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Photoshop desktop

February 2021 release (version 22.2)


With the April 2021 release, Photoshop 22.3.1 has added support for accessing and editing shared cloud documents under the Shared with You tab while running natively on Apple Silicon devices. For now, some features including Synced presets, are available under emulation mode only. For details, see Photoshop for Apple Silicon.

This release also provides fixes to several customer-reported issues. For details, see Fixed issues. For a full list of supported cameras and lenses, see Supported camera models and Supported lenses.

Invite other to edit your cloud documents

Invite others to edit

Collaborate seamlessly by inviting others to edit your cloud documents. Easily find the cloud documents you have been invited to under the Shared with you tab on the home screen.

Preset syncing across devices

Sync your presets 

Automatically sync your favorite presets such as brushes, swatches, gradients, patterns, styles, and shapes across desktop devices where you  work with Photoshop.

Photoshop on the iPad

April 2021 release (version 2.4)


With the May 2021 release, Photoshop on the iPad 2.4.1 brings fixes for some major customer-reported issues. For details, see Fixed issues in Photoshop

Sync your brushes

Support for new languages

Enjoy support for new languages while working with Photoshop on your iPad.

Previous releases of Photoshop

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