Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2020 release of Illustrator (version 24.2).
Cloud d

Cloud documents

Save your work as cloud documents and access from anywhere Illustrator is installed. Track your version history and revert as needed. 

Large canvas

100x canvas

Create your large-format artwork like billboards, bus wraps, signage boards and more on a 100x large canvas area, which provides more design space and ability to scale. 

New document dialog

Start and finish faster

Document create and save workflows are now quick with the fast loading of New document window and the fast saving of Illustrator cloud documents.


Cloud documents

You can now save your creative work as cloud documents and access it on any device where Illustrator is installed. Access cloud documents right from your Home screen or Creative Cloud website. With cloud documents, your documents are autosaved on the cloud as you work and you can track your document version history and revert as needed using the Version History panel (File > Version History) in Illustrator.

  • Access files across devices: Stay creative wherever you go! Save your work as cloud documents and access wherever Illustrator is installed. 
  • Autosave files to cloud: Cloud documents automatically save your work, so you don't need to worry. Saving of cloud documents is faster than your local documents.
  • Track version history: Easily manage or view cloud document revisions directly from within the app. 
Cloud docs

100x canvas

Illustrator's now provides a large canvas size to design large-format artwork, such as billboards, bus wraps, apparels, wall art, and more. The large canvas will provide you 100x more space to work and ability to design to scale.


Start and finish faster

We've made some performance improvements for creating and saving documents.

Now, the New document window loads 4x faster and your document saves 4x faster when saved as a cloud document.

Faster document create and save

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