Learn about the features in the October 2020 release of Illustrator on the iPad (version 1.0).
Illustrator on iPad

Illustrator on the iPad lets you create gorgeous vector graphics with precision and speed, absolutely anywhere. 

With Illustrator on your iPad and Apple Pencil in your hand, you're all set to create magic on the canvas. 

You already have access to Illustrator on the iPad if you're a Creative Cloud subscriber. Just download the app and take your creativity to new places!

Read on to discover what remarkable features and functionalities Illustrator brings on the iPad. 

Reimagined for touch to modernize your experience

With familiar workspace, workflows, and touch shortcuts and gestures on the iPad, you’ll feel closer to your work than ever before. Core drawing tools – Pen, Pencil, and Blob Brush work amazingly on the iPad as you get more control over their settings.

user interface

Create precise graphics naturally with Apple Pencil

Precise graphics

Create high-precision designs that scale brilliantly to any size and format. Draw crisp lines, smooth curves and edit your graphics down to a pixel — all with responsiveness and natural fluidity of Apple Pencil. Add life to your designs with 20+ color books and gradients.

Design impressive patterns with a touch

Quickly create patterns that span across canvas with Grid Repeat or create circular patterns with Radial Repeat. Also, create symmetrical patterns of paths, shapes, and type with Mirror Repeat. The reflection changes in real time as you create.

Repeat patterns

Design stunning typography using extensive features

Type designs

Access 17,000 fonts from top foundry and designers directly from the app. Upload your own fonts through Illustrator on the iPad and use them in all Creative Cloud apps. Play with text on a path, use outlines to explore more design options with advanced type features.

Work anywhere – on a desktop or a mountaintop

Work on desktop, iPad, and even offline as your files are synced to the cloud, so you can always pick up where you left off. Your updates will get auto-synced when you go online again. With Illustrator on your iPad, you can stay creative wherever you go!

Illustrator on iPad

Take your Photoshop designs further with Illustrator

Cross-app workflows

Experience seamless design integration with the Creative Cloud apps through cloud documents. Bring your Photoshop and Fresco designs into Illustrator with ease to use vector designing capabilities. Your updates in Photoshop cloud documents will be automatically reflected in Illustrator as well.

Livestream your designs to inspire and be inspired

Livestream your creative workflows to Behance and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from Illustrator on the iPad. Explore artist stories, tutorials, livestream events, and more.

You can also watch artists live from within Illustrator on the iPad and get inspired by the magnificent work done by the Illustrator design community.


Let's get started now

Whether you're on inspiration hunt or need quick pin-point precision, Illustrator on the iPad is the right choice. So, what are you waiting for? Add wings to your creativity with Illustrator on the iPad! 

Before you start, take a look at the following topics:

Watch this 5-minute video to catch a glimpse of the workspace, features, and tools of Illustrator on the iPad. You can also take a guided tour from the app Home screen.

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Illustrator is taking its first step on the iPad and will continue to evolve as you share your valuable feedback and experiences with us.

It's easy to report issues and request for new features. You can also join the Adobe Illustrator Community to seek and provide guidance on using the app. We look forward to hearing from you.