Working with Typekit fonts

Creative Cloud users can use Typekit fonts that have been synced on your computer. The fonts appear alongside other locally installed fonts. However, you can now use an option to view only the Typekit fonts in the Fonts list. This makes it easier to work with your favorite Typekit-based fonts.


Typekit fonts are protected fonts. They cannot be packaged with other fonts while creating an Illustrator package file. If you package a file with Typekit fonts, when you open the Illustrator file on a different computer running Illustrator CC or later, you will be notified of unavailable fonts. You can then use the Find Font dialog to identify and download the missing fonts from the Typekit website.

For more information, see Find missing fonts.

Filtering Typekit fonts

  1. To view the list of fonts available to Illustrator, do one of the following:

    • Browse to Character panel (Ctrl + T) > Font Family drop-down
    • Browse to Control panel > Font Family drop-down
  2. In the Font Family drop-down, click the Typekit font filter icon.

    A. Typekit font filter B. Typekit website C. Typekit font indicator icon
    A. Typekit font filter B. Typekit website C. Typekit font indicator icon 


    In an unfiltered view, Typekit fonts are indicated with a Typekit font icon.

  3. To view your favorite fonts, or to add more fonts from Typekit, click the Typekit website icon in the drop-down.

The Typekit font filter is available at two locations:

  • Character panel (Ctrl + T) > font drop-down
  • Control panel > font drop-down

Filtering Typekit fonts:

  • Click the Typekit font filter (A, image above), to view only Typekit-based fonts.
  • Click the Typekit website icon (B, image above), to open the Typekit website in your default browser.
  • In an unfiltered view, all Typekit fonts are indicated with a Typekit font icon
  • Search for fonts by typing the full or partial name of a font in the drop-down.

Accessing the Typekit website from Illustrator:

Browsing to the Typekit website from within Illustrator, also automatically signs you in. To go to the Typekit website, do one of the following:

  • In the Control Panel, click the Font Family drop-down, and then click the Typekit website icon.
  • In the Character panel (Ctrl/Cmd + T), click the Font Family drop-down, and then click the Typekit website icon.

Missing fonts workflow (Illustrator CC 2014)

You may open Illustrator files that contain Typekit-based fonts that are not available on your local computer. The enhanced Find Font dialog in Illustrator CC 2014 detects available fonts on the Typekit website and provides you with options to sync the missing fonts to your local computer.

For more information, read the article on finding missing fonts using the Typekit workflow.

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