Ctrl Z doesn't work on 2D View
  • [Preference] Useless empty space in the Aliases tab
  • [Installer] Installing a previous version doesn't work the first time
  • [Parameters] drop down list: putting some spaces to the last value label freezes SD indefinitely
  • [UI][MAC] "about Substance" displays Iray info
  • [SVG] crash when importing a specific SVG
  • [Content] HBAO filter: Radius parameter behaves differently in function of the resolution (a new has been added, old is now deprecated)

Version 6


(Released: June 21, 2017)


  • [Graph] crash using X shortcut
  • [Graph] crashes after deleting a link between nodes
  • [Graph] Deleting a split point makes SD crash
  • [Content] Typo in mg_surface_brush
  • [Content] Lower quality on HBAO compared to 6.0.2
  • [Library] Custom filter's icons are not saved
  • [Explorer] Crash when opening a 3d resource referencing a missing file
  • [Bakers] Transfer Texture From Mesh is mirrored if "Normal" option is enabled


(Released: June 01, 2017)


  • [Export] Save physical size as dpi in exported textures
  • [2D View] Display the matrix parameter label in the Transformation menu


  • [Content] Tile Sampler: Position Color parametrization is not normalized
  • [Content] Crop: Ghost graph in pixel processor
  • [Content] Panorama Shape: Hotspot is mirrored in RGB channel
  • [Content] HBAO filter can generate negative resolution
  • [Content] Color Match filter renders incorrectly in some situations
  • [Content] "Pre-Multiplied to Straight" removes alpha channel
  • [Content] Typos in various Labels
  • [Graph] Bit depth information is cut when DPI scaling is set to 125,1520 or 175%
  • [Graph] When a selection containing a frame is pasted, the frame it not selected
  • [Graph] When a selection contains a comment, the pasted elements will be shifted in the graph
  • [Graph] split points issue
  • [Graph] Some Pin Connectors don't snap when hovered
  • [Graph] graph view missing at launch
  • [Export] missing bitmaps after export
  • [Export] Doesn't export the dependencies on steam version
  • [Bakers] crash with mesh which has too much UV sets
  • [Bakers] UV map baker crash when baking meshes without UV sets
  • [Engine] Sampler bug with Fxmap+HDR
  • [Engine] crash with high resolution jpeg images
  • [2D View] Transform widget missing in 2D View when tiling preview mode enabled
  • [3D View] Graph instance with custom usage is not correctly sent to the 3D View
  • [Preferences] Wrong path for mikktspace.dll
  • [Explorer] moving a bitmap resource in a package makes the "link/embed" menu popping up
  • [Parameters] crash when using 'tiling' as parameter name
  • [MDL] no colored links between nodes
  • [Linker] Pixel Processor: Incorrect GLSL shaders generation
  • [Cooker] Bit depth issue


(Released: March 17, 2017)


  • [Engine] Integrate latest engine with jpeg decompression optimization


  • [Content] Clone patch not working anymore
  • [Content] Height output is not part of the material group in templates
  • [MDL] Crash when deleting a graph instance
  • [MDL] No warning between conflicting nodes
  • [MDL] Useless warning messages when exporting
  • [Curve] Adressing parameter exposition should not be exposable
  • [Engine] Crash importing a sbsar which contains a HDR bitmap
  • [Text Node] Font specification generates invalid XML file
  • [Gradient editor] Values are not clamped correctly
  • [3D View] Crash when using a custom (high resolution) HDRi as environment


(Released: March 03, 2017)


  • [Bakers] Improve progress task management
  • [Bakers] Change the error tooltip when no mesh is selected
  • [Properties] 3DView Post Effect parameters should be disabled when "Post Process" are disabled in Preferences
  • [License] Allow specifying a custom path for Substance Designer 6 license
  • [Gradient] Disable the "precision" slider if no gradient picking has been made
  • [Cooker] Ignore missing resource in image input to prevent cooking fail
  • [3D View] Change handling of specular reflections leaks
  • [Graph] Add more parameters for the engine v6 compatibility


  • [Bakers] Normal Map from mesh (world space) is flipped on Y axis
  • [Bakers] Baking a mesh with no UV fails to report error
  • [Bakers] Average normal doesn't work
  • [Bakers] SD crashes when baking AO with a specific mesh
  • [Bakers] Output format is not restored properly
  • [Text] custom font doesn't work in player
  • [Text] invalid font warning when re opening a package with font in resources
  • [Text] text input does not work in preview mode
  • [Text] Font parameter can be exposed
  • [Text] freeze/crash when creating a function in the text parameter
  • [Text] Crashes when exposing font size
  • [2D View] Zoom percentage is not displayed correctly when using the "F" key
  • [2D View] Image is shifted when the size is changed
  • [2D View] Discontinuity when displaying the tiling
  • [2D View] Transformation guizmo is not visible/editable in preview mode
  • [3D View] Physical Size not taken into account by PBR Parralax shader
  • [3D View] Refresh rate setting is not correctly restored from one session to another
  • [Graph] multiangle_to_normal prevent publishing
  • [Graph] Output size of pow filter is locked
  • [Graph]Cannot instantiate .sbsar files
  • [Curve] UI cropped
  • [Curve] Numbers display is slightly cropped
  • [Curve] Widget disappear when the toolbar gets resized
  • [Content] Glow node is broken
  • [Content] Tile Sampler: Patterns are invisible if the the tiling is disabled
  • [Content] MG Mask Builder - Inverted Curvature contrast parameters
  • [Content] Color Equalizer: custom_color_variation group parameters not connected
  • [Content] Clone Patch: patch area not visible when positioned in corners
  • [Explorer] Reloading a package while its dependency is opened breaks the dependency package
  • [Explorer] Can't import a 32bit psd resource
  • [Publish] cooking fail (ERR:No inheritance (absolute))
  • [Gradient] Gradient should be displayed as Linear when sRGB is unchecked
  • [Transformation2D] Offset impression when moving a guizmo with axis constraint
  • [Parameters] Mouse focus is stolen by dropdown
  • [Engine] No Tiling has no effect on distance node on GPU engine
  • [Export] Crash when exporting outputs as TGA
  • [MDL] export preset doesn't work


(Released: February 14, 2017)


  • [Engine] New Curve Node
  • [Engine] New Text Node
  • [Engine] 16f/32f bit depth compositing
  • [Engine] instancing for GPU FX-maps
  • [Engine] Add log2 function
  • [Bakers] 8k map baking
  • [Bakers] Bake by Material / "Texture Set"
  • [Bakers] Display loading message when the bitmap output is being encoded/written on disk
  • [Bakers] Add a cancel option during baking
  • [Gradient node] add global adjustments for multiple selected keys
  • [Gradient Node] Simplify Gradient Picker options
  • [Graph] Add an option to modify default parent size
  • [Graph] Display Image pixel depth under the node
  • [Preferences] Global preferences for DirectX/OpenGL
  • [Preferences] Use tabs in Preferences/Project UI
  • [Preferences] remove parameter MaxTextureSize located in the "3DView" preferences
  • [Preferences] Display short help about the autosave
  • [Preferences] Expose image format options
  • [Preferences] Add an option to hide the Environment map in 3D View by default
  • [Preferences] Add an option for the normal map filter default alpha option
  • [2D View] Add the possibility to pan away from texture bounds
  • [2D View] Interpret the physical size X/Y ratio
  • [3D View] Improve Texture management
  • [3D View] Disable Post Effects by default (to prevent crash on lowend gpu)
  • [MDL Graph] Manage the hidden flag on IRay parameter
  • [MDL Graph] Allow to set the constructor 'material()' as Root Node
  • [MDL Graph] Create SBS Graph instance node preview
  • [Content] Add new Scan Processing filters
  • [Content] Add new Adjustment filters (Clamp, Pow, HDR Range Viewer)
  • [Content] Add Blue Noise (Fast approximation)
  • [Content] Add new Shape effects (Glow, Drop shadow, Stroke)
  • [Publish] Add an action "Export as previous" to republish the last selected package
  • Publish] Improve SBSAR generation when using high resolution bitmaps
  • [Publish] Warn user about non "relative to parent x1" graph setting when publishing or uploading on Share
  • [Properties] Add "Physical Size" attribute on SBS Graphs
  • [Parameters] Remove function actions on PKG Resource paths
  • [Parameters] Remove "Preview values changed" pop up


  • [Graph] Memory usage grows up regulary each time right-click menu is open
  • [Graph] [In SSE2] Polygon's nodes doesn't displays shapes when the "Scale" parameter is in negative
  • [Graph] Crash when switching from "Integer" to "Float" on a exposed parameter
  • [Graph] Moving nodes while a splitpoint is selected will recompute the nodes
  • [Graph] Split Points do not support "Undo"
  • [Graph] empty tooltip displayed when graph description contains non printable characters
  • [MDL Graph] Crash when the current node displayed in property view is deleted
  • [MDL Graph] MDL Graph that uses material() constructor function as root are not rendered correctly in the 3D View
  • [MDL] Cannot export MDL module when using conditional operator with uniform boolean expose parameter
  • [MDL] Crash when Loading a MDL Graph Template two times
  • [MDL Archive] Materials that are using a texture are not correctly managed
  • [3D View] IRay Material is not changed when the MDLGraph's root node change
  • [3D View] random crash when closing the 3D View while a mesh loading is in progress
  • [3D View] Yebis isn't reactivated after saving render
  • [3D View] Invalid PSD File generated when saving render result of iray scene
  • [3D View] point light 1 will not illuminate
  • [UI] Detection area of Checkboxes is too wide in "Bakers from Mesh" Parameters
  • [UI] Aesthetic issue in "Bakers from Mesh" Parameters
  • [Mac] Opening SD by double clicking on a sbs does not send output to 3d view
  • [Mac][Iray] Photoreal Cluster render doesn't work on MacOS
  • [Engine] Atan2(0, 0) makes the engine crash
  • [Engine] Critical synchronization issue
  • [Bakers] Can't disable automatic normalization for Height baker
  • [Parameters] when converting grayscale to rgba, alpha should be 255
  • [Functions] It is possible to set a function as the output node even if not compatible
  • [Export] Invalid dependencies after exporting a Package with PSD's Resources
  • [Console] Clearing the console makes SD crash

Version 5


(Released: February 08, 2017)


  • [Preferences] Default shader is not taken into account
  • [3D View] Crash if the default shader is changed at runtime
  • [Engine] get $size issue


(Released: January 17, 2017)


  • [3D View] Set primitives size to 100cm
  • [Content] Add "Image Input Filtering" to "Splatter Circular" and "Splatter"
  • [Bakers] "Curvature From Mesh" Add Console Warnings under Channel "Mesh Sanity Check"


  • [3D View] Disappear when undocked
  • [Graph] Gradient Map "Noise" and "Precision" parameters don't work anymore
  • [3D View] ALT+R doesn't work after saving render
  • [Bakers] "Curvature From Mesh" crash with some ZBrush meshes


(Released: December 15, 2016)


  • [Content] Added new "AO (Horizon Base Ambient Occlusion)" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Height Blend" Filter
  • [Content] Added new "Height to Normal (world units)" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Material Height Blend" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Snow Cover" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Water Level" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Color Match" filter
  • [Content] Added new "Histogram Scan (Non Uniform)" filter
  • [Preferences] [UI] Add an option in Preferences to disable the High-DPI detection
  • [3d View] Add a "reset camera position" option
  • [Iray] Integrate IRay SDK 2016.2 for Pascal architecture Support
  • [Graph] Add "Copy Node information to the clipboard" option on contextual menu


  • [MDL] alg material root is not removed on exported preset
  • [MDL Graph] links for missing resource are not deleted in the MDL graph
  • [Library] Creating a new filter creates two base conditons
  • [Library] Folders doesn't filters anymore library's content
  • [Bakers] Progress Bar does come and go
  • [Bakers] Non existant cage resource prevents to bake
  • [Content] Various errors in ""
  • [Export] File format is always reset to png
  • [UI] Substance Designer UI Scaling Issue
  • [Graph] Crash when moving the original package of a graph instance
  • [Preferences] if the default shader/tangent plugin/.. are not found use the ones defined in the default project
  • [Parameters] Sliders have to much precision on Mac
  • [Explorer] Move 3D mesh from a folder to another corrupts this resource
  • Closing the window doesn't kill SD process
  • File open dialog does not display files with the "All format" filter


(Released: October 28, 2016)


  • [Shelf] Crash when creating folder
  • [Bakers] World_Space_Direction doesn't work anymore


(Released: October 18, 2016)


  • [MDL Graph] Propagate SBS Graph default values to SBS Graph Node instance in MDL Graph
  • [MDL] Support Drag&Drop of SBSAR graph
  • [IRay] upgrade to SDK 2016.1.6 (261500.16187)
  • [sbsrender] Optimise the memory management of sbsrender to match of Player performances
  • [3D View] Allow the widget size to be smaller than the top menu bar
  • [Console] Allow to copy some lines to the clipboard


  • [Player] Crash when playing a Package directly in Designer by the "play button"
  • [Startup] popup display missing nvcuvid.dll file
  • [Environment init] double clicking an .sbs file does not load it in SD
  • [Export] Export with dependencies crash
  • [MDL] Synchronization issue in between a Graph an its Instance
  • [MDL] sbsar instance nodes are outputing texture_return instead of values
  • [IRay 3D View] In Iray Renderer the "Height Channel" isn't updated properly when you change of height map
  • [IRay 3D View Undocked] "Camera>Save Render" Doesn't work after hiding app in the Windows's Taskbar
  • [Mac IRay] NVIDIA GPU no more detected by IRay
  • [Bakers] Transferred Texture from Mesh Crash when baking Non POT textures
  • [Crash] Crash when exporting a graph on Substance Share
  • [Graph] Crash when selecting a ghost instance
  • [3D View] Can't dolly (Zoom In or Zoom Out) the orthographic camera in Iray mode
  • [UI] Color Picker doesn't manage High DPI display
  • [Graph] (MacOS 10.11.06) Infinite computation with multi-material blend node
  • [Graph] Copy/Paste Graph's content ==> paste in the content and also a reference to that graph
  • [Graph] Several multi material blends in scene, it autoselect the wrong outputs
  • [Graph] Metal Edge Wear locks up PC
  • [Library] The "SBSAR" files displays "S" logo instead of thumbnails
  • [Library] Folder inside .sbsar are displayed in library


(Released: September 08, 2016)


  • [Iray] Add "IQ" mode for cloud rendering
  • [Iray] Update to Iray SDK 2016.1.5


  • [MDL] View in 3D View does not work properly the first time
  • [MDL] gradient_interpolation_linear is not exported with the full path
  • [MDL] newly created frame bottom right corner is exactly aligned with the related node
  • [MDL] Root material thumbnail does not update in some cases
  • [MDL] Crash when delete all nodes and redo
  • [MDL] Sluggish performances in the graph display compared to Substance Graph
  • [MDL] Can't export MDL module because of IOR parameter
  • [MDL] Displayed parameters don't correspond to the selected node
  • [3D View] MDL Material that comes from an MDL Graph is not reseted when root node is deleted
  • [3D View] Default camera framing is lost after loading fbx's mesh
  • [3D View] Texture assignment is not kept when switching to Iray
  • [Iray] Warning message from IRay when moving camera
  • [Iray] Crash when switching to Iray
  • [Iray] VCA password is not saved
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting nodes
  • [Graph] Pressing CTRL to copy link doesn't work with Material mode
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting output node in an instance node material
  • [Bakers][3D View] Can't load high definition mesh
  • [Mac][3D View] Crash when trying to restore detached windows on secondary monitor
  • [Parameters] Cannot edit a value in a spinboxedit without removing the suffix
  • [UI] Use "Cancel" when closing SD should stop message box
  • Crash when opening two 3D Views
  • Crash in Alg::Scripting::Engine when using lots of VisibleIf condition
  • Files get deleted by autosave if a .algautosave file exists


(Released: August 25, 2016)


  • Substance Designer is now available on Linux
  • New MDL (Material Definition Language) Editor
  • [Bakers] New Curvature from mesh baker
  • [Library] Use SVG icons instead of bitmap files
  • [Library] Add an option to filter the result for MDL, Compositing, Function and Fxmap
  • [Graph] Extend the "Display newly created node" to copy/pasted / duplicated nodes
  • [New Document] Create a Template selection widget when creating a new MDL Graph
  • [3D View][Iray] Display Render Mode + VCA nodes next to iterations/time
  • [3D View] Improve "material" menu performances on opening
  • [3DView][Bakers] Update to FBX SDK 2017
  • [3D View] Add the ability to show/hide rendering information (resolution, iterations, etc.) in the display menu of 3D View
  • [Iray] Expose tesselation parameters back to scene edit
  • [Project] Add auto-generated alias for project file directory
  • Project] Specify the default environment texture in the project settings
  • [Content] Added new studio HDRi
  • [Content] Add non-square transform node to the library
  • Launch SD with a specific .sbscfg file


  • [Graph] Inputs does not automatically connect to outputs with same usage.
  • [Graph] Inserted node inputs are not plugged correctly
  • [Graph] Unselecting should also select a node under the mouse
  • [Graph] Node insert doesn't connect to all links
  • [Bakers] Incorrect diffusion in curvature baker
  • [Bakers] "Transferred texture from mesh" crashes if high def mesh has no UVs
  • [UI] Function Icon on parameters is not modified when a function is defined
  • [UI] Tooltips for parameters are cut
  • [3D View] more than 1000 lights are displayed in the scene
  • [3D View] GLSL Lambert shader don't manage srgb texture correctly
  • [3D View] Tiling parameters missing when connecting substances in Iray
  • [Iray] Preset export of mdl not working when spaces in name
  • [Iray] Subdvision parameters are not taken into account
  • [Parameters] Parameter identifier is no more displayed
  • [Parameters] Crash when changing resource url from the "From Resource..." action
  • [Parameters] Incorrect conversion of & character
  • [Explorer] double clicking on a 'big' graph often fail to open it in the graph view
  • Explorer] Embedded SVGs are shown as missing in the Explorer
  • [Explorer] Crash when renaming an item with the '&' character
  • [Content] Gradient 1 tiling is wrong when using 90/180° rotation
  • [Perforce] Integration does not seem to work if the workspace is located at the HDD root
  • [Data] UID generated for nodes are not unique
  • [Preferences] Adding an alias targeting HDD root messes up paths in sbsprj
  • [MEMORY LEAK] Some QDialogs are not destroyed when they are closed


(Released: April 29, 2016)


  • Add a link to Substance Store
  • [UI] Support for High-DPI resolutions
  • [UI] Allow to reorder tabs
  • [3D View] Allow to export render to ArtStation
  • [3D View] Add the default shader in the shader list
  • [Graph] Display the resource name on top of bitmap node
  • [Graph] Improve the listing order of the space bar search menu
  • [Bakers] New baker "Position from Mesh"
  • [Bakers] New "normal map" setting for Texture Transfert baker
  • [Bakers] New setting "Tangent" & "Binormal" for World Space Normal baker
  • [Scripting] Allow to execute scripts during Save, Export and Publish actions
  • [Dependencies] Add a Collapse/Expand option based on selection
  • Added a warning regarding shell extension conflicts


  • Crash on exit
  • Substance Designer process can still be running after exit
  • [Iray] Outputs are not sent to mdl materials when switching renderer
  • [Content] Tile sampler: pattern rotation random should not rotate the shape


(Released: April 06, 2016)


  • [2D View] Transformation 2D right click menu option is available on any node
  • [2D View] transformation 2d gizmo still editable after transformation node deletion
  • [3D View] Environment path should not be displayed in the Environment Parameters
  • [3D View] Post effects parameters are not saved in 3D resources
  • [3D View] Toolbar menu does not behave like a regular menu
  • [Preferences] Can't set the "Engine Cache limite" higher than 4095
  • [Preferences] Setting a default shader is not taken into account
  • [Iray] Color parameters are not correctly retrieved
  • [Iray] MDL material colors are reset
  • [Iray] Bitmaps are not exported along with the MDL preset
  • [IRay/Mac] Resizing 3D View makes Mac workstation crash
  • [Graph] PSD Document fails to export
  • [Graph] Incorrect displayed node size
  • [Function Graph] Sample node input image is not editable if only one image is plugged
  • [Engine] Crash when computing Fxmap graph
  • [Engine OGL] Error in pixel processor generation
  • [Gradient] Gradient Picker does not work on mac
  • [PSD] 8bit image not correctly converted to 16bit
  • [Parameters] Level histogram widget does not have the same height in color and grayscale
  • [Console] Clicking on a cell scrolls the view horizontally
  • [Explorer] Relocated 3d resource are not correctly opened in 3d view


(Released: January 16, 2016)


  • [Iray] tangent/binormal are not correctly taken into account
  • [Explorer] Package is marked as to be saved just after being opened
  • [3D View] IBL Diffuse reflection is too strong
  • [3D View] Crash when drag&droping 8bit image from explorer to 3D View
  • Application crashes since 2016 January 1st


(Released: November 10, 2015)


  • [Content] Add "White Noise Fast" (based on pixel processor)
  • [Content] Add "Offset global horizontal/vertical" on Tile Samplers


  • Crash when creating new Substance in some situations
  • [Bakers] Crash when baked maps are updating the graph
  • [Bakers] OBJ coming from zbrush should use filename for Match By name
  • [Parameters] Crash when doing Undo/Redo/Undo in function graph
  • [Graph] Split points are not pasted at the correct location


(Released: October 30, 2015)


  • [Content] Add filtering control for pattern input on Tile Generators


  • [3D View] Focus point not correctly initialized
  • [3D View] Wrong far clip plane when switching several times of 3D mesh resources
  • [3D View] Brief rendering artefact when loading a mesh
  • [3D View] Environment map is black when file can't be found -> fallback to default envmap
  • [3D View] Crash after using a custom Latitude/Longitude image
  • [3D View] Crash when loading specific obj file
  • [3D View] mesh autoreload does not work properly
  • [Iray] Can't assign texture on external mdl
  • [Iray] Can't assign textures to anisotropy channel after material reset
  • [UI] Windows popup menu appears when right mouse button is released after moving in 3DView
  • [2D View] Info tool does not return the color value of the pixel under the cursor
  • [Bakers] Grayscale images are saved as indexed with tga format
  • [Graph] View outputs in 3d view should reset the channels before sending the outputs to 3d view
  • [Parameters] Param input name is empty when exposed from "Expose node parameters"
  • [Performances] Set the onSubstanceCallbackProfileEvent callback on engine ONLY if timings are enabled


(Released: October 21, 2015)


  • [3D View] Display the mesh name in the scene/edit instead of "Entity"
  • [3D View] Reset to default color when a new 3D View is opened
  • [3D View] Focus camera when switching from scene to primitive
  • [3D View] Display the render viewport resolution when custom resolution is used
  • [Iray] Adjust Subdivision parameters presentation
  • [Iray] Output IRay log info to SD log
  • [Bakers] Read OBJ files properly to make matching by name compatible


  • [3D View] Incorrect display of meshes having a scale different than 1.0
  • [3D View] Automatic near clip plane computation doesn't work well for big objects
  • [3D View] Wireframe mode displays too thick wires
  • [3D View] Save render window does not show up if post effects are disabled
  • [3D View] Crash when switching geometry
  • [3D View] "QOpenGLWidget: Cannot make uninitialized widget current" message in log
  • [3D View] Lighting is not computed if the environment map is changed while Iray is running
  • [3D View] Crash when viewing 3d mesh
  • [3D View] Very bad OpenGL performances after having used Iray
  • [3D View] Clip planes not correctly computed
  • [3D View] Changing the environment map does not refresh the 3d View
  • [3D View] Textures are not updated on graph change
  • [3D View] GLSLFX hidden samplers are still displayed in the selection menu
  • [3D View] Material not restored properly when opening mesh resource
  • [3D View] RAM/VRAM Memory leak when opening various meshes and assigning multiple graphs on them
  • [3D View] Focus does not take focal length into account
  • [Iray] nvcuvid.dll is missing (uninstall previous version to get rid of the message)
  • [Iray] Preset Export dialog '...' button don't spawn the dialog window
  • [Iray] Refraction/Scattering does not work correctly in physically_diffuse_specular
  • [Iray] Default mdl can't be found (magenta color)
  • [Iray] Do not plug default textures to mdl material to enable value mode in edit material
  • [Iray] Descale is not triggered when a texture is updated
  • [Bakers] Worldspace normal baker renders a black image
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking normal map with undocked 3d view
  • [Bakers] Baking with "Embedded" method while an invalid path is set for "link" prevents saving the resource
  • [Bakers] Baking with "Embedded" method and changing the file format does not change the extension on disk
  • [Bakers] Random names for embedded ressources all have an XXX.. name
  • [Bakers] Multiple objects in .obj are not correctly imported
  • [Content] Material Blend: basecolor output is not hidden when channel is disabled
  • [Content] White_noise and derivated are not rendered correctly at 8k
  • [Graph] Sluggish performances in the graph
  • [Graph] Crash when drag&drop function item from Library to Function Graph
  • [Graph] "View outputs in 3d view" should only send the node's visible output in the 3d View
  • [Preferences] Default user_project has empty "Name Suffix" for match by name baker feature
  • [Engine] Color -> grayscale conversion produces precision lost
  • [Console] Console/Log is poluted by lots of messages
  • [Share] Crash when trying to share a package
  • [UI] Tooltip is stuck on top of Recent Files menu
  • Crash on exit


(Released: October 01, 2015)


  • [3D View] Add Nvidia Iray renderer
  • [3D View] Rotate environment using CTRL+Shift+RMB
  • [3D View] Render the 3D viewport at a custom resolution (Ogl / Iray)
  • [3D View] Make the loading of the scene asynchronous
  • [3D View] Display the global scene in the scene Browser
  • [3D View] Disable the grid by default
  • [3D View] Add inverse squared distance attenuation for point lights
  • [3D View] Display color parameter in RGB instead of RGBA
  • 3D View] Separate Lights/Camera/Environment settings
  • [Share] Improvements for the Substance Share upload window


  • [3D View] Error in normalization of PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Crash when right-clicking on the root in the scene browser
  • [3D View] PBR shaders : diffuse vs spec energy conservation and pointlights
  • [3D View] Make "Material/Reset" also reset the channels to default color
  • [Bakers] Position with Bsphere normalization in not centered
  • [UI] Windows floating state not saved when closing the application
  • [Cooker] Can't publish when the sbs is located in a path containing special character
  • [Publishing] Pressing "enter" in the name field after publish will cancel the dialog
  • [Share] Export sbs does not keep the sbs:// alias


(Released: September 15, 2015)


  • [Share] Publish a package to Substance Share
  • [UI] Add Substance Share link in the Help menu


  • [Cooker] "Size out of bounds" is an error instead of a warning
  • [Cooker] "Can't find subgraph output" is an error instead of a warning
  • [3D View] PBR diffuse/spec prefers basecolor instead of diffuse
  • [3D View] Tiling does not work correctly with tesselation shaders
  • [Engine] Crash when instantiating specific sbsar file
  • [Engine] Sizelog2 / pow2 functions does not work properly
  • [Engine] "set" in output size does not work
  • [Engine] Mipmap level is not clamped for negative values
  • [Content] Can't publish a graph containing tri planar filter


(Released: August 27, 2015)


  • [Graph] Crash when computing specific sbsar
  • [Graph] Crash when instantiating fxmap with multiple image inputs
  • [Engine] Crash with sizelog2
  • [Engine] Exposed parameter default value is ignored with DX10 Engine
  • [Library] Thumbnail computation is broken when project contains invalid alias
  • [Cooking] Set "unknown_parameter" and "duplicated parameter" as warning instead of errors
  • [Preferences] Engine Cache limit is blocked at 4095 Mb
  • [Function] input parameter label is interpreted as identifier


(Released: August 18, 2015)


  • [Library] Add an option in the preferences to hide/display PSD layers
  • [Parameters] Allow user data to be on multiple lines
  • [Graph] Add a preference option to render comments at constant size
  • [Graph] Add a preference option to disable new node display in 2D View
  • [Performances] Pixel Processor performances boost on DX10 engine
  • [3D View] Add tessellation to PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Add simple opacity to PBR shaders (no face sorting)
  • [Content] Add Vray/Corona/Redshift/Arnold targets to the PBR converter filter (to convert maps for these renderers)
  • [Content] Add "Detail Oriented" technique to Normal combine filter


  • Crash when opening sbs with empty dependency
  • Link to PSD layers are broken after package reload
  • [Functions] Nested functions break type safety
  • [Functions] Labels and Groups and Descriptions are not displayed
  • [Functions] Crash when copy/pasting from a deleted function
  • [Graph] Material link broken with sbsar graphs
  • [Graph] Creating multiple bitmap node from resources make the node stacked on each other
  • [Graph] comment item not created in the right position when child of a node
  • [Graph] Long comments block region selection
  • [Bakers] Tangent Space Normal map bakes black on Mac
  • [Parameters] Visible If does not work when input name contains "-"
  • [Parameters] Step value in Input Parameters ignored if below 0.01
  • [Library] "Visible in library" tag is not taken into acount for sbsar


(Released: June 04, 2015)


  • [Graph] Reduce space between two nodes when using autoconnect
  • [Graph] Disable Autoconnect when using drag&drop in the graph
  • [Graph] Make the frame snap on the grid
  • [Graph] Disable node insert over/on selected link for material link
  • [Preferences] Set max value for Max texture Size to 8192
  • [Content] Add symmetry options to "Safe Transform" node


  • [Graph] New node is not snapped on grid
  • [Graph] Swapping links can generates loops/crash
  • [Graph] Display glitch when nodesize/timings are disabled
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking to a resource that uses the same name than the scene
  • [Bakers] Default resource name is not taken from the correct project file
  • [Engine] Pow2/log function problem
  • [Engine] Error in function evaluation
  • [Fxmaps] Crash when reset parameter to default
  • [FxMaps] Bad function evaluation
  • [Preferences] Clicking on project tab crashes SD
  • [3D View] Custom usage is converted to lowercase
  • [Parameters] Can't reorder elements in dropdown lists
  • [Explorer] Crash when moving a function graph in the explorer


(Released: May 28, 2015)


  • [Graph] Search/Display content from the library through space bar menu
  • [Graph] Display/open newly created node
  • [Graph] link redirection (alt+shift)
  • [Graph] select node parents
  • [Graph] Swap 2 links (X)
  • [Graph] Insert node over a link using drag and drop
  • [Graph] Create graph from a node selection
  • [Graph] Delete link when using Alt + LMB on a node pin
  • [Graph] Don't connect new node to previous using Shift
  • [Graph] Add a toolbar for base filters
  • [Graph] Improve grid (snapping and resolution)
  • [Graph] Move the Comment/Frame/Pin to right click menu
  • [Graph] Create node over a selected link
  • [Graph] Add icons to function items
  • [Graph] Change pin colors in function graph
  • [Graph] Use shift to disable node auto connection
  • [Graph] Make the selected link drawn over the other links
  • [Graph] Add icons to Fxmap nodes
  • [Graph] Add a switch to draw curved or rectangular links
  • [Function] Make the different vector type more distinct in function graph (pin/link colors)
  • [Functions] add icons on nodes and display values for constant / set / get
  • [Functions] Add colors to node title
  • [Function] Improve performances for function evaluation (use SSE generated code)
  • [Function] Display warning if Set/Get node is empty
  • [Bakers][Graph] Dither bitmap when converting to 8bpc
  • [Bakers] Average vertex normals in OBJ file if the mesh doesn't contain any
  • [Bakers] Match by name: use suffix as separator
  • [Parameters] Add option to switch between RGB and HSV on color widget
  • [Parameters] Add eye dropper button in color widget
  • [Library] Add a category for base content (compositing nodes, fxmap, function..)
  • [2D View] Info: add display in [0, 1] range and HSV
  • [3D view] Add mipmap support for the environment
  • [Dependencies] Clean unused dependencies with updater
  • [Updater] Do not save packages automatically


  • [Crash] when closing package
  • [Crash] when opening the dependency manager on an unsaved package
  • [Crash] Sample Color bug
  • [Engine] FxMap Tiling region deadlock
  • [Engine] precision issue with SSE engine with blur and/or blend node
  • [Engine] Computation doesn't stop when divide by 0
  • [Explorer] crash when exporting package with dependency if containing dependency cycles
  • [Explorer] Drag and drop of resources often fails to operate
  • [Bakers] Baked normal is rendered black if it's higher than 256*256
  • [Bakers] Saving a package in the same location as the export path will break the path
  • [Bakers] Incorrect default target path when package has not been saved yet
  • [Engine] Bad pixelsize result when inherited from parent function
  • [Dependencies] Unused dependency is not removed
  • [Dependencies] crash when opening the dependencies window of package that contains package cycles
  • [Graph] marquee selection are rescaled in function of the zoom
  • [Graph] link don't "snap" to closest input/output
  • [Graph] Wrong undo stack (may generate crashes)
  • [Graph] Multiple connect with Ctrl does not work if pin is already plugged
  • [3D View] Grid color is affected by background color
  • [3D View][Graph] output node containing multiple usage is not sent correctly to the 3d view
  • [3D View] Tesselation shader : compilation bug on AMD GPUs
  • [2D View] Pin system problem
  • [Functions] Function compilation bug (if else)
  • [Preferences] low/high suffix not correctly read from sbsprj
  • [Library] Drag and dropping a folder over another removes it
  • [Windows] Multiple sessions of SD can be run
  • [License] Old license is not kept
  • [Content] Edge Detect filter problem


(Released: April 01, 2015)


  • [Preferences][Bakers] Add an option to compute tbn by vertex or by pixel to match UE4
  • [Library] Use bilinear filtering for thumbnails
  • [Bakers] Allow the window to be downscale to less than 800px height
  • [3DView] Equalize environment map exposure / normalize rotation to get consistent lightning
  • Name application shortcut with major version


  • [Graph] Crash when deleting some ghost nodes
  • [Graph] docked node stay docked when duplicating node
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting nodes
  • [Graph] Export outputs settings are not stored per graph
  • [Graph] Invalid node docking state when deleting node
  • [Bakers] Errors are not displayed in a dialog box anymore
  • [Bakers] Missing resource is not displayed as missing in the baking window
  • [Publishing] failed window shouldn't be editable
  • [Publishing] Sbsar Incorrect result
  • [3D View] Multi-materials from updated FBX meshes are not properly reloaded
  • [3D View] Diffuse SH can produce negative values in some cases in PBR shaders
  • [2D View] Displayed bit depth for resource images is always 8 bpc
  • [Parameters] Parameters are not always displayed in the graph properties
  • [Menu] "Export log File.." action don't manage to locate the log.txt file
  • [Batchtools] Sbsmutator error
  • [Explorer] Loading packages keep the highlight
  • [Properties] Crash when clearing a function on an enum parameter
  • [Preferences] Mikkt tangent space plugin is not set to default in user_project
  • [Evaluation/Activation] Cannot evaluate/activate online on Windows
  • Computing status bar moves the interface when refreshing
  • Launch multiple SD at the same time
  • Update Player URL when .exe is not found
  • File modification on disk not detected correctly


(Released: March 17, 2015)


  • [Library] Add normal control in material_adjustment_blend
  • [Library] Add blending option for normal in material_color_blend
  • Upgrade to Qt 5.4.1


  • [Crash] OSX 10.9 and 10.10 in FreeImage
  • [Crash] When opening a fbx file that contains elements without any vertices
  • [Graph] Drag and Drop issues
  • [Graph] Clear cache shortcut is broken
  • [Graph] TGA appears black/transparent in SD
  • [Library] TriPlanar Grayscale normal input wrong
  • [Library] Edge detect node does not work properly with cpu engine
  • [Parameters] Slider range incorrect for float2/3/4
  • [Parameters] Doing "Expose Parameters" twice crashes Designer
  • [Console] Is not resized correctly
  • [Console] Duplication in channel list: View3D and 3DView
  • [3DView] Parameters order defined in glslfx are not preserved in the GUI
  • [Explorer] Crash when refreshing missing textures on the disk
  • [Function] Change value and edit leads to crash
  • [Baker] Crash when opening the baking window on a missing 3d ressource
  • [PSD] Psdparse crash (missing MSVCR120.dll)
  • [About window] Missing line break with Steam version
  • [Sbs] Unused new engine features in sbs
  • [Sbsar] New features not supported when used in SD
  • [Ui] Progress bar doesn't clear once finished after an export with dependencies
  • vcomp100.dll not found when launching SD on a freshly installed Windows 7

Known Issues:

  • [Windows 8] Drag and drop doesn't work at first launch. Restart SD should solve it.


(Released: March 05, 2015)


  • Fixed a bug when exporting bitmaps on Windows.


(Released: March 04, 2015)


  • [Export] discard Alpha channel for TGA and BMP when it is full opaque
  • [3d View] Set the PBR shader by default
  • [2D View] Switch to view image as alpha premultiplied
  • [Parameters] Size: Add a Width/Height lock / display values in dropdown lists
  • [Dependencies] New dependency manager
  • [Dependencies] display/find the node instance corresponding to a dependency
  • [Dependency] Open a dependency package in the package explorer
  • [Engine] Blend: support Opacity parameter when a mask is used
  • [Engine] Blend: Add new blending modes (overlay, screen, softlight, divide)
  • [Engine] Blend: support straight alpha blending
  • [Egnine] New Dynamic Gradient node
  • [Engine] New Distance node
  • [Engine] New Pixel Processor node
  • [Engine] Fxmap: support dynamic function for input images
  • [Engine] Function Sampler: support bilinear sampling
  • [Engine] Fxmap: support bilinear/nearest filtering for input images
  • [Engine] Fxmap: support Straight/Premultiplied input image alpha
  • [Bakers] Add an option to match geometry by mesh name between low and high def meshes
  • [Templates] Create a template substance for Substance Painter
  • [Bakers] New Texture Map from mesh baker
  • [Graph] Add a "compatibility check" to highlight nodes that are not compatible with previous engine
  • [UI] Help menu adjustments
  • [Preferences] set Mikkt tangent space plugin the default one (reset to default in the preferences if SD4 is installed)
  • [Library] Add new hdr maps
  • New Substance from Template
  • Switch to Qt5
  • Update License System to SD5


  • [Mac Only] Color picker problem with retina display
  • [Mac Only] Drag'n'drop on the 3D view on Mac OS also rotate the view
  • [Bakers] Baking a map without an output folder produce an empty texture
  • [Graph] Docked nodes in frame move in a strange way
  • [Parameters] Custom library path are not loaded from sbsprj files
  • [3D View] CTRL+R to reload all shader also trigger the reset of the 3D View
  • [3D View] Env. Mipmap height uniform switch to default when loading shader
  • [3D View] PBR shader : Diffuse vs baseColor typo
  • [Library] Non-recursive library path break linked textures in packages
  • [Library] Environment Maps doesn't display .hdr
  • [Explorer] "Copy/Paste" on the substance shouldn't be possible
  • [Explorer] Right click "Paste" option still available on a graph
  • [Function] tooltip of the sampler is wrong
  • [Graph] In compact mode, instances don't show all the link names when they are expanded automatically to add a greyscale converter


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