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Uppdateringen till Animate 19.2.1 korrigerar problem med Klistra in på plats inuti ett ritobjekt eller en grupp.


Audio effects

Retain the audio effects when you split the audio which is imported. 


Image handling improvements

Export images with the right resolution by honoring original image settings and bypassing the optimization. 


Brush mirroring

Synchronize the nib shapes and sizes for Brush and Eraser tools while sketching. 



Asset warping

Enhanced asset warping now enables you to have better control over handles and the warp results.


Frame picker enhancements

Work with multiple symbols and pin them in different Fame picker panels. 


Texture atlas enhancements

Optimize your text atlas outputs. Get better control over your texture atlases with optimized output and by generating multiple bitmaps.


File save optimization

Incrementally save your Animate documents (FLAs and XFLs) with ease and with better performance. Reduce save time for auto-recovery mode and quickly save complicated data. 

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