Photoshop cannot connect to Device Preview on your mobile device via WiFi.


See the steps below for common issues that prevent Photoshop from connecting with Device Preview.

  1. Verify that WiFi is enabled on both the computer and mobile device.

  2. Verify that your computer and your mobile device are on the same WiFi networks.

    The most common mistake is having the mobile device on its cell network rather than WiFi

  3. If you are on the same WiFi network, and the router is set up to do subnet masking, verify that your computer and your mobile device are on the same subnet.

  4. If you are on the same WiFi network, verify that  your computer or your mobile device are not connected via VPN.

  5. Ensure that the router is set up for LAN.

    Your computer and mobile device cannot communicate with one another if only WAN is enabled.

  6. Verify your anti-virus, firewall, and host file settings.

    Anti-virus, a firewall, or your host file may be blocking Photoshop or your device from communicating on your network. 

  7. Verify that you are logged in to Creative Cloud using the same Adobe ID on both your desktop and your mobile device.

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